#OnceUponaTime S7 EP 8 & 9 "Pretty in Blue" & "One Little Tear" Recap & Review

"Pretty in Blue"

The episode starts in Another Realm, Hook wakes up the Jolly Rodger crew and tell them that he wants the Jolly Rogers in tip-top shape. (funny, I just got the Hook’s Hyperion name reference, Roger, did you all catch it from the start?). Hook tell is men to be ready for when the Evil Queen cast her course, and he plans to use to opportunity to get revenge on the dark one. Hook plan immediately came to a halt when the Evil Queen tells him that she lost her magic thanks to Snow White and Prince Charming. The Evil Queen is seeking passage and offers to Hook a map to a magical land where he can find magic to that can defeat an immortal. Hook knows magic always comes with a price and ask the Evil Queen what it was, and she told him that the tower is guarded by an evil witch and without her magic Hook was on his own.

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Back in Hyperion Height, Hook is at the crime scene of the man with the tattoo on his hands. Rumple is mad that Hook is working without him and send him home because he will be taking over the case. Hook accuse Rumple of working with Victoria and threatens to find Eloise Gardner one way or another.

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Henry and Cinderella are at Roni’s bar, and they immediately notice that Regina was down, but Regina jokes it off. Henry tells Regina that he and Cinderella were celebrating getting the electrical system on the truck to start working. Cinderella is concern about not working, and Regina offer her a job, Henry asks Cinderella out on a date to see a cover band, and Cinderella happily agreed. Drizella check on Regina to make sure she is preventing Henry and Cinderella from getting closer so that can’t share true loves kiss. Tremaine punishes Lucy for leaving the house without her permission, but Lucy tells her that she doesn’t care because once her parents break the curse, she will be with them and Tremaine with being alone. 

Tremaine goes to visit the Witch and brings her tea and notice dirt on the ground and figure out that the Witch has had a visitor. Tremaine tells the Witch that if she found someone stupid enough to free her from her prison, she would find them. Hook is frustrated over feeling so close yet so far from the Eloise case, Henry suggested that she might be dead, but Hook tell him that he was not sure why, but she feels like family, and if she were dead he would have felt it. Hook tell Henry that he needs to see someone and Henry offer to tag along.

Back in Another Realm, Hock and Smee find the tower the Evil Queen told them about, Hook climbs the tower and meet a young Rapunzel. Hook starts to flirt with Rapunzel and tell her that he was expecting a witch and he was there for the magic to help him with his revenge. Rapunzel says to him that she was a trap in the tower by magic and there was a garden that has a place that could release the curse and Hook believe that this plant could also be used to trap the dark. Hook insisted that Rapunzel tell him where the garden was and in return, they could use the plant to help both get what they wanted. 

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Back in Hyperion Heights, Hook and Henry visit Alice and seek her help because she gave some good advice the last time. Hook shows Alice, Eloise dairy and Alice immediately told Hook that the details in the book don’t ring a bell, but from experience, Eloise looks like a runaway. Hook suggested talking to the kids in the park, but Alice tells him, people like they won’t speak to him, but she did plan on helping. Henry subtle instigate that if she did not help Hook would write her a ticket for selling stolen watches and Alice agree to help and tell them to meet her in the park at 2 hours and Hook should bring a sandwich.

At Belfry towers, Tremaine goes over the video to her Elevator, but the footage was scrambled, she goes out to Drizella’s desk and found a muddy heal “you are a clever girl” she says, Rumple come in as she was looking, and Tremaine tells Rumple that everything was fine. Rumple reports to her that Hook might be close to solving the Eloise Gardner case and Tremaine suggested that Rumple stop Hook before she does it in a permanently.

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In Another Realm Hook and Smee is in the garden and as per Rapunzel, they need to sing to find the flowers something about the power of music. Smee starts to sing and awake a gnome, Hook attempts again to sing and sees the flower after picking it the giant garden gnome was destroyed. Smee suggested that they go back the Jolly Rogers, but he tells her that he was going back to save Rapunzel and he was not afraid on one witch because “I am Captain Hook.”

