#OnceUponATime S7 Ep 6 “Wake Up Call” Recap & Review

Regina is back, but what is Drizella real agenda, what is she trying to accomplish and guess who cast the cruse?

We start off where we left off the last episode, and Henry is telling Regina that the picture was from a storyline in his book, and the boy in the picture was him, and she was his adopted mother, the Evil Queen. Regina is mad and thinks that Victoria is playing with them and is ready to do some damage, but Henry stops Regina and tells her that they need to find out more about the picture before she goes clabber time. Cinderella comes and tells Regina that she and Tiana have brought a food truck, and she needed to borrow some tools, and Regina gave Cinderella her toolkit and when Henry offers to help Cinderella him down leaving Henry wondering what was going on. 

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Back in Another Realm, Henry is teaching Cinderella how to fix his bike and using the different tools, when they get attacked by thieves who want to steal Henry’s bike. Henry and Cinderella fight their way out, and when Regina comes to use her magic Henry tell Regina that he got it, Regina and Henry reminisce about the first toolkit she brought Henry. Henry tells Regina that as soon as he fixes the bike, they will be going on a recon mission for the resistant, Henry asks her to come along, but she told Henry that she was busy, but he should be safe. 

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Back in Hyperion Height, Drizella goes in to check on Tremaine who is resting in her office because she has a headache. Drizella ask to take the follower away in case it was the pollen that was affecting her, and Tremaine harshly tell Drizella to take it away just, so she doesn’t have to hear Drizella voice. Drizella brings the flower up to the top floor and gives it to the witch who believes it has magic. Drizella is getting tired, but the Witch tells her not to get weary because they are almost there and to remember her training. The Witch says Drizella that she is concern about giving Regina the picture, but Drizella tells her that his plan for Regina. 

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Back at Roni’s Henry Races in to tell Regina that he suspects that Cinderella was upset from the photo Drizella post of them from Halloween. Lucy comes in minutes later and asks to see the picture and that Drizella told her everything, Henry is feeling guilty, but Regina suspect that it was not the Halloween picture but the one of her and Henry. Lucy is excited about the picture and goes on the about the stories being true and that she just must find a way to prove it because neither Regina or Henry believes. 

Rumple is leaving the hospital with a clear head, and tell Hook that he is going to see the captain and that he might have some stuff for him to do. Hook asks Alice for help on the Eloise missing girl case, Regina and Henry go for pizza and Regina confesses to Henry about her trying to adopt a baby boy and getting denied. Regina tells Henry that they need to pretend to believe Lucy to help her come to term with her fairytale, Regina goes to look for Lucy and send Henry to go ask Cinderella out “be charming and don’t slouch.”-Regina

In another Realm, Regina come upon Drizella who is experimenting with magic. Regina saves her and Drizella tell Regina that she is trying to find magic to escape her mother clutches. Regina sympathies with Drizella and offer her help to unlock Drizella birth magic.

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Back in Hyperion Heights, Drizella brings the Witch dirt from the garden, and she grows a poisonous plant and gives Drizella the extraction to use on Regina. “I guess we will see if Regina is a powerful as she thing see is”-Drizella

Henry goes over Cinderella with a small radio over his her and asks Cinderella out as he explains that nothing was going to between him and Drizella, Cinderella plays hard to get a little but accepts Henry’s invitation. Cinderella asks Henry if he wanted to go on a date now helping her fix her truck and tells Henry that mixtapes always works.

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Regina finds a disappointed Lucy who can’t find any proof that Regina is the Evil Queen, Regina tries to comfort her and tell Lucy that she would love to be Regina and tell her that they should try to prove it together.

Back in Another Realm, Regina continues to try and unlock Drizella magic and put her life at risk doing it, but it works and Drizellaunlock her magic and save Regina. Regina tells Drizella her story and how she missed handled her magic because she used it the wrong way casting a dark curse and made a lot of mistakes, but she will prevent Drizella from going down the wrong path. Rumple shows up and interrupts Drizella and Regina conversation.

