#OnceUponATime 6x20 "The Song in Your Heart" Recap and Review

The Once Upon A Time Musical episode was everything it was promised to be and more. As stated by the showrunners and cast, the addition of the songs truly played into the show's mythology beautifully, and it was really a beautiful episode to watch. I personally felt something for this show that I hadn’t felt since the beginning. It was truly an excellent episode.

We begin with A flashback of Young Emma singing into a tape recorder in the orphanage. When one of the older orphans comes in and scolds her, it’s clear Emma loses any desire she may have had to sing.

In a flashback to the Enchanted Forest, we see Snow White make a wish on a star that Emma will have what she needs to get her happy ending, which leads to Snow and Charming waking up the next morning in their very own musical! (and as Charming says, MY DOES HE SOUND GOOD.)The Evil Queen in none too happy with this turn of events and has her own wonderful song to express her feelings on love saving the day.

In present day Storybrooke Mary Margaret tells Emma that she found out HER wedding dress is in Storybrooke! Emma ecstatically agrees to wear her dress, only to have it turn black right before their eyes! (what??) The Black Fairy is clearly alive and well and threatening Emma's special day, and everyone goes off to investigate. They end up at The Clock Tower (because it’s always either there or Granny’s) and they find enough Black Fairy dust to curse the town twice over, and Regina informs everyone she can tell it will be released at 6pm-the exact time Emma’s going to be married, of course! Regina and Zelena take on the task of disabling the Dark Fairy Dust. Regina figures out that if she could isolate the part of the spell that once stopped time she could buy more time to stop the curse. This leads back to the enchanted forest of the past when Regina goes to Rumple about Snows spell; it almost looks like he’s gonna sing! But unfortunately, he doesn’t. But we do see Zelena sing! A beautiful Once Upon A Time version of “defying gravity” called “Wicked Always Wins”!

Back in the Enchanted Forest the newly singing Charming’s hunt down Captain Hook to take them to Regina where we see his Gaston-esque swoon-worthy bar song “Revenge is Gonna Be Mine.” They offer him Rumplestiltskin (whom they have in their dungeon) if he takes them to the Queen’s castle. He accepts after the song, of course. When they get to the castle, there’s an entertaining sing off between the Charmings and the Evil Queen, which ends with Regina taking their voices and therefore breaking the spell. The Blue Fairy then shows up and places the song inside Emma’s heart (Emma still currently being in-utero). She tells Snow White she’ll be able to use it when she needs it most.

In present-day Storybrooke, Emma goes to visit Killian who’s getting ready for the wedding. She goes to tell him Goodbye just in case things don’t work out with her fight with the Black Fairy. This sets Killian off, and he goes to confront Mr. Gold for betraying Emma. He shoots him with Dream shade from Neverland, but then the Black Fairy appears and protects Rumple. Regina and Zelena have isolated the freezing portion of the spell at this point, but Rumple, after being saved by his mother, appears and takes it from them, he uses it on them right as Emma goes to confront the Black Fairy, reminding Emma what it feels like to be alone. Henry then appears and tells Emma about the Song her parents placed in her heart, and tells her that she was never alone. This gives Emma the strength that she needs, and the Black Fairy cannot crush her heart. Emma uses the power of her song to break the freezing spell on her family, and with an ominous warning, the Black Fairy disappears.

Cut to the wedding! After their beautiful vows, a captainswan duet begins which leads into a fantastic dance number. There are so few happy moments on this show it’s wonderful to see such a huge one include everyone in the town. As with all the happy moments on this show, it’s short lived. As the clock strikes 6, the curse is released. While everyone watches, it comes closer Emma says “Wherever we end up, we’re going to win.” And that’s where the episode ends.

What a roller coaster! Can’t wait for the Finale next week!

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Episode rate: 9