#OnceUponaTime S7 Ep 2 “A Pirate's Life” Recap & Review

We started episode 2 years earlier in Storybrooke with Henry and Hook practicing sword fight. I must say this before going any further, I appreciate that the writer did not just toss away the old storyline but is more like easing us into the new life of our heroes. Emma interrupts and tells Henry that he fights like his grandfather, but Henry is acting weird, and Emma worried that Henry is going to leave home soon. Hook tries to comfort her by giving a bottle that she can use to communicate with to Henry at any time “message in a bottle.” It is lovely to see Emma and Hook so happy.

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We jump to Another Realm years later, and Adult Henry is on a white horse trying escape Lady Tremaine and her men who are after Henry because he is framed as an accomplish who helped Cinderella killing the prince. Henry tells Lady Tremaine that Cinderella did not kill the prince which she already knows because she did, but Lady Tremaine tells him that it was what the prince’s family thinks. Lady Tremaine askes Henry for Cinderella whereabouts and her slippers that he has been seen with when Henry declines to tell her she suspects that Henry was in love with her, which Henry denies. Henry comes down from his horse and uses his “message in a bottle” to ask for help from his family in Story Brooke. “I need help Lady Tremaine captures me, send Emma, Regina and Captain Hook.”

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Present day Hook shows up knocking at Henry’s door because he was curious about a picture of in his book, which is a picture of Emma. Hook asks him if the character was based on a real person because it feels like he knows hers, Henry tells him the book was all made up. Hook does question Henry any further and leave, as he was heading out Henry ask him to help him find his family grave. Henry asks about Lucy and Cinderella and Hook told him that they were not good. 

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In Hyperion Height, Cinderella did to Belfrey’s to pick up a ticket for Lucy ballet recital but was told by Drizella that the event was not a charity event and the ticket will be $550, knowing that Cinderella just makes $500 a week. Cinderella pleads to Lady Tremaine to give her second chance because she was doing her best and all she wants is to see Lucy, it all fell on deaf ears.

In another realm, Lady Tremaine has Henry taken to Cinderella’s room, and order Drizella to find out where Cinderella glass slipper was and then killed him after she gets the information. Hook and Regina show up and kill the soldier and knocks out Drizella. Hook thanked Henry for using the message in a bottle, and they shared a hug, then he hugged Regina then asked for Emma which Hooked lied to him telling she was home fighting tiny dragons. 

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In the present Rumple and Hook are working together and Hook questions why he chose him when he doesn’t even know him. At Roni’s Cinderella and her roommate Tiana discuss a way for Cinderella to make money to buy tickets to Lucy’s recital. Henry interrupts, and Tiana leaves to give that space to talk, Henry tries to apologize to Cinderella but she does not hear it and tell him that she is not a damsel in distress when he offers to help her buy the tickets.

We then see Lady Tremaine reading a not from Lucy “these just started blooming now you can look at them all the time.” Lady Tremaine orders officer’s Rumple and Hook to find something on Henry to get rid of him because he was a problem for her family.

In Another Realm, Henry gives Regina the glass slipper to find Cinderella, but her powers don’t work in this realm. Hook offers another solution which is to go to the port nearby to see if any of the pirate seen her, Regina suggested that he take Henry with him so they can catch up but said no because he believes he should stay because he was a wanted man. 

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In the present Rumple and Hook goes to Roni’s to get information from Regina about Henry, but she offered nothing, but tell Hook to beware of Rumple.

In Another Realm Hook come face to face with his less attractive replica of himself from the Wish Realm. Wish Realm Hook tells real Hook that he wishes to take Emma away from him and find love the way he has and he pretends to be drunk to get close to real Hook and knock him out and hide him away. Hook visits Lady Tremaine and makes a deal with her to get Henry out of her Realm if she granted him a wish. Lady Tremaine used the magic wand she stole and Hooks blood to make Wish Realm Hook look like real Hook.

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In Hyperion Height Cinderella and Tiana is still trying to find a way to make money to buy a ticket for Lucy’s recital. Tiana and Cinderella luckily got a job and the Ballet recital as a part of the catering staff not knowing it was Henry's way of apologizing.  Hook, and Rumple is at Henry’s apartment trying to find dirt on him for Lady Tremaine, Hook does not see anything, but Rumple picks up a children’s book and point to a doll and explain to Hook that it looks like he had a child which can be used as a weakness. I believe that Rumple has all his memory because he said to Hook that he must have been they before and later in the recap we learn that Hook has a daughter.

Back in Hyperion Height Lucy runs out of the recital to hug Cinderella and was excited that Henry helps her get in, which she equates to him believing her theory. Henry observes a happy Lucy and Cinderella, but the look in his eyes lead Tiana to ask him if he was in love with Cinderella and he babbled and said, “not quite we just met.” Lady Tremaine sees Henry and calls Hook and Rumple to get rid of him immediately, Hook and Rumple leaves Henry’s apartment immediate but not before Hook took up his keys.