Back in Hyperion Height, Tremaine visits the witch with Drizella shoe in her hand, Tremaine ask the witch when she woke Drizella, but she told Tremaine that Drizella have always been awake, but Tremaine was too blind to see because Anastasia so consumes her. Tremaine asks the witch what Drizella wanted, and she told Tremaine that Drizella wished to see her suffer. Tremaine warns her again working with Drizella and threaten to take everything Drizella cling to starting with the Witch who Tremaine tell that she would never see the light of day. 

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At Roni’s Regina is looking at the picture of her and Henry, and then sadly start with operation separate Henry and Cinderella. Cinderella tells Regina that she was finally starting to see the light and that had a date with Henry and is think about getting Lucy back from Tremaine. Regina used this opportunity to discourage Cinderella from starting a relationship with Henry telling Cinderella that base on her experience that social services won’t be too keen on a single mother working in a bar and with a new boyfriend. Stressing that Tremaine will paint a bad picture of how she and Henry meet. Henry and Hook are at the park and Hook tell Henry that because of his drinking Eloise went missing. Alice is back, and with not so good news, she tells Hook a story about a runaway who use to date a guy and now she is dead from a car accident and show Hook a picture from Eloise’s book. Hook is not taking the new very well and attempts to drink in the alone, but couldn’t bring himself to drink and upsettingly put the bottle next to him spilling it on the picture which started to run making him know the picture as a fake.

In another Realm Hook goes back to the towel and gives Rapunzel much to her surprise, Hook tried to find out how the petals were going to help, but Rapunzel tells him he doesn’t need to know the detail and seduces him,

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Back in Hyperion Height, Henry tells Regina that he and Hook found out today that Eloise was dead, and Hook asked to be left alone. Henry asks Regina about Cinderella’s day, and Regina him that Cinderella was a model citizen. Cinderella turns down Henry date and blows off his offer for a follow up because she canceled. Hook confronts Rumple about using Alice to get him to give up on the Eloise case but tell Rumple that it won’t work because he won’t give up. Rumple tries to convince Hook that everything he was doing is to protect him and that Belfrey order him to, but Hook is not buying it. Rumple continues to attempt and convinces Hook to stop looking, but he is more motivated now that Rumple tried to through him off the trail. Hook goes to Belfrey towers to see Tremaine bit she was not there as per Drizella and Hook ask that Drizella give him the access code for the tracker he sure Drizella place on Tremaine car.

In another Realm, Hook and Rapunzel had a magical night, and I mean a literally magical evening because when Hook woke up after that one night, he was now a father to a bouncing baby girl. Rapunzel reveals herself to be the witch name Gothel who happen to be the same witch Tremaine have tied up. Gothel tries to get Hook to leave with her, but Hook refuses to leave his child alone.

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Back in Hyperion Height Hook follow the tracker that Drizella gave him and come up with one of Tremaine abandon buildings. Hooks goes inside and finds Tremaine along with Gothel who he remembers or thinks that his Eloise Gardner. 

In another Realm, Hook gives Smee control of the Jolly Rogers and tell him, and an upset Evil Queen that he has something more important than revenge consider and goes back to the tower and name his daughter Alice after the only other woman he ever loved his mother.

In Hyperion Height, Alice apologies to Hook for going along with Rumple and tell Alice that he was disappointed in her which hurt Alice. Tremaine is arrested and learns that she has fallen for one of Drizella trap after Drizella tells her that she plans to suffer. Tremaine tells her Drizella that she was a stupid child because she had no idea what she made crawl out into the world. Henry tells Regina and Cinderella that Eloise is alive and that Tremaine was arrested, which mean that Cinderella could get Lucy back. Cinderella gives Henry a hug and runs over to Belfrey towers to get Lucy but is met by social services who tell Cinderella that Lucy must go with them, I smell Drizella all over this plan even though she insists that she told them that Lucy should go with Cinderella. The Social worker explains that Lucy was given to Tremaine for a reason so that must go over the case until then Lucy goes into the foster system. Lucy is upset about leaving her mother but Cinderella promise Lucy she would get her back.

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"One Little Tear"

One little tear starts with Henry and Cinderella practice with their sword, the two have a moment, but Cinderella did not go through with the kiss tell Henry it was complicated. Alice is leaking behind a tree and comes out and ask Henry if she did ask him to leave. Henry introduces Cinderella and Alice from Wonderland, Alice tells them that she needs to find someone, and she thinks they know where he was, as Hook learns from Regina that Alice tower was destroyed Alice came from behind call Hook papa. 

