#AgentsOfShield S4 Ep.1 "The Ghost" Review & Recap

Hi, welcome to my review recap of the highly anticipated season 4 premiere of Marvels Agents Of Shield episode titled "The Ghost" It goes without saying SPOILERS ahead so let's get right to it.

As always Agents of Shields season, four premieres delivered a lot of goodness but left many unanswered questions. The episode starts with a cheeky wink from Daisy then we see three henchmen driving in a panic away from someone .. or something. The crew is actually the Aryan Brotherhood which is a wink to the actual Aryan Brotherhood who appeared in Daredevil season 2 episode 9. The crew's car came to a stop after a few blown out tires and blown up engine takes its toll. One of the crew shouts to "get ready " and they all grab as much firepower as they can.suddenly and Daisy appears and takes one of the Aryan Brotherhood down and unexpectedly he pleads to Daisy for help before he drops to the floor knocked out. All of a sudden a 69 Charger muscle car comes out of nowhere and immediately the crew started to fire their RPGs and Semi-automatic weapons at the car before it flames up revealing Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider proceeds to literally rip the remaining crew members to shreds as Daisy looks on in shock at what she has or may not have just seen. Daisy uses her powers to projectile away as the police is seen approaching the scene.

The next thing we see is Coulson And Mac sitting on the Zephyr 1 playing game of Draughts. This is the first time seeing Coulson since the finale of season 3, with Coulson no longer serving as Director and is serving as a regular agent.Mack asks Coulson if he wants a beer and Coulson reminded him that it was only 6 am. They are both joined by a 3rd agent to be told that they are being recalled back to base. 

Next, we see Agent May who is training new recruits, training and as expected May is the dominant force making a trainee “tap” out due training. The new agents all of a sudden look up and you see the Zephyr 1 landing with one of the trainee recruits we know as “Piper” yelling to the others "what you never seen the world's biggest plane before.” As the plane landed, we see Agents Coulson and Mac exit the Zephyr 1 and approaching May, we then learn that Coulson and Mac have been away on assignment on the Zephyr 1 for 6 weeks which is a record for the Zephyr to be out on assignment. We then find out that May called Agents Mac and Coulson back to the base regarding 2 civilians who had been violently killed. Also a witness had mentioned seeing Quake AKA Daisy at the scene, this is important because the new director has set up a strike team to take Daisy out, so Coulson's given the heads up before word gets back to the director about Daisy's possible involvement as Coulson has been forbidden by the new director from getting involved with anything to do with Daisy.

Next up we see Daisy enter a hospital room with a patient in bed who is the crew member she took down at the beginning of the episode, she begins to question him saying she can help him, the injured crew member goes to stand up and collapses saying its too late for him telly Daisy the legend of the Ghost Rider “they say when the rider burns you, he burns your soul.” While this is going on the police are outside trying to get in the room, but Daisy's using her powers to keep the door shut. As the crew member drops dead to the floor, she uses her powers to blast the windows out before jumping out to make her mistake.

We now see Agent Simmons for the first time this season, she is what appears to be in an empty lab and she's standing 3 feet from the floor, she then removes a kind of virtual reality mask to reveal she's standing in front of Fitz in a busy room. Fitz goes on to explain that the device Simmons was testing maps brain patterns to senses like touch and feel etc.theyve, The aim of this new tech is so it will be easier to train recruits in combat without ant physical contact. All of a sudden Mac And Coulson enter the room before being turned away by a new lab assistant, Simmons looks over and sees what's going on before telling the new assistant to let Mac and Coulson telling they've got more right to be here than you.”

Fitz hi-5's Mac in relation to the new record set by Mac And Coulson in the Zephyr 1. We now learn that Agent Simmons has been given a promotion and a title of SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR DIRECTOR IN SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY. Fitz makes a joke calling the new title “Sadist”.

