#OnceUponATime Season 7 Episode 4 “Beauty” Recap & Review

This episode is had a lot Belle and Rumple so Rumblle fans must be going crazy. The episode starts in Storybrooke and Belle and Rumple are setting up for their baby Gideon's first birthday, Rumple gives Belle an empty storybook tell Belle that it was for their travel. Rumple and Belle decide to leave Storybrooke to travel the world.

In Hyperion highs it is Halloween, and Rumple visit Alice, Alice question Rumple working for her, telling Rumple that her Ex-girlfriend worked for her and she was a wicked woman. Rumple asks Alice to take off her mask, but she says to him that they are all wearing masks and she doesn’t like his because she prefers the man under the mask. 

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Cinderella visits Belfrey towers to drop off Lucy’s Halloween costume and beg her to stepsister Drizella to let her take Lucy Trick or treating, but she refuses to tell her that she could not miss making her mother unhappy by making Cinderella happy. Lady Tremaine is scared by Alice who pops up in her mask, Lady Tremaine ask who she was, but Alice did not respond but ask Tremaine how she and the other ended up in Hyperion and who was under her mask. Tremaine pepper spread her and Alice Ran out of the car, leaving her bag pack. 

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Tremaine summons Rumple and telling him that he needs to lock up Alice and give her the pills because they were the only thing that keeps her sane. When Rumple refuses Tremaine threatens to break up their partnership telling Rumple that he was not the man she thought he was and gave him an ultimatum to save himself or Alice. 

At Roni’s, Regina makes Henry a Poison apple drink, Regina notice that Henry seem Gloomy and Henry told after spending time with Lucy and Cinderella the other night he to a detour and ran into his family grave and it was like losing them all over again. (Vent: how can Henry not see that something is wrong, he has never been about Hyperion Heights before Lucy and now is family his buried there, does that make any sense). Regina offers some motherly advice and tells Henry that she gets it losing a love like that make you afraid to move on that eventually he had to let go of that ghost, and suggested that he ask Cinderella out. Regina tells Henry “moving forward does not mean we forget the dead and you love once you can love again.”  

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Hook and Rumple look for Alice after Rumple notices a look of fear in Tremaine's eyes, and want to know what it is all about and how he can use it as leverage against Tremaine. Hook and Rumple disagree on how to deal with Alice and goes their separate ways.

We are back to Belle and Rumple untold story ten years later we see that Gideon has grown up into a young lass running over a bridge. Belle tells Rumple the story of the river and how it grants wishes and Rumple tells Belle that he wants to stop being the Dark One and throws his dagger into the river, but it just magically returned to him. Belle tells Rumple that they will find another way to make him mortal and they can live a regular life.

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Back in Hyperion height, Drizella unhappily takes Lucy Trick-or-Treating, but Lucy does not want to be in the neighborhood she chooses but wishes to go to a haunted house a block away. When Drizella refuse Lucy meets another kid and offer her candy to wear her paper bag, Drizella so focus on her phone does figure out that it was not Lucy until the kid spoke after which she realizes that Lucy was missing.

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Rumple finds Alice sitting on top of the one-eyed troll statue, Alice is acting crazy telling Rumple that she sees everything, but all Rumple want to know is why she harassed Tremaine. Rumple asks her why she stops taking her pills and she said that she doesn’t want to take them because it makes her unclear and she is starting to figure out the truth. Alice seems to be coming out from under Tremaine’s spell and tell Rumple that they were all wearing mask referencing to him being a good man or a beast. Rumple ignore it as Alice being crazy and ask her what she knows about Tremaine, but she offers to show him instead of telling him. 

We are back to Belle and Rumple untold story, eighth years later Gideon tell his parent he is going to college, Rumple embraces him and says to him he was proud and when to leave the room Rumple expresses his sadness on letting Gideon go already. Rumple tells Belle that they spent so much time trying to get rid of the dagger that they did not get to raise their child. Belle disagrees and tells him that they did, and Gideon was brought up well. Belle shows Rumple a prophecy she came across about waiting for the sun's brightest set which will lead them to a path Rumple must take to get rid of the Darkness rest this place is called Edge of Realms.