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Back in Another Realm wish Hook goes back to the cabin where Regina and Henry were hiding, Regina and Henry catch up about his family in Story Brooke. Regina evades Henry’s question about Emma and asks about his story, and Henry questions Cinderella feeling for him. Wish Realm Hook comes in and as Henry was talking about Cinderella and tells him that she bought passage on a ship and wrote Henry a letter. Henry reads the letter which  Fake Hook wrote in an attempt to convince Henry head home. Henry feels like a failure and Regina tells him that he was not, but at this point, his heart was broken. Regina sends Fake Hook to go Henry, so inspiration, Henry question fake Hook about Emma, Fake Hook started to babble making Henry suspicions of what was going on with Emma.

Emma pops up behind fake Hook and tells Henry she was Okay, and they shared a hug and Emma tells him that she was pregnant. Fake Hook after hearing that Emma was pregnant say to her that he made a mistake and walked away leaving Emma baffled. 

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Back in the present Hook and Rumple have arrived at the recital and Lady Tremaine ask them to get rid of Henry, Rumple took her bracelet and gave it to Hook to put it in Henry’s pocket to frame him for stealing. The recital is on the way, and Lucy is dancing beautifully, Cinderella and Henry look on with pride, and Hook uses the opportunity to bump into Henry to plant the bracelet on him.

Back in Another Realm Fake Hook goes back to find real Hook, but he was not where he left him, and real Hook sneaks up behind him, and they get into a fight, and fake Hook is stabbed. Fake Hook tells real Hook that he was going to take his place until he found out that Emma was pregnant. Fake Hook explains real Hook about his daughter who got trapped in a tower by a witch. 

Back in Hyperion Height the dance is over, and Lady Tremaine is about to make an announcement, but Rumple interrupt to tell everyone that Lady Tremaine bracelet was missing and that all the paying guess should sit and they will be searching the staff. Cinderella takes offense to him stereotyping and gets up in his face, and Henry tries to protect her and Rumple hit him in the face tell him to turn out his pocket. Henry reaches into his pocket and pulls out his keychain leaving Rumple shocked that Hook didn’t plan the bracelet on him. 

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Back in Another Realm After hearing fake Hooks story about his heart been poisoned, real Hook gets Emma to heal his counterpart, telling her to find the part that was him, Emma goes over to fake Hook and says to him that he must believe and he did, and Fake Hook was healed. 

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Back in Hyperion Height, Hook was about to throw away Lady Tremaine bracelet, but Rumple stopped him and told him that he was pretty much testing him, and he would return the bracelet to where it belongs. Rumple visit Lady Tremaine and tell her that he doesn’t work for her, she does not own him or control him, and until now their goals have aligned but it may not always. 

At Roni’s Cinderella buys Henry, a thank you, beer and tell him that Lucy’s theory about her being Cinderella, kills her because she thinks Lucy sees her has a damsel in distress and him getting her the job at the recital was way too “one day my prince would come.” In addition to taking a punch for her she is willing to giving a second chance, Henry wanted to spend some more time with Cinderella, but she had to leave for work.

Back in Another Realm, Henry tells Emma that he wants to come back home but he has found his story, and he had to fight for it and doesn’t know if Cinderella left him the slipper or it just fell off he does not feel like it is time to go back home yet. Emma tells Henry that he is not allowed to come home until he finds his story and gives him her blessing to continue his journey. Fake Hook says to them that he spends so much time trying to steal someone’s else’s love and now it time to find his which was his daughter, but he doesn’t know where to star, and Henry agreed. Emma suggested that they work together as a team and that she would feel comfortable if any version of Hook was with Henry. Henry goes to say goodbye to Regina and ends up asking her to stay with him thus starting “operation next chapter.” Emma and Hook return to Storybrooke and Henry, Regina, and the Fake Hook decide to travel together. 

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Back in Another Realm at Roni’s Fake Hook give Henry a list of all the cemetery in Seattle, Henry tells him that he was happy to find his keychain in his pocket. Henry explains that the swan on the key chain is based on the Emma Swan in the book, and he created her as the mother he always wanted a hero. Hook tell him that his first year on the job he got shot while looking for a missing girl and a woman lay her hand on his wound and look into his eyes and tell him that if he believed in her, it would work, and she keeps him alive until the ambulance came. 

Fake Hook tells Henry that looking for that girl has been a lot of dead ends and he just realize today who it might be, Regina comes over, and Henry says to Fake Hook that he could trust Regina. Fake Hook tell them that all their problem stems from Victoria Belfrey/ Lady Tremaine and he thinks that she dirty in a way that they don’t understand yet, and he will use his new detective position to his advantage and suggested that they team up.

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I may be in the few but I enjoyed that episode, I like the plot twist with Fake Hook, and him having a daughter, who I am thinking now is Tiana, just my guess. I said this last week, and I will repeat I like the chemistry between Henry and Cinderella. I was so happy to see Emma and find out she was pregnant was icing on the cake. 

I would give this episode a 9/10.

Who is Fake Hooks Daughter?
Does Rumple/Roger know what is going on with the curse?
Do you like Henry andCinderalla together?

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