#Macgyver Season One Recap/ Favorite Moments

In episode 5 "Toothpick," we see that Jack and Mac have information that Nikki (Tracy Spiridakos) was last seen in Portugal when they went to check out her apartment they are confronted by a woman that she has paid to give a key to Mac. After they get done with Nikki's apartment, they get a call from Thornton to meet Riley in Germany to protect a woman Katarina Wagner (Kasha Kropinski) who discovers that her boss is selling weapons to U.S enemies. She gets an email to take a train to Frankfurt by an Interpol agent. Her boss Wexler (Jarreth J. Merz) sends men to kill her but are thwarted by Mac and Jack. Macgyver separates the head of the train from the passenger cars saving everyone on the train. Thornton arrests Wexler while Katarina tells Mac to call her if he is ever in Germany. Back home Mac is at Nikki's apartment trying the key but finds it doesn't unlock anything there, so he decides to wear it as a necklace until she is captured. 

MAc 5.gif

In Episode 6 "Wrench" Mac's past comes back to confront him when the ghost (Niko Nicotera) a bomb maker that killed Mac's C.O. who missed his daughters birth able to come to terms with his past Mac can save Jack.

In Episode 7 "Can Opener" Mac is sent to a Texas prison to get Joaquin Sancola (Raoul Trujillo), the leader of a Mexican cartel. Mac's mission is to get her out because the other members are taking over and starting violence in public. Mac must escape finding the whereabouts of their hideout. Mac is on a solo mission since both Riley and Jack are posing as a guard are unable to help me. This brings back bad memories from Riley who was in jail until being recruited into Phoenix Foundation.

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In Episode8  "Corkscrew." is when we get to meet Murdoc (David Dashmalchian) an assassin paid by Nikki to kill the team. Bozer finally learns that Mac isn't who he said he is. As Murdoc surrounds by the team, he congratulates Mac saying that Nikki was right that Mac was a worthy challenger.  At a dinner, Nikki tells Mac that he will soon need to use the key that he got from her (episode 5 Toothpick). 

In Episode 9 "Chisel" Mac and the other go to Latvia to capture Janis Lapia (Tobias Jelinek), the leader of a terrorist organization. He has called in other members that chase Mac, Riley, and Jack into Latvia's U.S. embassy. They must defend the embassy until help arrives and their ETA is six hours. Meanwhile, Bozer is being held at Phoenix Foundation by Thornton.  At Mac's request, she is allowed to give Bozer a job because of his skills with prosthetics.

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In Episode 10 "Pliers," Mac and Bozer go to their hometown to visit their old middle school. Mac talks to his former Science teacher's class in which Valerie Lawson is a current student.  Mac sees that they share a lot in common. By the end of the episode, he rescues her and her father and gives her the tree house that he made when he was in middle school for him and Bozer and his card telling her that he is available to talk if she ever needs him. 

In episode 11 "Scissors," takes place during Christmas and Riley is accused of hacking the NSA, but she did it to save her mother from kidnappers. The team goes to Shanghai after she confesses to stealing a cyber weapon that can remotely control vehicles.

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Episode 12 "Screwdriver," brings back Sarah Adler (Amy Acker) who enlists Jack and Mac's help after finding Nikki. Nikki tells them that she is actually working for the CIA undercover to find a mole working for the organization. Bozer and Riley find information that Nikki is telling the truth and that Patricia Thornton is the mole. Mac asks Nikki if she is going to stay, but she says not until the job is complete.

Sarah Adler asking Jack and Mac for help in capturing Nikki

Sarah Adler asking Jack and Mac for help in capturing Nikki

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Episode 13 "Large blade," Mac and Jack's chopper is shot down in Kazakhstan injuring the pilot and allowing the prisoner to escape. Mac recaptures him before he can call for backup and the team also meets Matty Webber (Meredith Eaton) who is Jack's old boss from his time in the CIA. 

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Episode 14 "Fish scaler," the team is assigned to capture FBI fugitive Douglas Bishop who when they find him tells them that he was forced to work for a dirty agent. Macgyver saved him using a cable box. Back at Phoenix Foundation Bozer and Riley are kept on the team but are on a tight leash because of being hired by Thornton. 

In Episode 15 "Magnifying Glass," a case in San Francisco hits close to home for Matty when her goddaughter Vanessa and her boyfriend are killed by the famous and most wanted Zodiac killer. Matty asks Mac and Jack to investigate. After a lot of diversion Mac and the team was able to bring down the killer and give Matty and her family a little peace of mind that the killer has been brought to justice.

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In episode 16 "Hook." Jack and Mac hunt down a dangerous fugitive but gets captured by the Coltons a family of bounty hunters. After the Coltons get the best of the team, a retrieval team is sent in by Matty to recapture the fugitive without the Coltons knowledge. But everything goes wrong, and Mac saves them all from their criminal employers who hired them to capture the fugitive. 

Episode 17 "Ruler." takes the team to the Netherlands where they are disavowed by Phoenix Foundation when a mission goes wrong. As a backup by Thornton under the code name chrysalis thanks to Bozer's skill with masks making they made it back home. 

Episode 18 "Flashlight," sees the team help, Kono and Chin, when they are enlisted to help with earthquake relief. However, there is a much bigger mission when they discover that thieves have used the Earthquake to steal smart bullets. (A bullet that never misses its target once it's set). They all teamed up as was able to outsmart the criminals by using the laser from Chin's gun to redirect the bullet.

Kono and Chin from Five-0 helping Mac.

Kono and Chin from Five-0 helping Mac.

In Episode 19 "Compass," Mac goes to Boston for a  friends' funeral. This is Mac friend that he knew in his MIT days. Mac and Jack quickly discover that she is alive and that someone wants her dead because of her research on DNA trying to suppress her advances in the subject. 

Episode 20 and 21 "Hole puncher, and Cigar Cutter."  A two part season finale in which Murdoc has hired an assassin to infiltrate Phoenix foundation and kill everyone inside but is foiled when Riley and the others take down his contact, Murdoc escape his jail cell by stuffing papers into his mouth faking a seizure.

Overall, I think the writer did justice to the original season, I enjoyed the cast, each bringing their element to the team. I enjoyed the twist and turn and learn a lot about small thing making big explosions. 

Matt replacing Patricia as head of phoenix foundation

Matt replacing Patricia as head of phoenix foundation