#Lucifer--Season Two--Mid-Season Finale--Problem Child

 "I'm the devil, Doctor, I don't chicken out."

But first can we talk about this, though? Chloe's fridge is too cute! 

But first can we talk about this, though? Chloe's fridge is too cute! 

This week, Lucifer's mid season finale picks up exactly (and I do mean exactly) where we left off last week, with Lilith with her finger on the trigger of the remote detonator of the bomb attached to the underside of Chloe's car. As Chloe is about to get into the car, however, Amenadiel stops Lilith from detonating her explosive device. Chloe drives away and Lilith's chance to kill Chloe disappears. Amenadiel convinces Lilith that killing Det. Decker would mean Lucifer never forgiving her and refusing to return to heaven with his family. Lilith's almost comically ridiculous understanding of earth and the humans who populate it of course kicks in and she decides to go back to the drawing board and find a better way to get Chloe out of Lucifer's life.


Cut to the next day--Lucifer meets with Dr. Linda, who promptly asks him how his date with Chloe went. Viewers who tuned in for last week's episode know that Lucifer stood the good detective up, but Linda does not. After some caginess on Lucifer's behalf, Dr. Linda comes to that realization herself, musing that Lucifer'sfickleness with Chloe the previous evening was because of their breakthrough the previous week, asking if he "chickened out." Lucifer balks at the idea, but eventually admits that Dr. Linda is right. The session concludes with Dr. Linda telling Lucifer flat out that he is lying to himself. Ouch!

You were lying, Lucifer Lucifer Problem Child gif.gif

As Chloe and Lucifer meet the next day, Lucifer tries to apologize to Chloe for standing her up, only to be confronted with the information that it's the first day of the trial for the man responsible for killing Chloe's Dad. Lucifer puts on a brave face to be there for Chloe and her Mom, only to find out in the court room that the prosecution's key witness, Boris "the human lie detector" has been killed, his head mailed to Det. Dan at the precinct. Lucifer of course assumes that Lilith, who is acting as the defense attorney, is involved, but is she?

Lilith, having been reminded that Lucifer killed Uriel to protect Chloe, tells Lucifer of her plan to blow Chloe up and let's him know that instead, she plans to prove that Chloe simply doesn't care for Lucifer as much as Lucifer cares for her. Lucifer and Lilith talk outside of the courtroom and Chloe worries that Lilith in her disguise as Charlotte the cutthroat attorney is the woman Lucifer was with the previous night. How wrong she is...

Lucifer red eyes gif.gif

Lucifer isn't up for that sort of family affair, but he is interested in protecting Chloe, so he signs up to be a witness for the prosecution that very day during the trial (legal? Probably not. Entertaining? Definitely.).

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, Dad."

Just as the two reenter the courthouse, Chloe telling Lucifer all the way how boring trials can be and that she wouldn't blame him if he left, Lucifer is called in as the prosecution's first witness, swearing to "tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, Dad." Lucifer describes his recollections of his and Det. Espinoza's a.k.a. Detective Douche's sting operation, with help from the jury, whom he charms mercilessly, even going so far as to borrow one of the jurors' scarves.

"The devil's in the details."

Claiming that the devil is in the details, Lucifer launches into his colorful story, getting a standing ovation from the entire courtroom. Dan does his best to figure out why Lilith has taken the case, aided by Ella Lopez and Amenadiel seeks to remove the bomb under Chloe's car. Unfortunately for him, he runs into Maze who calls his bluff about being there because he misses her, detonates the bomb and threatens both Amenadiel and Lilith within an inch of their lives if any harm befalls Chloe. Who wouldn't want a friend like Maze?

When Det. Dan takes the stand, he reveals that the prison warden who's on trial for having Ofc. Decker killed was in fact working with a Russian gang within the warden's prison and that Officer Decker was investigating the warden for corruption when he was murdered.

Once Dan is done testifying, Lilith/Charlotte surprises exactly no one by calling Lucifer back to the witness stand and using the information he provides to tarnish Chloe's reputation and make it seem as if Chloe tampered with evidence. Charlotte spins a web (sorry, that one was too good to pass up) that suggests that Det. Decker may have murdered Mr. Fields and had the LAPD cover it up.

Cut to Dr. Linda's session with Amenadiel. Dr. Linda suggests that Amenadiel "apologize his ass off" to Maze for using her and lying to her earlier. Dr. Linda is one smart woman.

Meanwhile, Lucifer, Det. Dan and Maze work together to get the trial back on track. Dan finds out that an Asian gangster with a triad mark in the form of a scar may be responsible for killing Boris, the prosecution's main witness. Maze colorfully confronts Dan about his affair with Lilith as they investigate a front for illegal triad dealings and Dan confesses, royally pissing off Lucifer, who throws Det. Dan through a closed door, landing the two of them on the floor in front of the triad. Whoops.

This leads Lucifer to have to negotiate with the triad, in Chinese no less! And to fight a giant tried gangster. Lucifer nominates Maze to fight the triad member, who's ass she of course kicks handily. Thankfully the triad keeps their end of the bargain and gives Lucifer the lead he's looking for to help prove the warden's guilt.

Chloe's Mom has a showdown with Lilith in the courthouse while the court is in recess. She might even have gotten Lilith to see what harm she's doing and how badly she should feel about it. Still, Lilith tells Chloe that should she call Lucifer a liar on the record in court, she will persuade her client to plead guilty. Thankfully, Chloe refuses and praises Lucifer on the stand, telling the jury what a trustworthy man and excellent partner Lucifer is, despite the fact that it leads to a not guilty verdict for the warden. Lilith did not see that coming.

While outside of Chloe and Maze's apartment, Amenadiel gets a life lesson from Chloe's Mom and appears to recognize her from somewhere and Dan confronts the warden on the streets after telling the Russians about his betrayal with Maze's help. Looks like the warden got his after all.

Amenadiel and Lilith have a frank discussion wherein Amenadiel tells Lilith that Chloe was put here in Lucifer's path by God who had Amenadiel bless Chloe's parents who were unable to conceive with a child. Lilith feels that Chloe is the key to getting back to heaven, but how? And in the closing scene, Lucifer and Chloe lean toward each other, looking like they're about to kiss.

And that's how the mid-season finale ends, folks. To be continued...

And that's how the mid-season finale ends, folks. To be continued...