#OnceUponATime Season 7 Episode 1 “Hyperion Heights” Recap & Review

It’s a new season with new faces and a new book, how is it so far, well you are just going to have to recap and review to find out.

We start off in the present in StoryBrooks with an old face Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills one final time maybe as we see him say goodbye to his mother, Regina. Henry has decided to find his story now that all his family has a happy ending and a story, so he is on a journey to see his story. After the sad goodbye, Henry throws a magic bean in the middle of the road and rides his motorcycle into it.

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Henry is now grown in a forest like the enchanted forest riding his motorcycle, and he crashed his bike trying to prevent hitting into Cinderella’s, her cart derailed causing her horse to run away.

We jump to the present, and Henry is driving a cab “Uber” and is life see to be less than satisfying, the story he is living is that he is an author of one book and he has writer's block. History repeats itself with Henry daughter showing up this time in the same way he shows up at Emma’s door in the premiere. “Hi, are you Henry Mills,” “Who are you,” “I am Lucy, your daughter.”

Lucy tries to convince Henry that she is her father and he was under a curse that wiped his memory; Lucy ask him to come with her to her hometown Hyperion Heights which is her equivalent to StoryBrooke. Lucy tells Henry that his true love her mother Cinderella and that her grandmother the wicked stepmother is trying to pull new people into Hyperion Heights so that the storybook character will leave and get separated and lose each other. Lucy is unable to convince Henry of who she is and her theory on him being cursed.

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We meet Cinderella in Hyperion Height, and she is running through the town because she is late for work, and when Cinderella gets to work she gets into a fight with the boss and quits her job because she refuses to apologize to her boss for calling him a jerk.

Back in the enchanted forest Henry wakes up Cinderella and she is angry that he made her horse run away. Henry asks her about meeting her prince and offers to give her a ride on the back although hesitant she got on.

In the present Henry Laptop is taken by Lucy who left him a note that he wanted his book back then he would need to meet her in Hyperion Height and a spot called Roni’s. Henry drives to Hyperion Heights and goes into Roni’s and that when we meet Regina who is now Roni and bar owner. Roni tells Henry that she is selling the bar to Victory Belfrey aka Cinderella wicked stepmother. Roni tells Henry that she is buying up everything and everyone is scattering.

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Back in the enchanted forest Henry teaches Cinderella how to ride the bike and explains to her that in her story the prince finds her through her glass slipper. Cinderella knocks Henry out and steals his bike leaving Henry smiling; I already feel a connection with them not enough to give them a ship name yet but let see how that goes.    

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In the present Cinderella is home and tells her roommate that she quits her job, which concerns her because she just got custody of Lucy from her wicked stepmom. Cinderella goes to check for Lucy in her room by she was not there and she is worried that her stepmom would kill them both if she finds out that she is missing. We Lady Tremaine / Victoria Belfrey (meet Gabrielle Anwar) and her daughter Drizella / Ivy Belfrey (Adelaide Kane) at her company. She asks Drizella about no one being able to find her granddaughter.

Back in the enchanted forest, we meet Cinderella fairy grandmother who wings seen to be taken by Lady Tremaine and took her wand which she uses to disintegrate her and tell Drizella to have Cinderella cleans it up when she returns.

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In the present Cinderella find Lucy in an empty lot next to a wishing well, she tells her mother that she wanted to make one last wishing before her grandmother destroys the place. Lucy tells her that lot used to be a garden, but no one seems to believe Lucy thinks she just has an active imagination. Cinderella and Henry meet in Roni’s as she returns Henry’s stolen Laptop and they had an instant connection, but Henry can’t remember her and Roni offer an icebreaker.

Back at the enchanter forest Cinderella arrives at the ball with the intention to kill the prince who she blames for destroying her family by killing her father. Henry arrives in time and tries to persuade her that her story does have to end this way and invite her back the present, but Cinderella is so mad that she ignores Henry and move toward the prince. Henry is drugged by Alice who not found out his that she was the weird lady Henry met when he arrived in the Hyperion Height.

