#NightShift S3, Ep. 11/12 "Trust Issues"/Emergent" Recap/Review

"Trust Issues" 

With TC and Drew in jail, Brianna getting another heart and weird loves comes in different ways. It was one heartwarming, funny episode of The Night Shift.

As TC and Drew watch a game at a local bar, Drew accidental gets into it with a guy that he thought was hitting on his girl. TC steps in and finishes the job, leaving them in jail, while Brianna is about to have her new lung put it.

Everyone wonders where TC and Drew are at, especially Brianna who doesn't want to go until Drew gets there. But Paul steps up and tells her how much they all care for her, and he'll be with her through the surgery and even lied to her about him coming, but he makes it just as the new lungs are put in.

It could have been a touch and went, but she pulled through and with Drew, Rick, and Syd there, Drew Brianna that they have a good chance of adopting her.

Meanwhile, TC goes through some self-pity and deals with Jessica as she tries to apologize for her actions. But instead, he sees that Syd is putting flyers in the hospital about doing some volunteer work overseas and offers his services.

Love can be a defining word to describe this episode as not only Scott talks to Annie about his kiss with Jordan as well as Jordan had to bring her date to the ER and to learn that he's in a four-way relationship.

"Trust Issues" was a good episode and had some excellent comedic moments from Jordan's date event some light heart moments of Paul telling Brianna that they all care and will be with her in surgery. All in all, I give this episode a 7/10.


As news of the hospital rocks the staff, fire spreads through San Antonio forest, and TC puts everyone on the line with a deadly illness.

As a fire breaks out in San Antonio, Paul and Shannon have a difference of opinion on a patient that puts their relationship in jeopardy. The patient came out good.

Kenny and Topher try to figure out who has been stealing pain meds from the drug lockup and the one suspect is Annie. Topher not only dealing with this and the hospital, but he also tries looking into staff's locker room. But after getting a call, things don't look good at all. But Paul tells Topher that his dad was coming to help, maybe be the buyer of the hospital.

Jordan and Scott head out in the field to help with the fire. They're on a rescue mission when someone is hurt and trapped. Jordan finds a bag of drugs in TC's jacket and doesn't tell Scott about it.

And if that wasn't enough to deal with, Drew gets word that Brianna's biological father wants to retake his daughter into his life.  Even though both Drew and Brianna thinks it stinks.

Meanwhile, TC puts everyone in jeopardy after allowing a group of unknown people come into camp and soon an outbreak of typhus is spread, including Syd. When a package of supplies comes, it lands on the other side of the fence and hell breaks lose.

This episode ends on a cliffhanger as Scott, Jordan and the fire rescuers are trapped in the fire and have to take shelter in the fire tent until it passes. This was a very good episode and intense at times from Paul and Shannon's medical judgment to TC and Syd's situation and even at the end with Scott and Jordan in the last second of the episode with the fire. I think it might be safe to say that maybe Annie was the one who took the pills. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.