#OnceUponATime Episode 6x18 "Where Bluebirds Fly" Recap and Review

What a great episode! To wrap it up in just a few words: "Amazing Zelena Flashback episode."

Probably the best Zelena flashback episode there's been so far, we open with young Zelena (played by the adorable Isabella Blake-Thomas) bopping along the yellow brick road when she runs into the tin man! The two quickly become friends when he defends her from rude townspeople making fun of Zelena because of her magic. 

Back in Storybrooke, we see The Black Fairy pay Zelena a visit, and understandably, Zelena is less than hospitable. Zelena tells her that she's not afraid of her. The Black Fairy counters that she SHOULD be afraid. 

We then see a very short and sweet scene with Snow White walking into Emma's house and walking in on a very cute "taco scene" parallel while Emma and Hook were making pancakes.

The heroes then come together and Hook tells them all about the wand that Tiger Lily gave him, but they need to find the other half.  After the wedding though, because that's obviously more important. An impatient Zelena pays Belle a visit and asks her to look after baby Robin so that she can take care of The Black Fairy herself. Zelena's ready to kick some fairy wings and take names. 

Flashback to Zelena in Oz, she's a lot older (and greener) now and who pays her a visit but the same guy she helped on the yellow brick road all those years ago! The Witch of the North placed a spell on him which turns him to tin! (Tin man, anyone?) He tells her there's a special heart he needs to break the spell and (after some convincing) the two race off to find it. They run into the cowardly lion along the way which makes two super cool new Wizard of Oz characters in one ep! They make it to the heart and Zelena says that it doesn't work, but she discovers that's because the only way it can work is to sacrifice her magic. Zelena would have to give up her magic to save The Tin Man, which she doesn't do, and he's left to turn to rust. Hopefully to be saved by Dorothy in the future. 

Back in Storybrooke Regina has guessed what Zelena plans to do and meets up with her in the mines. They have a typical Mills sister argument which makes Zelena more determined than ever to destroy the Black Fairy, but, they get trapped in the process. They end up finding Fairy Crystals, along with The Black Fairy and Gideon. She throws Regina across the room while she deals with Zelena and they have a huge showdown. Zelena throws as much magic as she can at the Black Fairy, but the Fairy just ends up redirecting the magic to weaponize the fairy crystals all around the mines. Zelena impulsiveness leads to the creation of the weapon she was trying to prevent. 

The Black Fairy chucks the sisters out of the mines and Regina goes after Zelena with all she's got. She was, to say the least, extremely harsh on her and probably said a little too much do to the resentment she still holds against Zelena for playing a part in Robin's death. She tells Zelena to just go back to Oz. 

Elsewhere, the Charmings can't decide on a perfect wedding location for the Captainswan wedding. They finally decide that they won't be able to agree on a place until everything is sorted out with The Black Fairy and Gideon. 

Back to Belle, Zelena goes to pick up Robin, and it seems like she's going to take Regina's advice. There's a huge moment of will she/ won't she suspense that ultimately ends with Zelena deciding to stay in Storybrooke. As she says to Regina, "You're all I have." She also tells everyone that she has a way to stop the Black Fairy, if she uses the same heart the tin man asked her to use all those years ago, her magic will be gone and the crystals will no longer be weaponized. But her magic will be gone forever. 

Emma and Regina join her while she uses the heart and there's a touching moment between the three magical ladies where Zelena asks them to look after Robin if anything happens. (To which they say OF COURSE.) With that, Zelena gives up her magic forever. But THATS NOT ALL, she also tells him she knows where Blue is (She saw her all coma-ed up at Golds earlier in the day). The heroes all pay them a visit and Belle convinces Rumple to let the heroes wake Blue so she can help them get their son back. 

In the final scene, we see The Black Fairy and Gideon at the well watching as the heroes attempt to wake Blue. She tells Gideon she can't allow them to do so....because Blue knows the real reason she gave up Rumple. BUM BUM BUM. 

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Episode Rate: 7