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In the present Alice goes to report the new face in town to Weaver who is none other than Rumpelstiltskin. Henry and Cinderella discuss Lucy father and her troublesome life, Henry asks her what she would change about her life, and she tells him about a small designated island that she would live on with Lucy. Lady Tremaine goes into Roni’s and rip Cinderella a new one and tell her that she will be taking Lucy away from for good. Lady Tremaine tells Henry to get out of town, or she would let him regret ever stepping foot in Hyperion Height.

Henry is about to leave town but his car is stolen, and he goes to report it to the police who turn out to be Captain Hook who is now Roger. Roger offers to help Henry find his car

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Back in the enchanted forest, Henry is tired up in a cave by Alice who tells him that it was not his story and that Rumple told her all about him and he was looking out for him. Alice told Henry that when it is not his story, and he interferes bad things happen, and when bad things happen, she wanted to be far away. Alice encourages Henry to go home, but he refuses and tells her that when someone in trouble, he must help them.

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In the present Henry run into Lucy and asks if she had anything to do with his missing car, she tells him that her feet could even reach the pedal. Henry tells Lucy that he is going to find his car and go home. Lucy tells Henry that he was home and insisted that he should believe and reference to Emma when she did not believe. Henry gets mad at Lucy and tells her that he knows she was wrong because he had a family and lost them in a fire. Lucy tries to tell Henry that those where his cursed memories and that she was his daughter but Henry still doesn’t believe and walk away leaving Lucy. Cinderella drives up and tells Lucy to get in the car so they can go live their story. Cinderella tries to leave town but her vehicle start smoking, and Lucy tell her that it was the curse not allowing them to leave.

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Back in the enchanted forest Cinderella and the prince gets to talking as he was immediately attracted to her, but she rebuffed him pulling out her and tells him that he was responsible for killing her father. Cinderella holds up the dagger to stab him but could not follow through, but Lady Tremaine stabs him from behind and tells Cinderella that she was always not finishing her chore and that she killed him for reject Drizella. Lady Tremaine tries to frame Cinderella for killing the prince, and Cinderella runs into Henry who tells her to take his bike and meet him where they first met. Cinderella fights out way out of the ball with Henry’s help.

In the present Roger/Hook tell Henry that he can’t find his car anywhere, Lady Tremaine comes to the police station to report Lucy missing. Lady Tremaine threatens Henry into telling her where Cinderella and Lucy were in return she would give him his car. Lucy refuses to leave town, but after Cinderella tells her to believe in her she agrees to leave, but Drizella arrives with Roger/Hook and take her away and asks that her storybook is taken away. Roger opened the book and had a moment which was interrupted by Drizella.

Cinderella confronts Henry about selling her out and tell him goodbye and wishes him luck with his next book, Alice peeks out at them.

Back in the enchanted forest Henry arrive at the meet point yelling for Cinderella but she was not there, hos portal open but he does enter after finding Cinderella glass slipper giving Henry is next mission “operation glass slipper.”

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In the present Roger/Hook learns that he has made detective and he has a new partner who is not other than Weaver/Rumple who tell him that they would do good work together. At Roni’s, Roni/Regina decided not to sell Lady Tremaine / Victoria Belfrey her bar because she was a bully and she doesn’t like bullies. Cinderella went back to work, and Henry goes to visit his dead family from his, but the cemetery was not there and not real. Cinderella finds a coin and goes to the well to make a wish; Henry writes his first line “Once upon a time…” After Cinderella made her wish a flower grew in the garden.

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Writers review: I like it so far, it was like was season one premiere episode all over again. I am excited to see how it all plays out for Henry and Cinderella. I love their on-screen chemistry so far, but I don’t think that could ever take the place of Emma and Hook. See Reign’s Adelaide Kane as Drizella / Ivy Belfrey made me scream I miss that show. The evil stepmother Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine / Victoria Belfrey is already well played and if you ever saw her in Burn Notice you know how amazing of an actor she can be, the old character is that are back are playing the roles well. Overall excellent start, I would rate 9/10.

In the comment tells me your thoughts on the episode and the new plot.