#OnceUponATime Season 7 Episode 5 "Greenbacks" Recap & Review

This week we learn more about Tiana’s past and how her family lost everything in Another Realm. While in the present she tries to start a business to help Cinderella get Lucy back and pay their rent but if you want the details to continue then keep reading. 

The episode starts in Hyperion Height and Tremaine goes to visit her prisoner, who already knew that the reason she came to visit because she can’t break Lucy. Tremaine asks her for her help and her advice Tremaine to start from the root in exchange for her special blend tea. Lucy is at Belfrey tower waiting on Tremaine to take to Ballet class, and she gets a visit from Tiana who brought Lucy her famous beignet and Tremaine task Drizella to find the special herbs and tell Tiana that she will be increasing their rent by 8 percent.

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Back in the Another Realm many years earlier, Tiana and her mother are having a yard sale from their palace, Drizella pays a visit to rub in the fact that they have lost everything except the castle. Tiana expresses to her mother that she never thought that her life would be like this and mother encouraged her to find a prince who gave Tiana a not so smart idea.

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In Hyperion Height Henry, Hook and Regina are still working together and Hook bring over all the intel he gathers on his missing girl Eloise Gardener which is not too much, and Regina had offer Hook a safe place in Roni to store and go over any future Intel. Henry asks Hook about a book he had in his hand, but Hook told him that it was just some sketches that are missing girl use to draw and he looks at it when it feels down. (I think that there is something important in that book, I wish Henry would have asked to see in it). Regina question Henry about drinking with Drizella on Halloween night, but Henry told her it was no big deal and he believes that Drizella may be willing to help them, but Regina is not buying that Drizella is selling, unlike Henry who is eating it up. (Henry have gotten so naïve and hard headed). 

Tiana goes to visit Cinderella and tell her about her plan to run a pop-up beignet shop out of Mr. Cluck's and used the money they saved for rent to buy the ingredient. Hook arrive back at the precinct in time to stop one of the officers from beating a suspect when he notices that the suspect has a tattoo of a symbol in his Eloise Gardener book of sketches. Cinderella is not liking Tiana’s idea for running a pop-up out of Mr. Cluck’s, but Tiana manages to change Cinderella’s mind telling her that Louie was away and he would never know (I smell a terrible idea). 

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In Another Realm Tiana seeks help from a traveling soothsayer, the iconic Dr. Facilier, to save her kingdom and learn that the people in the village are suffering more than she had released. Tiana immediately trusts Dr. Facilier because he knows her story so well and tells her that he sees a prince in her future. Dr. Facilier tells her that she would find her prince that same night if she follows the red Crow. 

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Back in Hyperion Height, Drizella has returned from herb shopping and give it to Tremaine who hurried down to see her prisoner. Drizella question Tremaine on where she was heading but Tremaine tell her to mine her our business and get back to work before she fires her and get a real assistant.  Drizella goes to her desk and watches Tremaine on her computer monitor a realizes that there was a secret passage and calls Henry to offer him help on finding dirt on her mother. 

Henry runs into Roni’s to tell Regina about intel that he receives from Drizella about Tremaine, Henry tells Regina that per Drizella, Tremaine has been spending a lot of time in some secret room on the top floor of the building. Regina expresses her disappointment that Henry does not only believe Drizella every word, but her is also falling for her when he would be a better match for Cinderella. Henry tells Regina that she was not his mother, but Regina tells him that if she were his mother, she would say to him to get back to writing, take Cinderella on a date and tip her more for her well for the advice he so desperately needs to hear. 

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Henry walks away to go to the bathroom leaving his phone at the bar and gets a text from Drizella to meet her at Belfry towers, but Regina responds to the text message and then deleted it from Henry’s phone. Tiana is happily making her beignet, and they are selling like a hot beignet, Lucy come with a stamp she made with a symbol of fireflies, and Tiana asks Lucy to stamp all the bags and use the stamp as their new logos. Cinderella is happy with everything seems to be going well, and they both start making plans and how they will continue selling beignets. 

Back in Another Realm, Tiana doubtingly follows some crow which leads her to a bar, where she was about to be robbed until she was saved by a handsome prince who offers to take her to dinner after babbling some gibberish about paths. 

