#OnceUponATime: 601 "The Savior" Recap and Review

So this past Sunday, we were thrown back into the wonderful world of Storybrooke, Maine as ABC's Once Upon A Time came off hiatus.  This season premiere was very much unlike any season opener we've seen in awhile, because, for the first time since season 3, we were back in Storybrooke wholly and completely.  This introduced us to the concept of returning to normal life, and what that meant for every one of our heroes (and villains,) but the episode as a whole was very balanced, consisting of multiple storylines, with no particular focus on individual characters or storylines like we've seen in the past.

I'll start off by discussing the Rumbelle storyline of this episode.   
Throughout the course of the episode, Rumple made it his quest to wake Belle from the sleeping curse, after True Love's Kiss failed (and my heart broke) back in the Underworld.  Anyway, Rumple's quest led him to the Temple of Morpheus, which would theoretically allow him to wake Belle.  Except, instead of Belle, Rumple meets Morpheus himself who informs Rumple that Belle is "afraid of him,"  (cue my anger,) so Rumple decides he'll make Belle fall in love with him again.  We see all the moments that made me fall in love with them in the beginning, and then everything comes crashing down.  I mean, I spent the entire episode thinking Morpheus was extremely sketchy, and K was right because of guess what?  Morpheus is Belle and Rumple's unborn son!  What?  How?  Okay.  The family tree in this show just became even more complicated.

Next, I'll talk about Emma's storyline.  We are seeing the beginning of the savior mythology in the show, which is really exciting to see.  We learn that the first savior was actually Aladdin - interesting...- and that Emma is having visions of the future - her death, more specifically.  These visions lead Emma to an Oracle, who informs her that the path of the Savior is always the same, ad her death is not preventable...Intense? Yes.  I now fear the death of Emma Swan. 

Finally, let's talk about Regina and Zelena.  They're roommates, for all of 5 minutes.  The thing is, Regina and Zelena have a lot of unresolved issues they have to work through.  Regina said so herself- she blames Zelena for what happened to Robin.  Now, I'm fully in the corner that it's not Zelena's fault, but Regina is in mourning, and Zelena lost the only piece of Robin that Regina had left, so it's understandable to some extent.  I wasn't happy that Zelena chose to leave Regina's mansion, as opposed to working it out.  It seemed like the old Zelena.  Season 3 Zelena.  Season 3 Zelena who I didn't like all that much.  I don't want her reverting...struggling, maybe, but reverting?  Come on.  We spent a whole half-season building this up.  Hopefully, the return of the Evil Queen doesn't mess things up too much.      

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