NBC's #ThisisUs 1X5 "The Game Plan" Recap #Whereisjack #Passthetissue

This week on This is Us has Jack and Rebecca root for the great Terry Bradshaw, and finally, have the big talk that leads to the Big Three. Randal and Beth have a close call.  Kevin and William live an episode of The Man-ny, and Kate reluctantly lets Toby in on a treasured family tradition.  

Randal and Beth are feeling crowded since Kevin has now moved in too.  They jump at the chance to stay at his fancy New York apartment, leaving William and Kevin to babysit the girls.  What could go wrong? Kevin played a nanny-I mean au pair on TV and William's biggest contribution to child care was leaving a baby at a fire station. Once at the hotel, Beth tells Randal she thinks she may be pregnant again, which would put a serious damper on Randal's retirement plan and Beth's decision to go back to work full time.  After a mild freak out they but agree that a third kid wouldn't be the worse thing that could happen...but praise the lord there is not a bun in the oven!! Vacation home in South Carolina is back on!

In the flashbacks this week we get a glimpse of life at the Pearson home pre "the big three".  Jack and Rebecca are big football fans - Pittsburgh fans specifically.  Rebecca wasn't always a fan but Jack taught her the ropes and she goes all in.  Seems Rebecca wasn't always a fan of kids either, but Jack again helps her come to terms with having a big happy family.  

Kate is a big Steelers day in the present day she has her Sunday football routine, and this does not include Toby. Toby tries his hardest to worm his way into her weekly football traditions.  Inviting her to his house to watch the game, hesitantly Kate agrees.  Toby has invited guest to the party and Kate is not having it she just wants to watch football LIVE with no distractions, she abruptly leaves the party to watch the game from home.  Toby arrives at Kate's to see what the big deal is, She finally opens up that football is a special thing that she shares with her dad and it's hard to let others in on Football Sunday.  Toby gets it and hopes to someday meet her dad...Y'all get the kleenex because as soon as he said he wanted to meet her dad I knew what was coming next...maybe not exactly I didn't see the urn with Jacks ashes coming but I knew from her sad smile that Jack was not living anymore.  This has been a big question everyone has wanted answered since the second episode revealed that Jack and Rebecca were not married in the present.  #wheresjack...I was really hoping he wasn't dead just retired in Florida or something...but alas...Loved the moment Toby puts the hat on the urn so sweet and heartbreaking. 

William and Kevin make a pretty good team.  William helps Kevin come to terms with this new play the has been eating Kevin up he keeps second guessing and doubting himself.  He has William and girls help run lines when the topic of death comes up, and Kevin doesn't handle that so well the first time scaring them pretty bad.  William gives him a quick pep talk to get in there and make things right he's that believes. Kevin shows the girl his secret painting (even Aunt Kate doesn't know he sometimes paints! they've been doing ok since Kevin left Kate in LA, but their codependency will rear it's head again and soon), Kevin paints after reading a good script and he needs to channel his creative emotions.  Every week since episode 2 I've fallen in love with Kevin a little more, this week he delivers a damn near perfect monolog about how when people die or leave that doesn't mean they aren't still a part of us or a part of the picture that makes up our life.  Just because Jack isn't alive in the present doesn't mean he isn't with Kevin, Randal, and Kate in their everyday life.

Observations and things!

  • Football should happen live!!
  • shots in bed that's my kinda party
  • every time Terry Bradshaw's name was mentioned in the flashbacks would make a great drinking game
  • William has the perfect voice for a Disney owl
  • Miguel has kids with a previous wife (when will we meet them if ever??)
  • Toby passing that note to Kate at the support meeting <3<3
  • the Big three were conceived on super bowl Sunday...(I like to think Randal was too :) )
  • first flash forward to Randal packing up Williams belongings...there weren't enough tissues in my house!

Tune in for next weeks recap!

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