#OnceUponATime 6x03 "The Other Shoe" Recap!

In the 3rd episode of the 6th Season, we dive into the Untold Story of Cinderella. While at the Ball, Cinderella dances will the Prince and then takes a break, only to find the Prince "flirting" with her Step Sister Clorinda and giving her a rose. Lady Tremaine (the Step Mother) tells Cinderella that the Prince could never love her and has no interest. Just as the story goes, she loses her shoe and goes home. Later Clorinda apologized to Cinderella for everything and explained how the Prince was helping her as she was to marry a footman. She tells Cinderella where she is meeting him and Cinderella promises not to tell her Step Mother. But once Lady Tremaine destroys Cinderella's only evidence of her being the one, she tells Lady Tremaine where Clorinda is going.

Back in the present day in Storybrooke, Emma continues her sessions with Archie as he helps her break down the terrifying visions of her prophesized death. Emma, Hook, and Henry later discover Ashley (Cinderella in the real world) is wanting to end Clorinda as Ashley feels guilt crushing her gut over what happened. This results in Ashley almost dying as it was a trap set up by Lady Tremaine herself. The episode at least ends on a happy note; Emma FINALLY gets the courage up to ask Hook to move in with her! It turns out she "Has a closet full of the red leather jacket" if he'd "like to make some space for some black leather."

Home Sweet CaptainSwan!