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Hook is happy to see Alice and father and daughter reunite, but when Alice goes to hug hook we learn that there is a curse that separated them, so they can’t get too close to each other. Alice told her father that her getting out of the tower is a long story, but they have been cured of their curse. However, when they try to embrace, Hook gets hurt, and Alice runs away in fear. Henry and Cinderella run after Alice who went through a portal to wonderland Cinderella and Henry followed.

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In Hyperion Height, Cinderella hugs Lucy who doesn't understand why she can’t live with her mother, after leaving Lucy at Foster house Cinderella worries about how she was going to get Lucy back. Tiana suggested that Cinderella get a lawyer and tell her that she has been doing some researcher and reminded her that Lucy fake father when to law school.  Cinderella thinks it is too risky, but she is in a desperate situation, meanwhile Henry interview Drizella about her feeling on her mother arrest for kidnapping.  Drizella put on quite a show and then tell Henry that she trusted him with her story, and suggested that Henry turn his blog into a podcast and Belfrey would be his sponsor. Regina quickly interrupts and send Henry on a task to get him away from Drizella. Drizella taunts Regina about her trying to keep Cinderella and Henry apart, also revealing to Regina that she and Gothel are working together. 

Hook return to the precinct and is applauded by the other officer, Rumple congratulations and tell him that he had no idea what he just opened. Gothel visit bakes a cake for Hook and brings to the precinct to show her appreciation and Hook gives Gothel his card tell her to give him a call if she is having a hard time adjusting to the new world. Back at Roni’s Henry meets Lucy’ father Nick who happen to like the same cover bad that he does talk about awkward.  Henry is immediately jealous of Nick who was proud to announce that he is not only a lawyer but Lucy’s dad.

Henry and Cinderella are in wonderland and get caught in a trap; Henry finds the caught in a net funny and explains to Cinderella that the situation reminds him of how his grandparent met. Cinderella reaches for Henry’s sword and cut them down, Henry tells Cinderella another story about Snow and Charming that made a promise always to find each other, but Cinderella thinks Henry is naïve because her world is a world of broken promises.

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In Hyperion Heights, Henry brings a copy of his book to Lucy who tells him that they need to find out who this Nick character was because he was not her father. Lucy tells Henry that this was a classic Charming and Catherine situation where the curse used Catherine to try to keep Charming and Cinderella apart. Henry asks Lucy how she knows that Henry and Cinderella got together when his book ends with them meeting and is worried that he was the Catherine, but Lucy tell Henry he was not and encourage Henry to fight for her mother. Lucy tells Henry another way to help Cinderella while Nick is trying to get her out. 

In Wonderland, Cinderella and Henry are in a room, and Cinderella finds a little door to the Infinite Maze. Henry picks up that Cinderella was not just there to find Alice and questions Cinderella who explains the reason she doesn’t believe in love. Cinderella tells Henry the story about how her mother Cecilia had run away to Wonderland after abandoning her and her stepfather, and she needs answers. She showed Henry the locket that her mother and stepfather shared and hoe it stop glowing after she left them. Cinderella drinks the poison and shrinks to get through the door and goes in the maze.

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In Hyperion Height. Cinderella is getting ready to meet up with Nick and is dressed to impressed but denies any interest in Nick when Tiana question her about it, Tiana tells Cinderella that she was lying to herself. At the precinct as Hook was about to cut into the cake Gothel baked for him Regina comes in asking for Rumple and encourages Hook to give Alice another change and throw the cake in the garbage tell Hook that too much sugar will kill him. Gothel is trying to work her magic but is having a hard time, Drizella comes in and tells her that she needs to focus because they are needed to wake Anastasia. Gothel question Drizella on why she wanted to wake Anastasia, and she tells Gothel that it was that Anastasia had magic in her body and it belonged to her, Gothel said she understood and that Drizella needs to bring her Anastasia’s body.

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Cinderella is at the restaurant with Nick, but she is not able to eat since they took Lucy, the two discuss their past, and he thanked for breaking up with him because it made him take a long look at himself. Nick ask Cinderella for the court paper give Tremaine custody of Lucy.

