#OnceUponATime Episode 6x19 "The Black Fairy" Recap & Review

The episode starts out with another #OnceUponATime birth (How many are we at now?), But this one’s a flashback. It’s Rumplestiltskin’s birth. We see his mother (Fiona) and his father Malcolm who seem very happy together. After his birth, The Blue Fairy pops in with Tiger Lily and announces that Tiger Lily is going to be Rumple’s fairy godmother. Blue explains to her that her child (Rumple) is prophesied to have great light magic, that he’s going to be known as the savior.

Back in Storybrooke Rumple uses a Dragon Egg to wake The Blue Fairy from her coma. It doesn’t seem to work and an upset Rumple storms outside and (understandably) chucks a mailbox across the street. Belle comes out to check on him which leads to a super cute Rumbelle scene. A moment later it seems like Blue is coming around. Hook asks about the wand but an irritated Snow, from the side of Blue’s bed, tells him to give her a minute. When she answers that the wand is at the center of Storybrooke Snow begins to choke her and it’s revealed that The Black fairy disguised herself as Snow and Gideon as David. So the Black Fairy kidnaps Blue and Rumple puts the antimagic cuff on Gideon and tells him he’ll be getting his heart back.

Back at Regina's a newly magic-free Zelena is attempting to put together a crib without her magic. Adjusting to this new life is not going too well for her. Zelena’s feeling pretty useless so Regina offers to teach her how to drive. She buys her a super cute green car and tells Zelena that it’s an escape plan so that if things go wrong, she can get the hell out of town with Baby Robin. This leads to some super cute moments with Regina teaching Zelena to drive. Regina tells her she also needs Zelena to get Henry out of Storybrooke if anything happens to her.

At Gold’s, Gideon can’t speak to his parents without feeling unbearable pain a la The Black Fairy, So Rumple and Emma take a trip into the dream realm so he can talk to Gideon. But it turns out that they entered Rumple's dream realm, not Gideons. They see the home Rumple was born in; Rumple says he’s had enough of this and sets off to find his son. While searching in the forest, Emma convinces Gold to reveal that he truly doesn’t care for The Black Fairy. When they find him, there’s an incredibly touching moment between Gold and Gideon. Gideon reveals he doesn’t know where his heart is. But Gideon tells him Fiona’s weakness is him learning the real reason he was abandoned. Emma and Gold have a really important connecting moment regarding him finding out the truth.

In a flashback we see Fiona turning a little crazy because she’s been given the book of prophecy by Tiger Lily, which apparently says that a great evil will come for the savior and that the Savior will be killed in the Final Battle. Fiona is completely distraught at the thought of her son's fate. Tiger Lily tells Fiona that it’s not her job to protect him because it’s not a mere humans job. Fiona responds by using the shears of fate to turn herself into a fairy. She insists on checking every child all throughout the winter to see if they have to prophesy crescent scar. When the last child is born and doesn’t have it, Fiona reveals that she has another plan to create a new spell to take every child to a land without magic so she can be sure he’ll be safe.  

In Storybrooke, the Charming’s are still looking for the other half of the wand, and they figure out that the center of Storybrooke actually means the heart of Storybrooke, which would be grannies. In the mines, The Black Fairy is torturing Blue trying to get her to tell where the other half of the wand is. The Charming’s arrive at Granny’s and tear the place apart (To Granny’s dismay). They find the wand, and when The Black Fairy shows up, it leads to a huge showdown between her and Regina. But Zelena shows up in her new car and hits the Black Fairy. She poofs away.

In a flashback we see Fiona creating The Dark Curse in The Fairy’s vault Tiger Lily stops her and tells her that he’s destined to die so that other children may live. That it’s his fate. Fiona refuses to let that happen and rips her heart out and begins to kill her, transforming into the Black Fairy as she does so, but Tiger Lily notices that Fiona now has a crescent mark on her wrist. The mark of the person who’s supposed to kill the savior. She says “Evil wasn’t born this winter, it was made," And tells her that they are destined to destroy each other.

After seeing all of this in the dream realm, Emma announces that the Final Battle is no longer hers, It’s Golds, and he goes off to face her. He tells her he was meant to be the Savior. She shows him the ending to her story, why she was exiled. Tiger Lily offered to use the shears of destiny to take away Fiona’s power. Fiona refuses and instead severs Rumple’s destiny as the savior, Blue then exiles her to The Dark Realm. After seeing this, Rumple comments on the similarity of their stories. Fiona tells Rumple she loves him and that they can finally be a family if he can forgive her. We don’t see his answer, but it’s presumably yes because he brings the heroes her heart and tells them he took care of her. Emma tells him he “Did good, savior” and Snow says “Looks like the wedding can happen tomorrow.”

Rumple returns Gideon’s heart which leads to a super emotional Gold family reunion. Rumple tells his family The Black Fairy will never again be a problem for them. He says everything he does is for them, to keep them safe.

Back at Emma’s, There’s a short scene with Hook and Henry where Hook asks for Henry to help him with “Operation Best Man” and tells him for the next 24 hours he has to keep track of the wedding rings. Hook tells Emma he’s not sleeping at the house tonight cause it’s “bad luck” and “a sea-fearing man doesn’t take superstitions lightly.”

In the final scene, we find out that Rumple is actually working with The Black Fairy and that he lied to the heroes. The Black Fairy reveals that she plans to kill Emma tomorrow, which is supposed to be her wedding day. BUM BUM BUM.


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Episode Rate: 6