#OnceUponATime S7 Ep 9 “One Little Tear” Recap & Review

This was a hard episode for me especially the ending, but let me tell how we got to the heart-breaking heading. 

We start in Another Realm and Rapunzel is riding through the woods with her family and stops to find them something to eat. Rapunzel accidentally wonders into Gothel’s garden, Rapunzel is unapologetic and offer to work for the food she took. Gothel senses Rapunzel desperation and asks what she would do to ensure that her family was happy, and she responded anything, and Gothel throws some magic dust on Rapunzel trapping her in the tower. Gothel tells Rapunzel that there was no way out of the tower and her family will never find her, Rapunzel who is now Lady Tremaine screams for her husband and daughter Drizella and Anastasia. 

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Back in Hyperion Heights Tremaine is still locked up and Drizella visits her mother to ask her where she hid her sister body, but Tremaine tells Drizella that she knows that Drizella only wanted the magic from Anastasia’s body. Drizella offers to help Tremaine get out of there not that she controls all of Tremaine assets, but Tremaine tells Drizella that she does need her help to get out of jail. Tremaine reminds Drizella that this was not the first time someone tries to lock her up, “when it comes to my family I always find a way,” said Tremaine.

Lucy expresses her excitement to be living with her mom and aunty Tiana again, Lucy asks Cinderella if they could invite Henry over to share the good news, but Cinderella told Lucy that should make it through day one first and can talk about it again. Cinderella and Tiana discuss her relationship with Henry and Cinderella tell Tiana that she doesn’t know where it is going and that Henry has left town with Roni. Back at the precinct Rumple goes to take Tremaine back to her cell, but Tremaine made Rumple an offer he could not refuse. Tremaine made Rumple aware that she knows he was awake and offer to tell him about the Guardian he is looking for to get back to Belle and Rumple “I would say you got yourself a deal Rapunzel.”

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Back in Another realm we see Rapunzel recording the number of days, and she looks out, and there were lanterns in the sky. Rapunzel looks down and then back at the length of her hair and attached it to a hook and climbed down “this is for your family be brave.”- Rapunzel

Again in Hyperion Height Tremaine is out of Jail thanks to Rapunzel much to Hooks disappointment, Hook tell Rumple that he will get to the bottom of what he was getting for helping Tremaine. Rumple asks Tremaine where Anastasia body was, but Tremaine told Rumple that it does matter if they find her now if they don’t have the means to wake up and that they needed to make a few stops. Tremaine shows up at Cinderella house and gives her paper granting her full custody of Lucy, and there was not a catch telling her that she handed her the same paper years ago and she signs it meaning she was not ready. Tremaine feed them some bull shit and give her a dolly telling Cinderella that Lucy was quite a loves of it.

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Back in Another Realm Rapunzel run toward the lantern origin, and see her two-daughter sending them up. Drizella is telling Anastasi that it was a waste of time because it has been six years and she doesn’t think that their mother will see them or that she is coming back, but Anastasia tells Drizella that it was some different about the night. Rapunzel comes up from behind and great Anastasia while Drizella just stood back and watched, her husband came out and embraced her telling her that she thought was dead. Rapunzel tells Marcus what happened why he could not find her, and Cinderella came out the house and asked, “father who is that.” Marcus says to her go back inside the house and explain to Rapunzel that she was her stepdaughter. Cecelia comes out the house and asks Marcus the same question and Marcus introduce Rapunzel to his new wife, Cecelia. 

Back in Hyperion Heights Drizella and Gothel are in a parked car following Tremaine, Gothel warns Drizella not to underestimate Tremaine, but Drizella is confident that she will win against her mother.

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Back in Another Realm Drizella and Anastasia have tea with there mother, Marcus comes along and sends the girls home so that he can talk with Rapunzel. Marcus tells Rapunzel who is worried that the girls still loves her, but Rapunzel feels Drizella drifting further away from her. Marcus gives Rapunzel the coat that she was wearing when she went missing and thanked her for the sacrifice she made for him and the girls. Rapunzel asks Marcus if he still loves her and Marcus told her that he did, and their girl means the world to him, but so does Cinderella and Cecelia. Rapunzel starts to cry, and Gothel appears and makes her an offer, Gothel hands Rapunzel and magical mushroom from wonderland and tell her that if she squeezes a little into Cecelia’s tea, she can get rid of her forever. Rapunzel refuse throwing it in the fire, and it reappears, and Gothel tells her that it will test her true nature.

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Back in Hyperion Heights, Nick is at Cinderella’s house looking over the custody paper to see if they were legit and Nick tell Cinderella that it all seems right. Cinderella got overly excited and kissed Nick, but it got awkward quickly, and Cinderella tells Nick that she was not ready for that kind of relationship. 

