#Lucifer S2 Ep 17 "Sympathy For The Goddess" Recap & Review

This week on FOX's Lucifer, relationships are exposed and punishment is doled out, but is it all worth it or are innocent humans being punished for bad angel behavior?  


Thought this one might please the SPN and Lucifer fans out there.  

 Lucifer and Amenadiel sit, stealthily, watching as Lilith meets with Zeke, a shady looking client of hers at an outdoor table at a bar. Lilith is trying to get the third piece to the sword of light. She appears to believe that a local crime syndicate has it. Lilith offers the man a briefcase full of money before he presents her with the item she has asked for. He, of course, walks off with the money. As Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Lilith follow him back into the back room of the bar, they realize that something isn’t right. Lilith’s client has been murdered, and a cell phone has been left at the scene of the crime. Lucifer and family now need Det. Decker’s assistance.


 As Lucifer sits in Det. Decker’s office, bugging her, Charlotte Richards/Lilith walks in and asks her for assistance with a client of hers who is having a problem. Of course, Det. Decker says no, so Lucifer coaches Lilith via pantomime as to what to say to Det. Decker to get her to accompany her to her client’s bar to “discover” the body. When they do, they discover that Bianca Ruiz might’ve been behind the killing. Bianca Ruiz is an illegal importer/exporter hiding behind her high end tequila business. It appears that whoever killed Charlotte/Lilith’s client, Zeke, might’ve gotten whatever was in his safe. The gunman who shot Zeke was inexpert and the cell phone which was left behind has an identifiable lock screen on it. Lucifer and company argue over whether said lock screen depicts breasts or, as Lucifer suggests, a woman’s perfectly freckled rump. Clearly, this is not the mark of a cold-blooded professional killer. The team agrees that it is definitely a pair of butt/boob/eyes.


Lucifer walks into Dr. Linda’s office, complaining about his life and how he’s been sidelined by his Mother and the Detective only to find Maze behind the Doctor’s desk. Maze tells Linda what a bad friend Lucifer has been. Meanwhile at the station, Dan and Amenadiel do some bro-bonding. They go out for a friendly lunch and get to know each other. While they’re doing that, Charlotte/Lilith and Chloe attend the Ruiz tequila party. While Charlotte assumes Chloe will show up in an outfit straight from her floor, Chloe impresses in a gorgeous black dress and sexy boots with beautiful straight hair and gorgeous makeup. Charlotte/Lilith suggests that Chloe seduce Chet (the rapper kid) and Chloe refuses. The two wonder why Mrs. Ruiz brought her son to a tequila party when he had just killed someone. Charlotte/Lilith surmises that Mrs. Ruiz doesn’t know and immediately tells her that her son is under suspicion for Zeke’s murder.

Lucifer 217.gif

Maze drags Lucifer to meet with the chairman of the board who has threatened to take Dr. Linda’s medical license away due to the fact that she helped Lucifer and God Johnson escape the mental institution. Lucifer blunders by admitting to having had sex with Dr. Linda, making the case against her that much worse. Of course, Maze drags Lucifer out of the office at that point. Back at the party, Mrs. Ruiz talks to her son about what Charlotte told her. Chet killed Zeke in order to become an employee of his Mom’s and instead, he quite badly screws things up, admitting that after he killed Zeke, he dropped his phone. Det. Decker listens into this exchange and Mrs. Ruiz catches her. Whoops…

Det. Dan and Amenadiel get to know each other over lunch and a couple of beers and Dan admits that he went to improv class in order to step outside of his comfort zone and stop defining himself by other people. Amenadiel admits that Lucifer is the one constant by whom he defines himself, confiding in Dan that the two competed over everything. Dan asks if the two brothers are competing over Charlotte. Amenadiel tells him no—at least not in the way he might think, and that if they were competing, Amenadiel feels that he has lost. Dan admits that he likes Amenadiel. Meanwhile, Chloe acts as if she’s at the tequila party because she’s one of Chet’s fans. His Mom doesn’t believe her because his music doesn’t sell, but drops her suspicions when Chloe bursts into a spontaneous rendition of one of Chet’s songs. Thankfully, she caught a snippet of one of them earlier, during the investigation. Phew! The bodyguards escort Chloe out of the party and Charlotte stays. After being escorted out, Det. Decker calls Det. Dan to let him know that the phone may be much more important than they originally thought.

