#OneChicago #ChicagoFire (S5E9 "Some Make It, Some Don't") #ChicagoPD (S4,E9 "Don't Bury This Case") Recap/Review

It's #OneChicago! Do I need to say more? Okay, maybe just buckle up for the ride.

The crossover event between Chicago Fire and Chicago PD has always been one of the better part of great television viewing, or in this case, like a great TV movie.

For the first part, "Some Make It, Some Don't," Casey and Dawson meets with DCFS about Louie's father coming back and wanting to take his son back. Of course, this doesn't get any easier for them, when news came that the guy is Louie's biological father, it struck hard for Dawson. The two went to a lawyer but they know that going forward that it's going to be a gamble.

Dawson and Casey decided to meet face to face with him, and the two talked. Apparently, he didn't know that he had a son till he got back from overseas. After that Dawson agreed to let him see him. That didn't quite work out when they were waiting at the meeting place, and the guy didn't show up.

Meanwhile, Severide, who agreed to give bone morrow, meets the person that he's given it to and it may turn into a special relationship down the road. After a couple of meetings, Jeff informs him that the chemo isn't helping her and that they had to take her off of it. Severide was down and not only took the next day off but went drinking.

Let's hold Severide's story a little but and talk about one of the funniest story plots in the episode, ping-pong table. After a call from a student trying to take a barrow of beer and gets his arm stuck, the guys on 81 sees and takes a ping-pong table. It becomes one ping-pong 2017 with Otis, Herrmann and other playing like kids and busting things from doors to windows. It gets so bad that they come in during their off shift and play. Let me just say, Miss. Connie didn't like it at all, and at the end, the staff of 81 took the table back. But soon gets a call about a car accident for which they took.

Truck 81 gets to the scene of a car hitting a van of a mother and daughter. It turns out that the car belongs to Severide and after taking care of the daughter and mother, the officers got word on who the car belongs to, and Herrmann asks for the Intelligence Unit take care of it.

Severide wakes up in his living room with bottles of alcohol around and answers the door, turns out to be Erin and Voight. They ask him to get his jacket and to come down with them to the station with them. Severide has no clue what's going on, and Erin tells him that his car was found at an accident.

After talking to Severide, word gets out that the mother is pulling through, but the daughter had died. They charged Severide and puts him in the holding cell.

As the team investigates, already some of them think that he has done it (Halstead!) and others (Erin) think he deserves the benefit of the doubt to figure it out. After tracing Severide's steps, it seems that every points to that Severide had done it, but after interviewing him again, he remembers a few more things like after getting in his car, he stops and gets out because he had way too much and gets home with a spare key he had hidden. Also a tracker was found underneath the car.

That lead the team back to the bar that Erin and Halstead where at and spotted one of the valet guys taken the car and placing a tracker on it. That lead to grabbing him and setting up a sting, but that backfired when he got spooked  and that lead to one of the best car chases on CPD in a while that just left me on the edge of my seat. But soon they lost the guys but found the car.

There were some personal moments through this episode from Casey talking to Voight about Severide and even Severide and Erin having a moment that kind of really set the tone for the rest of the episode and that was to get Kelly out of there fast.

Atwater knows someone that could help, when they go there apparently he knows what they're talking about and helps take them there. Arresting the leader of the group, Voight has a nice talk with the guy and tells him that if he talks he'll walk out with his business in hand. That lead to a name but the guy apparently he's in hiding from what he has done but demands money from him. So to get him out of hiding, they took the suspect's mother and takes a photo of her in the truck of the car for proof to be here. He comes and get ambushed by Halstead and is taken into the station. The suspect's friend talks about how it all went down and that it wasn't Severide that caused the accident. Severide got released and walks with Erin out of the prison gates, hoping that things between them would be okay and thanked her.

This was one hell of a two-hour event that still after almost two weeks it still holds up. As always Fire played with the emotions and humor while PD settles not only with emotion and mystery but on the edge of your seat action like the car chase scene that's one of my favorites. I think Severide will probably get a bit too close to that patient that he's helping. I really think that Burgess is going to have a tough time at first being with Al on the team, but I think she can make it. That was kind of funny on Al's reaction about Burgess partnering up with him. Great writing from both shows and great performances from the cast too. Overall, I give this crossover a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago Fire Tuesday nights at 10/9c and Chicago PD Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.