#Lucifer—Season 3—Episode 14—"My Brother’s Keeper”

This week on Lucifer, things get personal. Lucifer and Ella find themselves dealing with brotherly issues at work. Sometimes there is just no escaping the family drama.


Ella’s brother walks into a gangster’s posh office with a briefcase full of diamonds, only for his phone to come spilling out of his pocket when it rings, displaying “LAPD” on the screen. Ella is calling (pretty convenient that Ella is labeled “LAPD,” huh?). While the phone goes straight to voicemail on Ella’s end, her brother is confronted by the gangster with a gun to the face.

As Ella leaves the message for her brother, Lucifer walks into Cain's office at the police station, telling him to take off his shirt. It seems their plans to kill Cain once and for all have begun. Lucifer thinks that the key to killing Cain lies in the mark God has left upon him. While the tattoo fades, the mark below does not. Sadly, Lucifer’s research includes watching The Da Vinci code and not much else.

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Ella knocks on Chloe and Maze’s apartment door, only to be confronted by a knife-wielding Trixie, who she has to talk her way past. Apparently, Trixie’s favorite games include role-playing with knives, thanks to Maze! Ella finds it adorable and plays along. Ella and Trixie are wearing the same shirt and decide they’re sisters. It turns out that Ella is actually looking for Maze. She wants to hire Maze to look for her brother. While Ella and Maze talk, Trixie attacks the punching bag. When Ella offers to pay, Maze is happy to help.

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 Back at the penthouse, Lucifer asks Amenadiel for his help. Amenadiel refuses. Since Amenadiel thinks that Lucifer is his test, he feels that Lucifer needs to be protected from himself. According to Amenadiel, God cursed Cain for an excellent reason, and Amenadiel doesn’t believe that curse should be lifted. It appears that Lucifer and Cain will be working alone on this one.

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Maze and Ella, who, by the way, believes that her brother is simply a diamond authenticator who is legit, walk into the gangster’s office and find a dead body on the ground. Upon further investigation, they find that the body is not that of Ella’s brother. It looks like Ella’s penchant for doing good deeds and believing the best about people, despite evidence to the contrary, may be coming back to bite her. Maze thinks Ella’s brother might, in fact, be the killer! Ella calls Det. Decker and Lucifer. While Ella believes that her brother is the killer, Ella defends him, telling Lucifer and Det. Decker that her brother always walked the straight and narrow. Ella finds, upon investigation of the crime scene, that there was another, left, not a right-handed shooter and Lucifer believes that all big brothers are bs-ers who shelter their younger siblings, assuming that Ella’s brother was the actual killer, hands-down. As per usual, Chloe is the only level-headed one in this investigation. Chloe asks Ella to step away from the investigation while she, Lucifer and Maze work.

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Charlotte walks into Dr. Linda’s office. She wants help processing her trauma and has never been to therapy before, but since Lucifer recommended Dr. Linda, Charlotte Richards decided to try seeing her. Dr. Linda, who is, of course, processing her own trauma which centers directly around Charlotte Richards (or rather, Charlotte Richards’ body, which was possessed by Lilith at the time), stares daggers at Charlotte before telling her to leave. Charlotte, who remembers nothing of her encounter with Dr. Linda, leaves with a sigh and a defeated look, saying that she knew she was beyond help anyway (aww).

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 While talking to Cain about big brothers. Lucifer tells Cain that ever since Amenadiel has found out that he’s God’s favorite, he’s been insufferable. Cain asks a very cogent and appropriate question: how does Lucifer know that Amenadiel is actually God’s favorite? Lucifer’s answer, like the answer most mortal little brothers would give, is a huge cop-out. Lucifer flippantly tells Cain that he knows Amenadiel is God’s favorite because of a long story involving a space vagina and since it [the fact that Amenadiel is God’s favorite] is written in a book. Lucifer decides, however, after having said all of this, that he still needs Amenadiel’s help and that he’ll have to do his best to convince Amenadiel to assist them. Clearly, Lucifer relies upon his big brother very much, despite any issues they might have.

 Det. Espinoza finds that the diamonds on the dead gangster were—surprise—stolen and that they are easily trackable since the diamonds are embedded with serial numbers. The victim, Fareed the gangster, seems to have deviated from his legitimate job as a diamond broker and appears to have been killed while doing business using stolen diamonds from the Beverly Hills store he works with. Lucifer, of course, thinks that the entire investigation is a waste of time and that this case is clearly only about Ella’s “no good” brother. Det. Decker points out that Lucifer, as per usual, is missing the point entirely and discarding legitimate information in favor of projecting his entire family drama onto an unrelated case.

 At the diamond store, Lucifer and Det. Decker investigates, playing an engaged couple. Chloe uses knowledge gained from watching the real housewives to play a stuck-up diamond snob. She shows the Beverly Hills store the stolen diamond, pretending Lucifer bought it for her and the owner pulls her aside and brings the two into the back room, where Det. Decker drops the act and questions the store owner and Lucifer insist that he is not actually cheap, but that he was simply playing a cheap guy as part of the investigation. The two ask the owner of the store why she stole her own diamonds. Lucifer immediately inserts his own issues regarding his fight with Amenadiel into the case. While the owner of the store did set up a false crime, stealing her own diamonds from her own store with the help of Fareed, she is surprised to find that Fareed the diamond smuggling diamond authenticator was dead.

