#Lucifer—Season 3, Episode 2—The One With The Baby Carrot

This Monday, Lucifer takes denial to a whole new place--the stage.  This could be awkward...

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Lucifer arrives in his apartment with a young woman to have sex and his wings pop out. He’s still struggling with his new identity courtesy of the Sinnerman, whom Det. Decker does not believe exists. Lucifer is nonplussed and continues to try to find evidence to the contrary. Apparently, per the Detective, the Sinnerman is a bit of an urban legend among criminals. On a related note, Det. Decker feels she has found the kidnapper. A man named Mick Alonzo has confessed, and the case seems to be open and shut. Lucifer doesn’t agree, but Chloe Decker must do her job. The Lieutenant hears Det. Decker and Lucifer discussing the Sinnerman and asks if Chloe is a big Nina Simone fan (if you’ve not heard the song, I suggest you google it and take a listen—it’s a classic, and it ties into Lucifer quite nicely), asking if she’s hiding something from him and then promptly cutting off her mumbling reply by letting her know that he doesn’t care.

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 This week’s crime, possibly unrelated, is the killing of JD, a struggling comedian who was murdered under a viaduct on the beach. Det. Dan and Lucifer continue to chafe against each other and Lucifer outs Dan’s budding improv career to Chloe…whoops. Ella suggests that Eddie Lowe, the comedian whose face is on the billboard above the scene of the crime, may have been involved as he stole the victim’s acts. This scene closes out with a close-up of the Lieutenant watching and listening to Lucifer, Det. Dan, Ella, and Det. Decker from a car. The plot thickens…

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Over at the set of Eddie Lowe’s show, Lucifer and team watch a taping, which Lucifer then interrupts. When Lucifer picks up a puppet, he accidentally shoots Eddie. There is a gun hidden in the puppet. Eddie admits to Lucifer and team that he has stolen his show from JD. Ella becomes upset with Eddie’s confession, roaring “j’accuse!” at Eddie. Apparently, meeting your idols is not all its cracked up to be.

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 At Lucifer’s penthouse, Linda and Amenadiel look through Lucifer’s things, examining his discarded wings. Amenadiel admits to Linda that it's very tough for him to look at the wings Lucifer repeatedly cuts off, seeing it as Lucifer discarding something Amenadiel desperately wants. Linda feels obligated to help Amenadiel in his efforts to discover what’s going on with Lucifer since Amenadiel saved her life. Apparently, Amenadiel’s powers haven’t worked since he saved Dr. Linda.

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 Lucifer and Det. Decker goes over the case back at the precinct, but while Chloe continues with her work, Lucifer goes home, only to find the Lieutenant waiting for him. The Lieutenant tells Lucifer that he knows what he is. Cut to commercial. Lucifer thinks the Lieutenant thinks he’s the Sinnerman, but the Lieutenant thinks Lucifer is an idiot who shouldn’t be looking into the Sinnerman. That’s why the Lieutenant came to Lucifer’s apartment. Apparently, the Sinnerman killed someone close to the Lieutenant, and the Lieutenant wants Lucifer to stop looking into the Sinnerman for Chloe’s sake. Thankfully the Lieutenant did not find Lucifer’s wings like Lucifer thought he did, thanks to Amenadiel and Linda’s quick work. Linda tells Amenadiel that Lucifer doesn’t know how much his behavior hurts Amenadiel. Apparently, Amenadiel didn’t realize that Lucifer was his test from God. He tells Linda how wise she is. Angels must be good at seeing the big picture, but unable to see the forest for the trees. Perhaps this is a curse of immortality.

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 Lucifer tries to tell Det. Decker that the Lieutenant does not think that the Sinnerman is a myth, he is interrupted. This is probably for the best. Over at the comedy shop, Dan takes the stage to insult the killer, but Lucifer undermines his entire show. Yowch. Lucifer showers Dan in rotten tomatoes after some ill-timed micropeen jokes. After Dan tells Lucifer that no one will appreciate his interjections with even more off-color micropeen jokes, a fan approaches Lucifer. The fan is another comedian, whom Lucifer and Det. Decker brings into the precinct for questioning. Apparently, this comedian did have a beef with JD for stealing his show. JD was approached by a warm-up comedian to do a show. The person who approached JD (and subsequently killed him) was Sheila. Sheila is working on new jokes in a creepy backstage area full of real-life sized furry costumes. As Lucifer and Det. Decker walk by, one of the suits moves. As Chloe and Lucifer are looking for Sheila, Lucifer decides to put on a mask to scare Chloe. Unfortunately, someone in a mask and furry outfit really is stalking Lucifer and Chloe. Sheila attacked Eddie and was interrupted by Lucifer and Chloe. Lucifer confronts Sheila, asking her why she killed JD. Sheila doesn’t care about JD stealing jokes, but does care about who steals work better. Apparently, Sheila didn’t think JD did a good enough job with his stolen material. Chloe distracts Sheila with a sandbag while Lucifer punches her. They make the collar.

 At the station, the Lieutenant brings in Det. Dan, Lucifer and Mick, the Sinnerman’s thug. He wants Dan and Lucifer to help him to catch the Sinnerman. The Lieutenant tells Lucifer he can’t get anything out of Mick and asks Lucifer to try. Mick confesses to Lucifer that the reason he committed murder was that he wanted the victim to stop sleeping with his girlfriend. He assures Lucifer that he has no idea who the Sinnerman is. Could the Sinnerman be the Lieutenant or someone else targeting Lucifer and Chloe from the inside?

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  Dr. Linda questions Lucifer about his wings and what he feels about them and how he intends to deal with them, particularly since they’re so wrapped up in his identity. Lucifer decides to pretend that his wings don’t exist and start offering people favors again based on what they desire. Probably not the route Dr. Linda hoped Lucifer would take with his newfound self-understanding…

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This was a good episode, we learn a little more about the Lieutenant and that the Sinnerman is a real and very dangerous person. I would rate the episode 8/10.