#NightShift S3, Ep 9/10 "Unexpected"/"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" Recap/Review


When working in an ER, you expect the unexpected and this episode was one of those episodes. With a nurse's strike on the hospital, the staff tries to get it together while treating patients but when a bomb goes off everything is put to the side and join as one while unit to get through this ordeal.

"Unexpected" was not only written so good but the visual of the camera on capturing the emotional stake of the aftermath of the explosion. After that, the performance from the cast was outstanding.

Jill Flint puts on another good performance as she finds out that she was the one that caused the bomber to bomb the hospital because she let her live and not die along with her family in a previous episode or time. Not knowing who she was til her name was heard, talking to the suspect and shockingly enough watching the suspect pull out her chest tube and dying.

Wallace Shawn makes an appearance as Mr. Neville, who brings so much humor in the episode making awkward moments for Paul and Shannon.

And Kenny had a very good storyline has he deals with trying to save his athlete in training, who got caught near the explosion but also finds out that she has a tumor in her lung and also tells Kenny at the end of the episode that she doesn't like soccer at all.

And with one last moment, another shocking news comes to Topher, and the hospital as the hospital is being sold to another company.

All in all, this was a very good episode. There were emotions left and right, humor in all the right spots and some excellent performances from this ensemble cast. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

It's kind of what the title of this episode says.

When TC and Paul arrive at an accident site, they had to pronounce one dead brain, but TC saves a teenager who was trapped in a sinkhole and saves him. Paul tries to get the mother's consent about donating her son's organs, but after the first couple of times, she finally gives her permission. The lungs from the boy go to helping Brianna.

Meanwhile, Scott gets a second chance to help a family that he ruined a while back; Malik comes back in the ER from missing his dialysis. The father would not want Scott to take care of his son turns out that he needed help as his aorta was about to burst. After saving malik's dad, Malik tells Scott that he forgives and tells his dad that he needs to move on.

Speaking of moving on, Scott and Jordan share a quick romantic moment that's mostly just the heat of the moment and moved on.

Topher gets word from Jessica that even though it looked like she was trying to help save the hospital but eventually she was working for the buyer who's buying the hospital. For which, not only upsets Topher but breaks up with TC after he found out too.

Even though Drew had such high hopes for the lungs transplant, but it wasn't a good solid match fo Brianna and offers her to stay with him and his husband after she gets out.

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place" was a good episode. The moments that shined were Jordan and Scott dealing with the angry father, Drew and Brianna's high hopes for the lung transplant and Paul and the kid's mother who donated the lungs to another person. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.