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Back in Hyperion Height, Henry Told Regina’s advice and went to visit Cinderella at work, Henry attempts to ask Cinderella out, but before Henry could get the words out, Cinderella sees Drizella lurking outside and runs out. Cinderella immediately notices there was not Lucy and Drizella ask her to help her find Lucy before Tremaine finds out. Cinderella is stuck at work, but Henry offers to help find Lucy with Drizella, so Cinderella doesn’t lose her job, Cinderella as adamant about leaving work but Henry got her to calm down. 

Rumple drives Alice to where she claims to have proof, and give Alice a sandwich that he had her pill crushed up in, telling her that he needed her to be clear and she was not when she did not take her pill. Alice is disappointed that Rumple doesn’t trust her telling him that pills make her fuggy and the world disappears, and that was what Tremaine wanted. Alice tries to convince Rumple that he was a good man and Rumple had someone waiting for him and that he has forgotten. Alice tells Rumple that there was still time before the pills kick in and to the car steering wheel and brakes and drives close to the where she was going and jump out of the car and runs away. 

Back to Belle and Rumple untold story, Rumple and Belle have arrived at the Edge of Realms where time stops, and the sunset rises in all the land. Rumple explains that Belle that time does not work the same and years is like seconds at the Edge of Realm. Belle says that they can wait, and they decide to build their home using their hand, and they build themselves a beautiful house, and Rumple put his dagger away. The years pass so quickly, and Belle begins to age beautiful, Gideon pays a visit and Belle, and Rumple lives a beautiful life until Belle ages. Belle goes to open the window and collapse into Rumple's arm. 

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Back in Hyperion Heights Henry is still looking for Lucy when he notices Drizella sitting down crying by herself over what her mother will do to her if she finds out that she lost Lucy. Henry gives Drizella pep talks about getting out from under Tremaine’s thumb while bonding over their lonely miserable life. Henry tells Drizella that they need to take a chance and do the scary thing. Rumple follow Alice into a Shedd where she shows him the broken teacup telling him it was the missing piece.

Back to Belle and Rumple untold story, Rumple is relief that Belle is not dead and takes out his dagger to heal Belle. Belle tells Rumple that when she translates the prophecy, she figured out that the sun that needed to set on the Edge of realms was not the physical sun, but it was her death. Belle tells Rumple that when that the dark one finds eternal love at the sun brightest set meaning that he had to believe that their love was powerful enough to outlast death only then he would find his path back to her. Belle tells Rumple that it was time to let her go, but Rumple said he couldn’t, and Belle offers to tell Rumple a story and the story was about their love. Belle tells him that they will find each other again the way they always do, and Belle closed her eyes and Rumple morns her death.

Back in Hyperion Heights, Alice tries to get Rumple to remember with the broken teacup, but Rumple is still not remembering tells Alice she was crazy. When Rumple goes to calm Alice down, she took his gun and shot him tell Rumple it was the only way because the cup didn’t work calling him Rumpelstiltskin. 

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Rumple and Gideon bury Belle and Gideon ask Rumple to give him the dagger to unburden him so that he could be with Belle, but Rumple tells him that he took the dagger away from one son and he will not give it to another and he needs to take it to the guardian. Rumple explains to Gideon that with the Guardian the darkness with fight him less and he will be reunited with Belle and it was time to leave this realm. Rumple goes through the portal and bumps into Alice as Henry rides pass on his bike.
Back on Hyperion Height Rumple is dreaming about Belle as he sees her face in a cloud then coming toward him to kiss him. Rumple awakes to see Hook standing over him welcoming Rumple back to life. Hook shows Rumple the bullet that should have killed him telling him that he was immortal. Rumple tells Hook to free Alice and write a fake report and Hook release Alice who promises never to miss her pills again.

Lucy is back, and Ivy has a change of heart and give Cinderella an hour to take Lucy trick-or-treating, Lucy and Cinderella invited Henry to join them, but he chickens out. Tremaine visit Rumple in the hospital and Tremaine once again try to blackmail Rumple, but he warns Tremaine to watch her step because she could hurt him anymore. Rumple seems to have broken the curse refereeing to Tremaine as Dearie a name he often used when he was Rumpelstiltskin. Drizella finds Henry at Roni and offers him a drink to show her gratitude for helping her find Lucy and disobeying her mother. I smell trouble, and a love triangle, but I already team Cinderella this is not Reign. 

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This was another good episode, there was some conflicted scene in the plot with Henry’s family but I already vented about that, I would give this episode 7/10.