#OnceUponATime Episode 6x15 “A Wondrous Place” Recap

Once Upon A Time episode 6x15 “A Wondrous Place” starts off with Emma telling her father, Prince Charming, that her recently (ex?) fiancée Killian Jones (Captain Hook) killed his father and that he’s left Storybrooke for a new realm. It’s hard to tell which part David’s more upset about. (The Captain Charming bromance is real, folks.) Meanwhile, Killian, aboard the Nautilus, hasn’t left Emma as she fears, but was sent to another realm by Gideon, who’s trying to destroy Emma. While Emma’s talking to her father, Hook is attempting to get his half-brother, Liam, and the Captain of the Nautilus, Captain Nemo, to get the ship back to Storybrooke. They tell Killian to only way to travel realms in the ship is with Kraken’s blood, and they don’t have any. In true Captain Hook fashion Killian answers “Gentleman, let’s go hunting.” And the crew is off.

 Meanwhile, Aladdin and Jasmine are still searching for Agrabah after Jasmine used one of her wishes to be taken there. They find a ring in the Enchanted Forest which Jasmine says convinces her that they will never find Agrabah because she failed it. In a flashback, we find out that the ring is the crown jewel of Agrabah, which was to be Jasmine’s in an arranged marriage. When Jafar interrupts Jasmine’s father’s search for a suitor, he turns one of the suitors into a wooden staff with magical dust and tells Jasmine she is to marry him by sundown or he will destroy Agrabah. Aladdin takes Jasmine on a boat so she can throw the genie’s lamp into the sea when they are attacked by a Kraken, which is destroyed by Killian in the Nautilus.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma decides to digitize all of the Station’s police files to keep herself busy instead of thinking about Killian. Regina suggests going out for drinks instead and talks David into waking up Snow (Since they’re STILL under the Evil Queens sleeping curse). Emma declines to say she has to go on patrol. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest Jasmine tells Killian and Aladdin that she knows Jafar destroyed Agrabah. But that she can’t face him again. Killian and Aladdin say she won’t have to face him alone. Killian suggests using a tool on the ship to find him since Jafar can travel between realms, in hopes of getting back to Emma.

Back in Storybrooke Emma starts putting all of Killian’s things in a chest and asks Henry to take it out to the garage. She gets a call saying there’s been a fight in the new local bar and when she arrives the bartender has no idea what she’s talking about. When Regina and her mom show up with drinks in their hands Emma knows she’s been tricked into a girls night. (Side note: Drunk Snow White is the greatest thing to ever come out of this show.) In a flashback; Princess Jasmine stops a merchant from hurting our favorite little mermaid, Ariel, who’s looking for Prince Eric. Jasmine suggests taking a magic carpet ride to find Prince Eric, which works.

Ariel reunites with her prince whom she hasn’t seen since they first met, and tells him she’s a mermaid. He tells Ariel he has a great love for her people, especially parched. It’s then revealed that Jafar is disguising himself as Eric. Jasmine has run out of time and must make her decision to marry him or let Agrabah be destroyed. She finally tells Jafar that she’ll marry him to save Agrabah. When she gives him the ring meant to be her wedding ring, Jafar tells her Agrabah is protected by an ancient magic that he could never break because of that jewel. He tells Jasmine she has failed Agrabah.

Back on the Nautilus, the ship was severely damaged by the Kraken and is sinking. Jasmine uses her second genie wish to get the group to safety on the island where Jafar is supposed to be found. When they reach the island, they don’t find Jafar, but Ariel! Who welcomes them to Hangman’s Island. Meanwhile, a drunken Snow White picks a fight with some Vikings in a bar in Storybrooke and challenges them to a game of darts-loser pays both tabs.

Back on Hangman’s island, Ariel finds a lamp that looks like it could be from Agrabah. With the help of Hook’s tool, they discover that Jafar has been turned into a genie. Jasmine is ready to face him. When they release him he breaks the genie spell and tells them he was imprisoned. He knocks out Ariel, Hook, and Aladdin, and tells Jasmine that Agrabah is inside her ring- the first wish did work! Jasmine uses Jafar's power to turn him into a staff and says she knows how to get her city back now! She and Aladdin share True Love’s Kiss and bring back Agrabah!

Ariel tell’s Killian he can use her Oysters head to communicate with Emma back in Storybrooke. Back at Storybrooke girls night Emma opens up to the bartender and leaves a few tears there when she leaves. When she gets home Killian is trying to contact her through the oyster head. He tells her he didn’t want to leave and that he loves her and that he’s trying to get home and won’t ever stop trying. She soon finds out the bartender was none other than Gideon. He tells her Killian can’t hear her as long as he has her tears that she left at the bar. Gideon tells her he doesn’t want to kill her anymore, but he wants her to help him. He tells Emma he will never let Killian come home until Emma helps him kill the Black Fairy!

Episode Rate: 5

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