In Wonderland, Cinderella is in the maze and go through a door where she meets Alice again, who happens to know the mother and tell Cinderella that she was dead after fighting valiantly and she was the only one that survives. Cinderella told Alice that her mother did not deserve her tears because she abandons her family to have a tea party. Alice says to her that she was wrong, and Cinderella learned of the curse that was caused on her mother was a curse with a poison heart and been close to the person you love could kill them like her and her father. Cinderella question why Alice would go near her father knowing that it could kill him, and she told her that a soccer name Drizella said to her that she was cured. 

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Outside the infinity maze, Henry is looking for Cinderella and get frozen by Drizella who tells Henry that she was the one who brought them all there using Alice to go down one of her bunny holes. Drizella tells Henry that wonderful was full of poison and her favorite was the one that could poison Henry’s heart. 

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Back in Hyperion Height, Henry is working on the enthusiastically working on the food truck, and Tiana comes in and question if Henry’s motives were because of Nick; s return but he denied it. Henry got the truck started, and Tiana is impressed but the moment over when Cinderella walks in with Nick by her side. Henry sadly gives Cinderella the key and left.

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In Wonderland, Drizella reveals to Henry that she was going to cast a dark curse and she is going to poison he hear so that he and Cinderella true loves kiss cannot break it. As Drizella was about to stab Henry in the heart with the poison, Cinderella knocks her out, and Alice drops a mirror on her sending her back to Another Realm. Henry and Cinderella hugs and kisses, Cinderella explain that when Henry was in trouble her necklace glowed and now she is willing to take a risk. 

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Back in Hyperion Height, Cinderella goes after Henry and tells him that she doesn’t have feelings for Nick, but Henry question to why Cinderella was trying to impress Nick. Cinderella explains that they were something that no one else knows that she gave up Lucy voluntarily because Tremaine tell her that if she went to court for Lucy, she would not beat her, so Cinderella gave up her rights. Henry encourages Cinderella to tell Nick about it because he was the lawyer and he would be able to help, and Henry says to Cinderella that maybe it was not the right time for them. Rumple visits Regina at Roni’s, and Regina tries to find out Rumple was awake and seek his help, but Rumple denies everything. Regina tells Rumple that if he was keeping his cover because of the Guardian, it was a bad move, and Belle would not want it, but Rumple did not budge. 

In another Realm, Henry and Cinderella return and Hook is asking about Alice, and they tell him that she was sorry and they she was tricked by Drizella into thinking that was cured. Henry tells Regina that Drizella all that, so she can poison Henry’s heart, seeing Henry and Cinderella holding hand Regina tell them that she was glad Drizella failed. Cinderella gave Hook a white knight that he once gave to Alice to remember him by, but Alice returns it sending a message that she doesn’t need it to remember him because she will find a way for them to meet again.  Hook tell them that he would gladly take the pain if he gets to see Alice again, Tiana tell Henry he had a guest, and it was Nick and Jack in that realm.

In Hyperion Heights, Cinderella nervous wait outside the house for Lucy, Cinderella think Lucy will be disappointed in her for giving her up, but Lucy came out have and run into her mother arms. Cinderella introduces Lucy to Nick telling her he was her father, Lucy thanked him for his help but was not buying the father bit.

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Back at Roni’s Henry is drinking his pain away, Regina asks Henry if he was drunk, and he starts to blabber about why people fall in love. Regina tell Henry that he was not the only one that was struck and that they needed help, and she is not getting any help in Hyperion, so she was going to California. Regina tells Henry that there is someone there that Tremaine pushed out long ago and she could help them, and the person hates her and asks Henry to go on a road trip, and they plan to hit the road. Hook and Alice makeup and plan to start a weekly game, Hook tell Alice that now his mission is over he feels like he out of it. 

Cinderella goes to Roni to give Henry a mix tape she made for him only to find out that he and Roni have gone on a road trip and he didn’t even say goodbye. Drizella finds Anastasia coffin and brings to Gothel, but when they open it, there was nobody inside. Now the question is where is Anastasia and is she already alive?

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This was a fun episode to watch, I am liking the new character and appreciate the name drop now and them of the old cast. I would give this doubleheader an 8.7/10.