#OneChicago Crossover Event #ChicagoFire, #ChicagoPD, #ChicagoJustice Recap/Review

Talk about one hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride!

Wednesday night was the epic four show crossover of all four Chicago series. It started off with Chicago Fire in "Deathtrap" and it opened up with Firehouse 51 getting the call of a warehouse fire that also called for every firehouses and ambulances to get there too. It was literally all hands on deck situation. 

For the first 30 minutes of the episode it felt like an hour and that was because it felt so raw, emotional and movie-like episode. I mean I was literally getting teary eye at times and heart was pumping fast. Severide tries to get everyone out as he tries to bust the door that seemed to be locked and soon both Squad and Truck goes in there. 

They get others out and even Mouch had an accident as well. But the moment comes when Al, from PD, comes to Bowden and tells him that his daughter lives there. He first searches and sees if Dawson has seen her but no signs at all. Al begs Bowden to go back in there, which he did, he and Severide finds her and another person and with fire growing and growing, heart races but they make it out. 

Both Fire and Med shares the hour, treating patients but also treating Al's daughter as well with Will and Natalie on hand. Al's daughter was burned 60 percent of her body and her lungs suffered smoke burns as well. Things looked hopeful for her. The episode really captured the realness of emotion and shock as Casey and Bowden look at those that didn't make it and wonder who the hell would have done this. 

The owner of the warehouse shows up and soon gets attacked by grieving families and friends. They took him to Firehouse 51 to talk with Bowden and the Fire Deputy about the situation. He tells them that he didn't know it was going to be that many people and the reason why he let people live there was because of other places being so high on rent. After hearing the death count up to 36, the owner asked for the bathroom and seconds later blows his head off with a gun. Severide and Susan inspects the warehouse and spots the origins of the fire and that it was arson.

Soon, Chicago PD jumps on the case in episode "Emotional Proximity" when Voight tries to see Al and his daughter and gets word from Bowden that the fire was set up. Quickly, Al's daughter takes a turn for the worst and Will and Natalie jump in and cut the burns around her chest so her lungs can expanded. Things don't look so good for her and it really didn't as later her condition worsen to the point that her organs were in failing. 

Voight and the Intelligence Unit pulled everything they have in to searching for the suspect. You can cut the emotional intentions with a knife it was overwhelming at times, even in the scene when Erin takes Al's daughter's photo and place it with the others that have died making in 38 people. 

Like in big episodes like PD, they really balanced out the drama and humor along with an awesome chase scene that had Halstead jumping over the hood of a car, which was totally bad ass and one of my favorites. With suspect after suspect things really picked up when they got video of the suspect leaving the warehouse party and soon figures that he'll be there at the memorial, for which he was. 

Erin, Halstead and Ruzek gets him moving the the alley and right into Voight's hand or should I saw Voight's gun. If you think that would be intense, no it was when he and the suspect, was placed in the cage and he demanded answers, even with a knife to the neck didn't do much. But Al storms in and demands to have a word, for which Voight wouldn't allow it. But soon, Antonio comes in and  gets word from Al that the suspect told him he did it, which wasn't what had happen

Now taking the suspect into custody, we jump to Chicago Justice, the first full episode and look into the series since it's back pilot episode last season on CPD. Antonio finds out that the suspect didn't tell Al or Voight anything that he had caused the fire and soon tells Stone about it a day later for which didn't help at all. 

The suspect's lawyer plays Stone like a game and try getting the trail dismissed. With the fake news report to even that the suspect was even raped by his uncle, but it all come down to one victim from the fire that really triggered him to do what he did. 

This was all about a girl that he liked and asked her out for coffee but she declined and told him that she was busy with other things. He stalks her on Facebook and sees how much fun she's having with other people, he wonders why not him and so it was all about if he can't have her than she can't have anything else.

Stone makes his case one last time and with the suspect's reaction, it all put that in him being guilty of all charges from the fire to even the 38 counts of murder. And while we heard on the count of Al's daughter, the last scene shown Al in tears as justice was finally done.

This was one hell of a #OneChicago crossover. It literally felt like a feature film. The performances from everyone was amazing even Bradley Whitford was great as well. The writing was so so solid. I couldn't find anything wrong with it expect that I wish it had limited commercial interruptions, that would have been a lot better for Fire. But Dick Wolf and the gang know what they are doing and I leave it up to them to whatever they want to do. Overall, I give this TV event a 10/10.

You can catch Chicago Justice tonight at 9/8c on NBC followed by the premiere of Shades of Blue at 10/9c.

Chicago Fire will be back on March 21 at 10/9c and Chicago PD will returns on March 22 at 10/9c. Chicago Med will be next this week at 9/8c on NBC.