#NightShift "Get Busy Livin'" & "Hot in the CIty" Recap and Review

"Get Busy Livin'"

In the first episode of a double feature event, one doctor will learn from one patient that saving lives isn't the most important thing. 

Shannon rides with the paramedics to a call of an overdose college student. After hearing what the story of him was just gave her a sick reason not to feel bad for him. As they take the guy in the ambulance someone else is in need of help and she goes while the paramedics head off. 

 Another student had jumped off the second floor, bleeding and with a broken bone sticking out of her leg. TC gets there and takes them back to Memorial. As soon as Scott sees her, they take her to the OR. The student's friend comes back with her purse and hands it to TC and finds a bottle of pills. After looking it up the drug there's a side effect that causes suicide thoughts. That pissed him off to talk to the pharmaceutical rep, Jessica Sanders, who happens to be in the hospital to give Scott the heart veil that helps heart patients recover in half the time. 

He should probably waited til talking with the patient before going after her because after a complication (puffing up like a balloon), he talked to her about the pills. She told him that she hadn't taken any and she jumped off because she was just stressed out from college work. Later, after Sanders' been trying to sucker Topher and Jordan to switch drug reps to her company, TC apologies to her on the spot. And there might be something with the way they looked at each other. 

But the main part of this episode was about Jordan, who takes care of a cancer patient. The patient, has spent most of her helping others and studying, never been on a date or so. When Jordan tries to help her, she doesn't want any help but to die with dignity. Of course, Jordan can't take that and tries to get her to try a trail that Sanders' company had, but she tells her that she'll do it unless Jordan talks to her about her. 

Jordan opens up about her life, how after her dad had died, she closes relationships and focus work more and more. After opening up to her, Jordan talks to Sanders and she's got the trail, but soon her patient takes a turn for the worst. Jordan tries to save her but when Topher comes in telling her that she's a DNR and the patient telling her to let her die, Jordan breaks down in tears and makes her comfortable with pain meds and she passes away. 

Other things in this episode, dealt with a lot of humor from Sanders getting Topher the deal of a lifetime, a paid vacation away from his mother and kids. But also Drew and Kenny at Syd's kid karate tournament, for which got some weird looks from other parents as they cheered her on. And not to mention that Drew fell on her when showing her a move after a win and had broken her arm. 

I thought this episode was really good. I enjoyed Jordan's storyline in this one a lot more than the other ones. She cares for her patients and tries to save them all but for this one patient she couldn't save her and that takes it pretty hard. Even after she opened up to her and figured out that she needs to change her lifestyle. It's Flint's best performance since last week's episode. I also enjoyed Drew and Kenny's Odd Couple moment with Syd's daughter. That had me laughing and smiling throughout. 

"Hot in the City"

In the second episode of the double feature deals with the heat and relationships in a way....

The heat is on and so are the relationships with some of the characters from Kenny and the nurse, TC and Sanders, Jordan and Sam and Scott and TC's sister. 

TC and Topher take a female patient that seems to suffer from heat exhaustion. But when TC sees a rash on her chest and does some more test, the diagnoses jumps to meningitis. But when her breathing becomes more and more of an issue and with one point she was having a heart attack too. 

As Topher and TC gathered their thoughts, TC recheck her and found sink pealing on her hands and strawberry looking tongue and came up with the diagnose it as an infection in the heart and has to be operated on.

Jordan and Shannon had her hands full as they were on their off day and out at a wrestling match. Jordan meets Victor and talked to her about his cousin, one of the masked wrestlers. But when a fight goes too far things fly around and it got crazy. Victor saves Jordan but gets hurt. And one of the ring ladies got injured too.

As they get to the hospital, Jordan and Shannon takes care of Victor as Drew takes the female who flew onto a chair and can't feel her legs. 

Victor became the second biggest medical mystery of the episode as things keep getting worse for him. At one point he's was coughing blood and had to be rushed to the OR. There they took out a tumor from his liver but he kept getting worse after. Paul, Scott and Jordan tried to figure it out before Victor dies until Jordan figure it out that it was parasites from the pork that he had eaten a lot of in Mexico. 

On the other hand with Drew, he had the difficult case out of all. First he promises the girl that she'll walk again (big mistake!). After trying one thing that didn't turn out to work, they had to go into surgery. With no spinal cord specialist coming Drew was the only one who had worked on the spinal cord back in Afghanistan. 

Scott was a bit worried but Topher trusts Drew to do it. After they go in, things became difficult from the back of the patient. Drew takes the risk to another level as he performed the surgery from her mouth. Yes, you heard me correct, from the patient's mouth. HOLY CRAP!!

The kicker for this episode was that as soon as Jordan and Shannon get to the ER, the air conditioner shuts off on the hottest day of the year.  The episode ends at least someone figuring out that one is dating someone. And Scott opens up to TC about dating his sister, which look awkward!! Jordan seems to break up with Sam and taking the dating world slow and social too. Looks like TC and Jordan are on good terms, but I think they'll be back.

I thought that this episode was really really good as in this one brought the heat. When I mean heat I mean the medical problems for the characters to solve. Challenging for the characters for Jordan and TC but also challenging for us too. I felt like each character brought in a great performance. I can't name a single person. It had great balance of humor and drama. 

You can catch The Night Shift Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.