Lucifer Season 2 Episode 6 "Monster" Recap & Review

Halloween thrills and Halloween kills this week on Lucifer

Halloween killer strikes at zombie wedding  

Halloween killer strikes at zombie wedding  

Lucifer and friends investigate after a sniper shoots up a zombie themed wedding, injuring the groom and killing the bride, but the sniper isn't done there. The sniper shoots a good truck owner and tries to kill a doctor before the episode is over and it's down to Lucifer and friends to find out why. Lucifer, however, is not in the best of shape.

Lucifer tells Linda to kick rocks

Lucifer tells Linda to kick rocks

As "Monster" opens, Lucifer has been drinking and living on the edge, hoping desperately that someone will punish him for killing his brother Uriel in order to save Lilith and Det. Decker. Lucifer is in a dark place, even for the ruler of hell. Lucifer is questioning both his decision making and his actions. Could he have avoided killing his brother?

Of course, as the audience well knows, he could not, but this does a number on Lucifer's psyche and he feels that by killing Uriel, he has proven himself to be the monster that everyone thinks he is. Lucifer does his best to piss off and push away everyone who cares about him and only succeeds in feeling bad about it afterward. After telling off Linda and purposely interfering with Det. Decker's crime scene, Chloe finally has a stern talk with Lucifer.

Det. Dan, who is helping out on the case ends up on the receiving end of a punch to the face, courtesy of Lucifer, but Lucifer's crazy antics don't end there. He actually stands in front of the sniper and eggs them on while simultaneously (sort of) protecting the final intended target.


In the mean time, Maz, through a series of hilariously unfortunate events involving Trixie's babysitter finding scary sex toys in Maz and Chloe's newly shared apartment, takes Trixie trick-or-treating, helping her with her costume, garnering loads of candy for her at each door (through intimidation, of course) and then finally showing Trixie her true face, which Trixie of course loves. Rather than the frightened reaction she was expecting, Maz finds that Trixie embraces her without judgment, as children often do, and they continue their Trick-Or-Treat adventures together, hand in hand, ending up curled up on the couch sleeping by the time Chloe gets home, while a scary movie plays in the background.


Amenadiel and Lilith connect in this episode as they never have before. Lilith takes the newly fallen Amenadiel, who has been going through his own metamorphosis and brings him to a beautiful spot in the woods, which ends up being where Uriel is buried. Not only did Lucifer do the right thing in protecting the people he cared about, but he took time to bury his beloved brother in a beautiful spot. Clearly, not the work of a monster. While there, Amenadiel tells Lilith that he's angry, but not about Lucifer killing their brother. Amenadiel is angry with their Father, highlighting a possible reason why he has fallen from grace.

After Lucifer and Chloe wrap up their case and catch their killer, who, like Lucifer, is making what the sniper considers to be justified kills (the difference between the sniper and Lucifer is that the sniper's kills are selfish, while Lucifer's kill was justified), Lucifer decides to seek help. He swallows his pride and visits Dr. Linda who very sternly tells Lucifer that she's had enough with what she considers to be the "metaphor" Lucifer has been affecting by telling her that he's the devil. She tells him that she wants to know the real Lucifer and rather than hide behind a quilt remark, Lucifer shows Linda his true face in a moment of extreme honesty and vulnerability. A beautiful white light passes over her face as Lucifer's true face is shown. We see Dr. Linda's reaction and she is truly stunned. Lucifer walks out of the room, not angrily, but rather sadly. He knew the chance he was taking and took it anyway, recognizing the need to open up and be himself to someone. Despite all of his quips and jokes, Lucifer clearly trusts Linda and considers her a safe place to land. Now, that relationship is in jeopardy, but Lucifer knows that what he said was necessary and that this couldn't have gone any other way. This was a huge first step for Lucifer and in the plot development of this show. We will see next week how Linda actually takes Lucifer's revelation once it has sunken in.

Lucifer comes clean to Dr. Linda Martin about his true identity