#Macgyver Season 2 Episode 1 DIY or Die recap

In Syria, a mysterious woman is searching for someone. In Cuba Jack and Mac are trying to locate Murdoc, they are both tied up getting beat up until Mac makes a blade out of a button and set them free. Mac and Jack get information which leads them to Miguel whom they chase using a chain, a pipe, a hook and a road flare to make a grappling hook they find out that Murdoc was in Cuba so that he could grab money then quickly disappeared again. Mac has his fathers watch which he and Jack found when they went looking for him that watch is one of the first memories that Mac has of his father and the reason that he has a love of building things. Back at Phoenix foundation, the mysterious woman from Syria turns out to be CIA agent Samantha Cage (Isabel Lucas) looking for Lieutenant J.G. Samuel Diaz.

samantha cage played by isabel lucas

samantha cage played by isabel lucas

After two years of being presumed KIA a ransom of 5 million dollars has been released the U.S. government thinks that it is a hoax but his parents have set up a fund to help raise the money to get their son back.

ransom money.jpg

In Istanbul jack, Mac, and cage are being smuggled close to a compound, but the driver can only take them so far, so mac uses an m-134 to repair a car cage fake turns them in. To get inside the compound, Mac uses a metal bar to walk vertically up the building finding a hidden room behind a bookcase where Diaz was held. Diaz is being held captive by the ten of spades using a soccer ball and cages cell to get eyes inside the building; they discover that they only have two hours left to rescue him before he is to be executed. Mac rescues him by blowing up the floor from underneath. After being discharged from the CIA, maddy offers cage a job with the Phoenix Foundation. Cage goes to interrogate the ten of spades to get intel in exchange for the charges to be dropped against her. Mac finds a photo of him from his tenth birthday inside his fathers watch renewing his drive for answers in the search for his father

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