We then learn due to her new job she has to go through daily lie detector tests. Fitz asks everyone if they want to come along to watch football with him at Dr Radcliffes house, a offer that is declined as Coulson and Mac have to be wheels up in 10 minutes . Fitz hands Mac a new toy which he explains to be a exploding pen that Mac had asked for. Fitz makes a comment that he cant think of a single use for it . Straight away this tells me that we will more than likely see a scene in a future episode with the pen being a very handy tool .Coulson is handed a new hand which is explained to have included new “bells and whistles”. Simmons mentions to Fitz that she cant make the football, to which Fitz makes a comment that they don't get to see much of anyone nowadays to which Simmons replies “its better than the friends we will never see again”. 

Now we see Robbie Reyes and he is beating and questioning the crew member he took from the beginning .The crew member is explaining what he knows but Robbie does not believe him so he says “either tell me or him” referring to Ghostrider. The scene fades out to Robbie Reyes punching the crew member, the same crew member is now seen on a screen with his profile being looked at by Mac and Coulson, They mention that Daisy is possibly on the same track as them . They are looking at possible locations of a stolen bright yellow rig .

Now we see Yoyo for the first time being picked up before going through security where she approaches Mac and it comes clear that Yoyo signed the Sokovian Accords so now must be subjected to checks etc, she remarks to Mac that if he wants to know her better all he's gotta do is ask her for dinner, to which Mac turns her down Yoyo and she moves in on Mac as Coulson walks in interrupting saying that he has found the truck rig.

Next, up we see Dr Radcliffe open the door to Fitz who passes some beer when he walks in, Fitz apologizes for Simmons not being able to make it. Dr Radcliffe leaves Fitz for a minute and Fitz starts watching the television before a female voice says “hello” Fitz looks and jumps in shock to see what appears to be a naked woman in front of him. Dr Radcliffe walks in and apologises covering up the woman. Fitz is visibly shocked and immediately asks whats going on, he reminds the Dr that he is not meant to be experimenting on anything due to conditions of his pardon relating to the 2nd half of the 3rd season. The Dr explains that he built a body for his digital assistant Aid, Fitz just tells Dr Radcliffe that they need to report this now before Dr Radcliffe gets in trouble .

The next thing we see is Skye sitting on a bus being passed a box of pills. We learn and see that it is, in fact, Yoyo who passed Skye the pills and the pills are for helping bones heal, which Daisy needs due to overusing her powers. Yoyo mentions that Coulson etc still cares and won't stop till he finds her .Daisy just gets off the bus leaving Yoyo.

We now see Agents May and Simmons talking about the new security clearance system, what was once a system of numbers 1 being the lowest level, has been changed to a system of colors, an idea from the new director who did not want any agents feeling less than any other. Daisy can be seen next up asking questions about the whereabouts of Ghostrider, an artist painting a mural explains she won't find him and that anyone who has seen his face has ended up dead. There is a load of marks on the wall which stands for each victim the rider has claimed .

Coulson and Mac are in a warehouse following leads on the stolen rig, Coulson gets his new hand from Fitz and emits an x-ray beam on the truck seeing inside, Mac notices and says “not fair” Coulson makes a joke and says “you want tech like this you should have cut off your own hand.” Coulson and Mac then find 2 bodies inside who appear to of died by ripping each other apart. A logo is found on one of the dead men, overalls that could provide Mac and Coulson the link they need for this case.

Robbie Reyes is now seen with the same crew member he was interrogating before. Robbie gets in his car and starts the engine. The crew member pleads saying he does not deserve to die, Robbie replies “that's what they all say” as he slams his foot on the accelerator driving towards the crew member. We don't actually see Robbie Drive into the crew member but it is implied. This leaves me to believe that Robbie did not actually kill him so expect to see the crew member again in a future episode.