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In Hyperion, Height Tremaine had learned of Cinderella and Tiana’s little pop-up and tried one of the beignets, and though she thought it was delicious, it was not delicious enough for her to let them keep running the pop-up and make a call telling Ralph to wreck it. 

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Back at the precinct Hook questions the prisoner about the tattoo on his hand and ask him about Eloise, but he does offer up much but tells Hook that he got it to protect himself. As Hook was walking away, he tells him that it was a powerful rune and if Eloise was drawing it, she could be in some danger. Back at Mr. Cluck’s business is going very well and Cinderella is happy she decided to do until they notice that kitchen was on fire.

Back in Another Realm Tiana thanked prince Robert and took him back to her family castle where she shared the story of her father’s bravery after he gave up his cooking knife for a sword. Tiana tells him the story about the firefly ruby, but when Tiana turn her back he stole her father’s firefly ruby, and she throws something at Robert and hit him in the head. After questioning Robert, he tells Tiana that he was hired by Facilier who told him to steal a ruby from her in exchange for reuniting him with his lover who had been turned into a frog. Tiana tells Robert that there must be another way and send him away. Tiana mother apologizes for telling her that she needed prince because she was wrong, and Tiana can do it because she was brave and robust life her father and all she must do was embrace it.

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Back in Hyperion Heights Lucy rushed over to see that her mom and aunt was okay, but they were physically okay. Cinderella asks to talk to Tiana, and she is mad because she believes that she took such a significant risk and it ended in failure like all Tiana’s other plan. Cinderella tells Tiana that she gave her false hope and that she doesn’t live in the real world and she was tired of her crazy dreams. Lucy tries to tell her mom that Tiana was just trying to help, and Cinderella tells Lucy that if this was help she did not need it. Tiana is hurt and gives Cinderella the money they made and tell her it would be enough for two months’ rent, and it should be enough to find a new job and a new roommate.

Regina goes to meet Drizella at the Belfrey build and tells her that she was trying to stop what game she is playing, whether it may be trying to get back at her mother or just trying to take another thing from Cinderella. Drizella tells Regina that she took a big risk inviting Henry their and she would do that just to stick it to Cinderella knowing the consequences. Drizella brings Regina up to the secret room on the top floor, and it seems to be a waste of time until Reign finds a picture in a locker. At Cinderella and Tiana’s apartment, Lucy tries to convince her Aunty Tiana to stay and tell her that her mother was mad and did not mean it, but Tiana tells Lucy that she will always be there for her but she is going to stay on her mother couch. Lucy tells her that she was running away and that is what her grandmother wanted.

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Back in Another realm, Tiana takes matters into her own hands and bring the Firefly Ruby to Facilier in exchange for the girl/frog. Facilier takes the Ruby but does want to give over the frog, so Tiana took out her sword, but Facilier sticks a need in a voodoo doll injuring Tiana who accidentally knocks over a table removing the pin allowing her to grab her sword and the frog. Tiana learns that the Firefly Ruby was in indeed magic when Facilier uses it to disappear telling Tiana that he would see her soon. 

Back in Hyperion Heights, Cinderella apologies to Tiana, telling Tiana that she has always been there for her when the world knock her down and she never stop to think that Tiana also needs her when the world knocks her Tiana down. Cinderella shows Tiana the new food truck she bought for them using the money they made from the pop-up friendship restored. 

Back in Another realm, Tiana meets up with Robert to give him the frog and learns that he was also a frog that was turned into a human. 

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In Hyperion Height, Tiana brings Hook beignets as a thank you for helping Cinderella get the food truck when she learns that the fire was not an accident but was deliberately set. The man with the rune tattoo makes a call while watching Hook tell the person that someone was looking for Eloise. Tremaine learns that Cinderella and Tiana bought a food truck and Drizella offer to help to help her mother after observing she was having a bad day, but Tremaine uses the opportunity to belittle Drizella telling her she is not good enough.

Back at Roni’s Regina confesses to Henry that she read a message on her phone and met her Drizella at Belfrey towers and showed him a picture she found there, but have no memory of herself in that picture and who the kid was, and Henry told Regina it was him. In the final scene, we learn that Drizella in not under the curse and is working with her mother’s prisoner to gain the heroes trust. “Call me Drizella.”

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Another enjoyable episode as things are finally starting to look up for the new heroes, but it begs to question what is Drizella and that witch up to and why did they make Regina find that picture? I would give this episode an 8.5/10.