Hook goes to Rumple's storage opening it but setting off the fire alarm, he goes through Rumple boxes and finds files on everyone in Hyperion Height and a hook in a bag. Hook visits Tiana and congratulate her on the improvement of the truck, and ask her about a drawing a knife from the fired case, and Tiana draws the knife for Hook and tells him that Rumple put it in her hand and asked if she felt anything.

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Rumple and Tremaine go underground and gets a bag, Rumple tells Tremaine that Drizella has been following them since the police station, but Tremaine tells Rumple that she doesn’t care. Rumple question why Tremaine was going through so much to wake when daughter when the other was outside and share a story about him and his son. Tremaine tells Rumple not to compare his grieve to her and that Drizella has not been her daughter for a long time. 

Back in Another Realm the adult through a birthday party for Drizella and Anastasia, Cecelia tells Rapunzel that she didn’t need to work at her children birthday party. Marcus comes up and says to Rapunzel that Cecelia was trying and if she notices how the children got along and they should try to do the same. Rapunzel tells Marcus that Cecelia was taking care of her children and she feels like she is not needed. Marcus assures her that her girls will always need her, and Rapunzel looks on as Anastasia hugs Cecelia and called her mother and thanked her for the gift. Rapunzel goes inside upset and uses the poison mushroom in Cecilia’s tea. 

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Back in Hyperon Height Drizella and Gothel goes down underground to catch Tremaine but runs into Rumple instead who tells her that the next time she was tailing someone she should learn how to do it better first. Drizella tells Gothel to let them leave, but Gothel tells Drizella that she needed to have a word with Rumple. Gothel tells Rumple that Drizella talks too much, Gothel try to work her charm on Rumple to get him to her side. Gothel tells Rumpke that to wake Anastasia, Tremaine must take away the hope of an innocent and ask if he knew where Lucy whereabouts. 

Lucy is coming out of school and is met by Tremaine who shows her the Once Upon a Time Book and tells Lucy that she as right all along, but she did not know the entire story and told Lucy to come with her to hear more. Tremaine tells Lucy that she is Rapunzel and that she did poison Cecelia because a witch manipulated her, but she did not kill her but sent her away, and Marcus went after Cecelia but came back to her in the end.

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We jump to the page where Lucy was looking on and see what happened to Anastasia. The three girls were on an ice pond playing with a snowman and the hat blew off, and Cinderella goes after the cap and the crack as Anastasia goes to help her and they both fell in. Marcus and Rapunzel who was on the side, Marcus run and jump in the ice water and pulls out Cinderella and tell Rapunzel that he could only take one.

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Back in Hyperion Height Tremaine take Lucy to see Anastasia, Lucy asks her why she was telling me all this and Tremaine use the opportunity to manipulate Lucy into giving her hopes up about a happy ending. Tremaine shows Lucy a video of Cinderella kissing Nick telling Lucy that Henry met nothing to her mother making Lucy feel like there was no hope for parents anymore and Lucy started to cry. A teardrop form Lucy fell on the book and run out. (Let me tell you how I wanted to knock out Tremaine for doing that to Lucy).

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Back in Another Realm, Rapunzel takes Anastasia to Gothel who magically locks in Anastasia last breath making hew hang on between life and death. Gothel tells Rapunzel that Anastasia will be going in the towel and tell her that it was not a punishment when she was in the tower, but a test. Gothel tells Rapunzel that she has been looking for a hero pure of heart the Guardian someone incorruptible by evil willing to sacrifice. Gothel tells Rapunzel that when she had sacrificed everything to save her family she though Rapunzel was the one but after poisoning and innocent for her good she failed the test. Gothel tells Rapunzel that Anastasia was going to take her place in the towel and reached for the potion to trap Anastasia, but Rapunzel steals it and tramps Gothel in the tower. “Don’t worry my dearest I will bring you back.”- Rapunzel

Back in Hyperion Heights Rumple and the other officer looks for Lucy, Hooks comes up and try to question Rumple about the knife Tiana drew from him.  Rumple tells Hook it was not of his business; Hook questions Rumple why he had files on everyone and that if he wanted to say to him something he should do it already. Rumple tells Hook that he was looking for someone and that he was separated from his wife Belle and he would do anything to get to here and all that he is doing is in service to that. Hook tell Rumple he believes him and offers to her and Rumple tells him that for now, they find Lucy.

Lucy cries all the way home and as soon as she got home back at the hospital Tremaine used Lucy’s tear from the book to wake Anastasia and Lucy passes out in Cinderella’s arm. Drizella looks on as her mother wakes Anastasia who is awake and happy to see her mother.

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This was a great episode, the backstory was interesting, and find out that Tremaine was Rapunzel was delightful, we also know why Tremaine hates Cinderella so much. Now I am curious about what will happen to Lucy, are they going to do something like what happened between Emma and Henry that would be cool. Tremaine is so evil and selfish I hope Anastasia doesn’t forgive her because she was always pure. I would give this episode a 9/10.