Simmons can now be seen having a go at May, Simmons has found out that Coulson has been back at base implying May broke protocol and also implying May told Coulson about Skye. This whole scene is a perfect example of how the team's dynamics have drastically changed since the events of season 3s finale. Simmons tells May that since Talbot gave the president the coordinates of the base she new the team would be split up, she goes on to say that the reason why she took the promotion is because if she, at last, has some sort of control, maybe just maybe there could be hope to put the pieces back together .The scene ends when Simmons orders May to go and pull Mac and Coulson out the field.

Now we are back to Fitz and Dr radcliffe talking about the robot Dr Radcliffe created, Fitz makes a comparrison to ultron, Tony starks creation. Dr radcliffe goes on to say that Aida is not a weapon. He then asks Fitz if he would like to ask Aida herself what her purpose. Dr Radcliffe turns Aida back on and she immediately greets Fitz. In turn Fitz asks Aida if she knows what her purpose, she goes on to say and mention that on numerous occasions Dr Radclife has mentioned the regret he has for the pain he has caused people, again referring to last seasons experiments with Hives minions. Aida goes on to say that Dr Radcliffe had mentione pains that Fitz and Simmons have had to go through, she then goes on mentioning names of the fallen ex Tripp, Lincoln, Andrew etc. As she goes on to say shes been designed to work as a decoy so she may be put in harm way so no more agents have to die or be harmed. Fitz is vissibly upset and asks for Aida to be turned off. He then told the dr that they should both be quiet until Aida is “perfect”

We now cut to Coulon and Mac surveiling a crew of Chinese believed to be linked to the stolen truck with the dead bodies inside.

The leader of the Chinese questions to others about the bodies Coulson found. We now learn of a box that was in the truck that is said to contain something that would bring enhanced individuals to there knees. The Chinese man goes to open the box then Coulson and Mac can be seen discussing there plan of action .

Now we see Daisy enter a junkyard and approaches Robbie Reyes and asks about a car she is looking for, she is totally unaware that the man she is looking for is right in front of her. Robbie tries to get Daisy to leave but she just says she will come back in the morning and speak to someone else. Robbie then looking uncomfortable tells Daisy that there is a book of sales that she can go through to which she agrees . 

We are now back with Coulson surveilling Chinese crew, the box has just been opened and a thick mist comes out penetrating all around it. A ghostly figure can be seen in the background. Everyone starts hallucinating and attacking each other. Coulson hears gunfire and calls for backup, just at that moment May turns up with a strike team and takes out any hostiles . The ghostly figure can be seen behind May as she looks on at the unconscious men at the scene.

We are back now with Daisy and Robbie at the junkyard, Daisy says she is in town on vacation , a excuse Robbie does not buy , he dangles a chain which daisy hears and immediately blasts him with her power knocking Robbie back against a van in the yard .Robbie picks up a plank of wood and it catches fire/ “so you got the devil inside you to” says Robbie to Daisy as they both charge at eachother . As they fight Daisy says he should pay for his crimes, and that he has not the right to decide who lives or dies, Robbie replies “im not the 1 who decides” all of a sudden Robbie flames up and his face can be seen melting away to reveal his flaming skull .Robbie Reyes is now Ghostrider. Daisy takes a hit as Ghostrider knocks down a shelves on Daisy. Daisy uses her power to stop the shelves falling on her and Ghostrider looks on at Daisy using her powers, he kneels down and just stairs at her as she begs him to kill her . Ghostriders having a good look at Daisy then he just gets up and walks away leaving Daisy on the floor.The fact Daisy was left to live tells me that Ghostrider felt she did not deserve to die and that will come into play in future episodes .

One of the last things we see is Robbie picking up his wheelchair-bound brother, something they have kept from the comics, Daisy can be see watching Robbie's movements then May and Coulson can be seen sitting on the Zephyr 1 in the same spot as Coulson and Mac at the beginning of the episode, Coulson remarks on how nice it is for them to have time together then smiles at May. We see Mays point of view as she looks at Coulson and May can be seen having the same hallucinations that the chinese crew had after opening the box .

So only one episode in and already so much happening. Thanks for reading I hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section .