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 Maze and Ella question a clerk to see if Ella’s brother has stayed at his hotel. While they don’t find him, they do find that he checked in under an alias. Dr. Linda confronts Lucifer about why he sent Charlotte Richards to her. Lucifer assures Dr. Linda that Charlotte Richards is not Lilith, simply a woman who needs help.

 At the station, Det. Decker and Det. Espinoza consults with an insurance adjustor familiar with diamond smuggling, who says that if someone gets rid of the serial numbers on the diamonds, diamond theft is practically an untraceable crime. Det. Decker asks if an authenticator could do that job. Apparently, that’s a strong possibility. Ella and Maze walk through the cheap hotel building near tent city. Maze busts down the door to find Ella’s brother, ready to attack any intruders.

 Cain finds Amenadiel at Lucifer’s bar to ask him about how he might be able to die. Apparently, Amenadiel was the one who marked Cain. Cain threatens Amenadiel to coerce him into helping Cain kill himself. Back at the building, Ella’s brother describes the situation to Ella and Maze. Supposedly he was in the bathroom when the murder went down. Ella takes off her shoe and beats her brother with it for being stupid. Det. Decker calls Ella while she and Maze are with Jay and says that she thinks Jay is the shooter. Ella lies to Det. Decker, who knows she's dishonest, saying she hasn’t located her brother yet. The Detectives posit that Ella will head back to the crime scene, where they will confront Ella’s brother.

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 Cain pretends to threaten to kill an innocent person to bribe Amenadiel into helping him, but instead, he fires his gun into the ceiling and tells everyone to leave while e kicks Amenadiel’s ass. Amenadiel and Cain go toe to toe, and Amenadiel shoots Cain. The two continue to fight. Cain is undoubtedly taking action on his plan to die!

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 Meanwhile, Jay tells Ella that he saw the shooter’s shoes—that they were red wing tips, but Ella calls Jay out, telling him that he couldn’t have seen what he says he did because they bathroom door opens outward and Jay said he was in the bathroom. Of course, Detectives Decker and Espinoza show up and confront Ella and Jay, telling Ella that the insurance adjuster said that Jay was involved in getting rid of the serial number of the diamonds. Ella asks Jay if he was involved and, surprise he was. Jay pulls a gun on the detectives and Lucifer, saying that no matter what he says or does, the cops won’t believe that he didn’t kill Fareed. Ella continues to defend Jay, saying that he just got mixed up with some bad dudes and didn’t kill anyone. Ella begs Maze to stay. She says she’ll stay for a cost. Ella is so disappointed, telling Maze that she thought they connected and that Maze cared. Maze tells her that she does care and that’s why she’s not going to help.

 Det. Decker suspects, after looking at the crime scene, that Jay did see the killer, just not from the vantage point he said he did. It was the insurance adjustor, who Jay stupidly confronts with a gun he’s never held before. The killer tells Jay that after he gets Jay’s help removing the serial numbers from the diamonds, he’s going to kill him.

 Over at Lux, Cain and Amenadiel continue to fight. Cain calls Amenadiel out on plotting to kill Lucifer, drawing a parallel between the two of them, saying that Amenadiel is just like him. Amenadiel realizes that he is no higher and no mightier than Cain, though, it seems that rather than seeing that Cain isn’t such a bad guy, Amenadiel thinks that he is a failure.

 Ella confronts the insurance adjustor, who is holding a gun on Jay. Jay tries to bargain for Ella’s life when Maze shows up and kills the insurance adjuster with a flying knife, which Ella tells the detectives came out of nowhere. Det. Decker tells Ella that Maze isn’t in trouble. Charges aren’t being pressed against Jay since the Detective speaks on his behalf. Lucifer tells Chloe that if she had a brother, he would be very proud of her. While the case has been solved, the diamonds are still missing.

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Dr. Linda shows up at Charlotte Richards’ office to apologize. Charlotte has figured out that she has hurt Dr. Linda during her lost time. Linda pricks Charlotte to see if she bleeds to make sure she’s not Lilith. Lucifer shows up at Jay’s apartment later that evening, where he is keeping the stolen diamonds. He tells Lucifer that he takes care of his family with the money from the stolen diamonds. Jay seems like an arrogant person—someone who, for some reason, Ella still has faith in. Lucifer threatens Jay with his demon eyes, which have come back, telling Jay that if he ever disappoints Ella again, Lucifer will come for him. Lucifer clearly looks at Ella like a little sister.

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 Lucifer meets with Amenadiel at Luxe, telling Lucifer that working with Pearce/Cain will incur God’s wrath and that since he is his brother’s keeper, he is worried that Cain’s selfish goal has permeated the entirety of Pearce’s being and that such an alliance will not end well. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he will be in his way if he continues to stand between Lucifer and Cain and their goal to kill Cain. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that he guesses he will be in his way. Its good to see Amenadiel stand up to Luci and for what he feels is right.

So, gentle readers, is Amenadiel right about Cain? Sound off in the comments! We want to know what you think.