#OnceUponATime S7 Ep 3 “The Garden of Forking Paths” Recap & Review

We start in Another Realm, we finally find out that Cinderella did leave her slippers for Henry, she goes back to the spot where that first met, and Cinderella is ambushed by the royal family and is save by Tiana.

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In the present Cinderella is depressed because she misses Lucy even though that has been communicating through a letter that they hide secretly at the Well in the garden. Fake Hook, Regina, and Henry gather together, and Regina tells them that she has collected new information from one of her drunk customers. Regina tells them the drunken man works for the building commission and he was talking about make some real Money off   Lady Tremaine and they were meeting. Fake Hook plans to go on a stakeout to gather information and denied Henry request to following tell him that he needs to do more research. Cinderella goes to the Well in the garden to drop off her letter for Lucy. 

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Back in Another Realm Tiana, tell Cinderella that she was the leader of the resistant which was built to take down Lady Tremaine. Cinderella angry and in pain from all her suffering at Lady Tremaine hands and questions where was the resistance when she needed them to protect her and her father. Tiana apologies for all that Cinderella has gone through and recruited her to be part of the resistance to fight against Lady Tremaine amongst others. Cinderella decides to join them and leaves behind her glass slipper for Henry to find her. 

In the present, Cinderella is a shocker to see Lady Tremaine popping up at the garden with construction workers tell Cinderella that she knew about the letters and Lucy won’t be reached anymore. Lady Tremaine tells Cinderella that she has moved up her plans and demolition is starting, Cinderella begs her for the sake of Lucy not to destroy the garden, but Lady Tremaine did not budge. Cinderella goes to Regina for help, and she gave the idea to start a petition base on the information from the City code.

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Back in Another Realm, Tiana tells Cinderella that Lady Tremaine has been up to no good using all types of magical item and showed her a picture, bur Cinderella denies ever seeing it.  Henry, Regina, and Hook arrive at their campsite and offer to join the resistance to take down Lady Tremaine and clear Cinderella’s name.

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In the present, Lucy visits Henry at Roni’s and show him Cinderella’s petition and tell him that she believes that it was not about the building but what is underneath. Henry follows Lucy to the garden but is very skeptical of Lucy’s theory, but an accident happens that proves that there was something beneath the garden. Lucy jumps down in the whole leaving Henry no choice but to follow her and Lucy insist that she need to find what her grandmother is trying to find before she does. 

Hook meets the building worker who took money from Lady Tremaine, but he is not giving up any information, so Hook places him under arrest. Meanwhile, Henry is trying to stop Lucy from going further into the tunnel as she tries to get him to believe that they were his family using the fact the graveside he thought his family was buried does exist, but Henry still feels that there is an explanation for it. Cinderella is surprised by the amount of support she is getting to save the garden. 

Back in Another Realm, Tiana lay out the plan of action, and they decide to split up into teams. Henry noticed the look of distress on Cinderella face and told her that everything would be okay and that he and his family take on bad guys and will all the time, but she blows it off saying to Henry they should get some rest.

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In the present, Lucy finds a piece of Cinderella’s slipper and try to convince Henry that his story was real, but he still doesn’t believe her, so Lucy tells him that maybe her mother will come with the proof. 

Back in Another Realm, Cinderella goes to visit Lady Tremaine house to confront her about killing her father and why she has dug up her daughter Anastasia’s grave. Lady Tremaine informs Cinderella that she has been using magic to keep her alive all these years. The only thing she need was a pure heart, so she spelled Cinderella’s hand to take out Henry’s heart, or she will kill everyone in the resistance.
In the present, Lady Tremaine made Cinderella an offer she couldn’t refuse, but Lucy was disappointed that her mother would give in to her wicked stepmother and burn the petitions. Lucy tells her mother that if giving in to her grandmother is the price she had to pay to live together she does not want to be together. Hook returned to the precinct and found that Rumple has released his prisoner telling Hook that he has turned his culprit into his spy.

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Back in Another Realm, Cinderella returns to the resistance camp and goes to take out Henry’s heart but could not find the courage, and goes over to another camper to take his heart but was stop by Regina who tells her that there is always another way. Regina removes the spell from Cinderella hand but still refuse to say to her what was going on.

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In the present Cinderella vent to Regina about Lucy believing that she was a hero and she was nothing but a human. Regina tells Cinderella that it was not about Lucy but about her and how much she was willing to give because the Victoria Belfrey/ Lady Tremaine of the work will take and never stop taking. Henry runs into Lucy who is down from her mother’s action, but when she turns the corner, there was a crowd gathered. When Lucy and Henry walk over it was Cinderella pleading to the group to give her and the garden another chance and resign the petition and plant a flower. 

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In Another Realm, Cinderella tries to leave the camp out of guilt, but Regina stopped her, and Cinderella opens up about Anastasia and how Lady Tremaine blames her for her death. Regina tells her that she needs to forgive her for taking Lady Tremaine down. Cinderella takes Regina advice and return to the camp and tell them it was all a trap.

In the present, Henry, Lucy, and Cinderella go for ice cream, Lucy gives Henry the piece of the slippers and tell him that all he must do he believe. As Henry was walking down the road, he sees Hyperion Cemetery and goes in and finds the graves of his family.

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Elsewhere in Hyperion Height, we see Lady Tremaine going down in a secret elevator to a basement facility where she has been keeping Cinderella’s fairy godmother. She informs her that Cinderella tried to stop her, but she was too late because she got what she wanted which was Anastasia’s body. Lady Tremaine tells ask her for the Fairy godmothers, and she questions Lady Tremaine if she was really for the consequences. Lady Tremaine tell Fairy godmother of her plan to break Lucy’s believe in reviving her daughter, and she says to Lady Tremaine that even if she gets pass Lucy, she will still have her to deal with, that should be interesting.

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It was another good episode, I enjoyed it, I still miss the some of the other main characters, but I am like watching a spinoff of the show. Henry not believing is a little sad because I remember when he was in the same position. I like Regina being the voice of reasoning; she has come such a long way. I think Tiana is fake Hooks daughter what do you all think. I am giving this episode an 8.5/10.