#OnceUponATime 6x14 "Page 23" Official Recap!

Episode Grade: 7

Okay, so with Once, I have rarely ever been disappointed with an episode. There are some valid reasons I was annoyed with this one. The entire fan base is sick and tired of Snow and Evil Queen flashbacks, but they just had to put one into this episode, despite all the actually important chaos going on. This episode had me raring up twice. I thought Once was down with torturing CS fans, what more could they do? Oh, I guess make Emma believe Hook has abandoned her oh yea good idea to do those writers. Argh. 

In this episode, Tinkerbell was brought back briefly as well, and it was a very useless brief moment and- sorry okay on with the episode. 

In this episode, what we Oncers feared would happen, did. Hook thought it'd be smart to be the memory of him killing David's Father into a dream catcher, not to notice the fact that Emma is standing right behind him. Discovering this terrible truth, Emma does something we never expected her to do: Emma takes off her engagement ring and gives sit back to Hook. Like WHAT writers, WHAT IS UP IN YOUR HEAD. Causing fans ultimate pain, that's what.

In the end, Hook takes his painful guilt and brings it with him to Captain Nemo, who offers him an adventure on his ship. Hook declines as he realizes all must be fixed, so he decides to return to Emma who now thinks Hook had abandoned her, just like every other man she's ever been with. Just when Hook is about to leave to Nautilus, something goes wrong, only to find out that Gideon has returned, and with Hook trapped on the Nautilus and Emma back at home, there's no telling what could happen. All we know is that our Savior is now in great, great danger.

Once Upon a Time 6x15 "Page 23" aired this past Sunday, rising with last week's 2.72, this week bringing in 2.95 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.