As they walk out of the chairman of the review board’s office, Lucifer says something callous and Maze proceeds to beat him up. Lucifer becomes upset when Maze compares Lucifer to his parents and the two have a very public fight that, somehow, no one walking by seems to care about. Maze admits that she is upset that Lucifer and Amenadiel were going to leave her to go to heaven. Lucifer tells her that he plans on going to heaven only for long enough to slam the door on his Mother and Father, once they get there, and Maze works out that Lucifer only needed her to appear angry so that he could more easily sell his story. Rather than being happy, she feels even worse knowing that and is very hurt.

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 Back at the station, the teams hits a roadblock when Ella tells Det.’s Decker and Espinoza that the phone’s code is going to take a while to crack. Dr. Linda Martin worries that Lucifer and Maze have killed the chairman when they come into her office bloody and bruised. Dr. Linda tells Lucifer what for and scold him for being such a poor friend to Maze. Dr. Linda is clearly on her last nerve and Lucifer is working it. Lucifer apologizes to Maze and Dr. Linda leaves. Maze promises her on her way out that she will take care of the situation with the review board.


An important moment for Maze and Lucifer

Bianca Ruiz comes into Charlotte’s office at the end of the day to tell her she’s learned what Zeke is smuggling for Charlotte/Lilith. She tells her she is going to hide her cargo if she doesn’t give Bianca her son’s phone. Charlotte of course does her best to get it at the station. Ella tries to hug Charlotte and tells her she is a good person. Wow. Then she threatens to have someone break Charlotte’s legs if she ever hurts Dan again and she leaves Charlotte with the phone. Chloe finds her and tells her to start talking. Some time later, Chloe appears at Lucifer’s penthouse to let him know that Charlotte has told Chloe that she’s Lucifer’s Father’s ex…which is actually true.

One thing we all love about Ella is that she wears her heart on her sleeve. This show will benefit greatly from this new character's presence. 

 Charlotte shows up at Bianca’s office with the phone, but she’s wearing a wire to which Lucifer and Chloe are listening on the other end. Charlotte spills her drink on the wire. Chloe determines Charlotte is up to something and takes the team into arrest Bianca. Bianca has given Charlotte a safety deposit box key. Chloe searches Charlotte/Lilith and doesn’t find anything on her. She has given the key to Lucifer. Lucifer finds a book in the safety deposit box. The only person who can read the book, which is in ancient Sumerian to Lucifer, who can understand and speak all languages. Of course, Amenadiel is the only one who can read the book. The brothers decide that Lilith is hiding something. Maze confronts the chairman in his office. The door closes behind them.


 Back at the station, Chloe confides in Dan that Charlotte is Lucifer’s “Stepmom” and tells him that there is something about her she doesn’t trust, razzing him about being Lucifer’s soon-to-be “kinda like Dad.” Charlotte/Lilith meets with Bianca’s son who has said there was more in the shipment. He shows her a knife and of course stabs her with it. Rather than dying, Lilith removes the knife and light shines out of her and burns the kid to death. Apparently Lilith’s powers are returning. Back at the penthouse, the boys wait while Amenadiel reads the book. There is a key that binds the sword and the belt buckle together. God has entrusted the key to his favorite son. Amenadiel becomes angry, thinking that Lucifer is the one with the key. Amenadiel’s necklace comes off of his neck when he holds the sword. The key was entrusted to Amenadiel. The missing piece of the sword has been found.

In a glimpse of the season finale, we see Dr. Linda apparently dying and Amenadiel telling Lilith she will have to kill him if she wants the sword. Tune in for the conclusion to this dramatic storyline Monday, May 29th, 2017 on the season finale of FOX's "Lucifer."  

 This writer's thoughts on the episode:  

 Clearly, the writers on FOX's Lucifer have outdone themselves. So far, Lucifer seems to be more meandering, off-plot standalone with character-driven dialogue and lots of plot points left twisting in the wind. The dialogue is witty, and the plot could write itself. Fans are certainly looking forward to a wrap-up of some of the more dramatic plot points during this season's finale episode. Keeping the plot tight and weaving in the standalone episodes a bit more could certainly be accomplished via editing. That said, many shows hit a few speed bumps during their second season's while trying to iron out their identity issues. We're all looking forward to seeing how Lucifer progresses as it hits its stride!