#OnceUponATime 6x05 "StreetRats" Recap!

In the 5th episode of the 6th Season, we finally enter a "whole new world" by entering the enchanting Kingdom of Agrabah, and meeting a street rat known as Aladdin and a princess named Jasmine! At the beginning of the episode, Jasmine meets Aladdin and asks for his help with a mission; to find the Diamond in the Rough within the Cave of Wonders. Cautious of the evil Sorcerer Jafar, Jasmine and Aladdin make their way into the Cave only to discover something, Aladdin has magic and is, therefore, the Diamond in The Rough himself, and according to Jasmine, will indeed become the Savior of Agrabah.

Archie disguised as the Evil Queen, forces Emma to reveal her secret about her prophesized vision to her family. Finding the Oracle (the one whole told Emma about her death in the first place) dead, the Storybrooke gang suspect "Shirin" may have done it.

They question her, only to learn that she is, in fact, Princess Jasmine and is looking for Aladdin who is possibly dead. When the gang heads under the tunnels and find a piece from the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin is believed to be gone. When Emma and Henry have a conversation and encounter him very much alive, Aladdin gives Emma an object; A pair of golden scissors that once belonged to the Three Fates from the Underworld. These scissors are believed to cut one of their powers, so Emma would no long be the Savior. This all ties to Emma's fear and dying and lose all her loved ones. I love how this episode ended with some CS goodness; Killian pretends to hide the scissors as Emma believes she won't need them. What is it with all the secret keeping lately? Come on Killian! Emma confessed, why are you just making things worse????

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