#NightShift Season 4, Episodes 1-6 Review

This season so far has been pretty much excellent for the fourth season of The Night Shift. Week in and week out, they really put their characters in situations and tell such rich stories and if you haven't seen this season yet, you need to. 

The fourth season really kicked off with a big bang, as in it picked off two days after the events in the thrid season finale. With T.C. thought that he had died along with Syd, turns out that they weren't and finds an army base where no only Syd goes home, but TC decides to stay and help out along with a doctor who helped him find Syd. 

The season really tapers back and forth to TC and Jordan and the Team in San Antiono very well and just as if everything was going to be found after the second episode. Jordan gets word that Topher (who was fired from Paul's father because he thinks that Topher was performing wrong of what the hospital needs) died in a car accident. It not only brought a sad tone but set the tone for the season for Jordan to run the ER and TC on not coming home til he deals with his buddy's death. 

As I said before, the show brought some rich stories that the characters have built up on, from Jordan on being the head of the ER, Paul deciding to come back after his father tells him that he won't be his boss and father but his father. Drew gets his mother to meet his and Rick's daughter (but first they needed to save people from food poison and save a pregnant mother and her baby as well). Paul and Shannon are dealing with relationship issues.

Kenny goes through a lot this season, dealing with what we thought was a new nurse, but turns out to be one hell of a doctor in Cain Diaz (Mark Consuelos). The two butted heads but have found common ground. And even Scott had a very good story when he tries to save a young patient, who wanted to remove the tumor on her face but her grandfather wouldn't because he was a Jehovah's Witness. The episode is really brought back the Scott Clemmens that we saw before. 

And even when TC got back to San Antiono, not only watching him talk to Jordan about Topher but watching them pick up the car of Topher and driving off listening to one of his horrible music he had on. Not only was the light hearted but funny as well. 

The fourth season so far has been nothing but exciting, entertaining and compelling. This ensemble cast does such an amazing job along with what the writers have given as well with such compelling characters and storytelling. 

Tonight the show returns with an episode unlike any other, that's stars, directed and written by those that served in the arm forces. From what the promo has shown I do not doubt that this episode will be such a moving factor. 

You can catch The Night Shift tonight at 10/9c on NBC.