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Back in Hyperion Height, Regina and Lucy visit Rumple at the precinct and ask him to help them find a person who adopted. Regina tell Rumple she would owe him one (she is so going regret that one). “Then we have a deal.”- Rumple

Alice brings Hook to her shed and asks him to play chess to use it as an example to help clears Hook’s head; Hook tells Alice about Eloise. Rumple bring the document he found to Regina, and she is surprised that he found something so soon and at all. 

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Backing in Another Realm Rumple tells Regina about his time with Belle and how he has changed a man who came to the Realm to get rid of the dagger the right way. Rumple tells Regina who think that Tremaine does not know that she was working with Drizella, that a powerful woman like that has eyes everywhere. Rumple offers Regina some advice telling her to ask herself why Tremaine would want Drizella to learn magic. Regina uses a mirror to show Drizella what Tremaine was doing, Tremaine was practicing magic on her sister Anastasia to wake her using Drizella heart which is full of belief. Drizella breaks down, and Regina promises to protect Drizella heart and Drizella ask Regina for help killing Tremaine and when Regina refuses Drizella tell Regina that she will get help from the prince. 

Back in Hyperion Heights, Hook look over the file of the man that was arrested and released in last week episode. Hook took his address off his record and went to his house only to find him dead. Regina goes over the document Rumple brought her, and after seeing the signature she writes a replica, and it was the same leave Regina Suspicious.

Back in Another Realm, Drizella takes the prince down to where Tremaine is over Anastasia and tell her mother that she said the prince everything. Regina comes in and tries to talk Drizella down from killing her mother, but Drizella has no intention of killing her mother and killed the prince instead darkening her heart.  Drizella brags to her mother that she won’t be able to bring back her precious Anastasia, but Tremaine is still not shaken, so Drizella tell her mother that she wanted her to suffer. Drizella tells Tremaine that Regina through her about revenge, Regina tell Drizella that it was warning not a lesson. Drizella tells Tremaine that she is going to take her to another realm and she will start small but will make her suffer so much pain. Regina tells Drizella that heroes can always break curses, and Drizella thank Regina for her final lesson and tell her that she will make a curse that is unbreakable and disappears into her smoke.

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Back in Hyperion Heights, Drizella pays Regina who is a little confused a visit and offer her a drink which she slips poison into, the poison did not kill Regina but break her curse. Drizella then reveals that she cast the curse and blackmails Regina into keeping Henry and Jacinda apart, reminding her of a particular contingency that was put into the curse that would hurt Henry if she didn't comply. “you know you are a great teacher when the student surpasses the master.”- Drizella

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Back in Another Realm Regina vents to Henry about her mistake in taking on Drizella as a student knowing that she was in so much pain. Henry tries encouraging Regina telling her that she was just trying to see the best in Drizella and that was nothing to feel upset about. Regina confesses to Henry that she turns to Drizella because she felt like Henry did not need her anymore, but Henry implores her that he will always need her because she was the first to love him. “Whatever else I am supposed to do with my life I am you, mother, first.”- Regina

Back in Hyperion Height Henry share is good new with Regina that things are off to a good start with Cinderella. Henry asks Regina if Lucy was off her fantasy, but Regina suggested that Henry let Lucy get to know him like who his mother was, but Henry tell Regina that he was born in prison and he grew up in the system. Henry tells Regina that he was an orphan and that wrote the book for himself and Regina say to him that she was glad that she is getting to know Henry better holding Henry’s hand.

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This was a revealing episode, and here I thought Drizella was a pushover who would have thought that she was the mastermind behind this curse. I think she made a mistake waking Regina thought be Regina will find a way to free Henry and destroy Drizella after she gets out of this self-loathing state she needs a push. I would give this episode an 8, the series is growing on me the cast is incredible, and I am looking forward to seeing how Regina get out of this one.