Outlander S2 Ep11 "Vengeance Is Mine" or Don't Lose Your Head

This episode is very special for three reasons.  First and foremost, it is written by Herself, Diana Gabaldon (with a little help from Anne).  This is a big deal, as she is not only the author, but this might be one of the very few we get to see her write since she is extremely busy writing the 9th book and touring. We got to see much more of the real Jamie and Claire, she got to change things up a bit and it worked out splendidly. Secondly, a character we book people know that dies in the book, gets to live.  Thirdly, a man we all hate gets bit in the ass by karma.  Doesn’t get better than this….well….maybe some, but still, this ranks up there with one of the best episodes.

Yes, there were changes from the books.  I believe that Diana got to explore a little of “Well, I did it this way in the book, but I had this idea as well, so…..”  The changes worked very well and one addition added some much debated insight to the rape in Paris.

The episode opens weeks from Prestonpans.  Claire’s voiceover tells us that they have been marching and moving south since their victory, and are now camped in Northern England.  However, she goes on to say that the “sympathetic uprising” that Prince Charles had mentioned is basically non-existent. Claire is trying to stay busy, while the commanders are meeting with the Prince.  In true Claire fashion, she is attending to the sick and in this case, those who need teeth pulled and totally scaring a little boy sitting waiting for his turn nearby.

Inside, O’Sullivan and Murray are actually agreeing with each other.  According to Charles, it is at the most inopportune time too.  They are only five days march away from London.  Jamie and Charles both feel they should continue on to London, but O’Sullivan and Murray are both saying that they should turn around and head back into Scotland. Another commander speaks up and says that going to London is all fine and dandy, but that the English army outnumbers theirs by the thousands.  Jamie argues that if they turn tail and run back to Scotland, it would leave their supporters and men filled with doubt and fear.

Prince Charles at first uses his usual tactics of lots of whining and guilt trips.  “So, there is no one among you still willing to stand by your Prince, your rightful King, and your God?”  No one, but Jamie can look the Prince in the eyes.  Jamie walks past them, fetches his sword and pauses on his way back to give a stern look at a few of them.  He walks to Charles, kneels by his side with his sword and kisses the Prince’s ring finger and then places his forehead on the Prince’s hand in a public form of an oath.  Charles thanks Jamie for his loyalty and stands looking out over the other men in the room.

He is stunned and starts out calmly saying, “One man.” He slams his hands on the table and then loses his temper which we haven’t seen before.  His face turns red as he goes on about how utterly disappointed he is in them and that he would rather be “run through with a British bayonet” and be thrown into an unmarked grave than to turn back now.  He pauses for a moment and then approaches O’Sullivan and agrees to the decision, but damns him to hell in the same breath and storms out.

Claire and some of the men perk up when the door opens and Prince Charles storms out with a kiss- ass O’Sullivan on his heels.  Jamie finally exits and takes a deep breath and comes to Claire.  He apologizes that he couldn’t convince them to change their minds and head into London.  They may have gotten control of London, but even if they were not able to hold it, it would have meant that history can be changed.

Jamie’s men are nearby, and he assures them that he will see them safely home to Lallybroch by winter and then turns to Claire and tells her that he will see her safe “no matter what happens”.  No omen there whatsoever.

That night, a shirtless Jamie stands by the bedside and watches his wife sleeping.  He says a beautiful Gaelic prayer over her.  Thank God for subtitles because I can tell you what he said! 

“God shield my beloved, my white dove, and the child that she may one day bear.  Preserve her from violence and from harm.  In this place and every place.  On this night and on every night. “

While saying the prayer, he touches her oh, so tenderly and ends it with a kiss on her shoulder.  It is overly romantic and I am absolutely loving it!  Claire wakes and asks him if something is wrong and he smiles and tells her no.  She beckons him to join her in bed and asks what it was that he was saying.  He smiles again and tells her it was nothing.  He adds that there isn’t much he can say to her when she is awake that won’t make him seem overly “foolish” or “daft”, but he can tell her such things while she is asleep.  Her dreams will tell her the truth of what he says.  They settle in with a nice cozy loving cuddle for the night.

 This is the Jamie we book people have all fallen in love with.  He is a very masculine man, but inside is a hopeless romantic that really wants to show itself to Claire.  What Jamie doesn’t know is that most women love to hear stuff that he probably thinks is sappy and would make him seem soft or crazy.  *sigh*

While there is no sex again this episode, I totally (unlike some crazy people out there) DO NOT care this time.  The overly romantic stuff was totally sufficient for me.  I know….I am a little daft like that!  LOL.

The next morning, finds Dougal really angry and bursting into the room.  He hands Jamie and note and tells him to read it.  It is giving Jamie orders to take his men and go ahead of the army to set up winter quarters in Inverness.  Jamie is confused by this and Dougal clears it up.  O’Sullivan’s feelings were being hurt because he feared Jamie had too much influence over the Prince and wants Jamie and Dougal out of the way.  Basically being banished like some common criminals.  Claire notices that somehow they are supposed to obtain provisions for the army.  Dougal says he asked about that too, and was told that “His Highness’s loyal supporters” would be more than happy to extend credit.  Yeah….okay.

Jamie wants to go speak to the Prince right away, but Dougal stops him at the door.  Don’t bother, he tells Jamie, as Murray whisked Prince Charles away earlier on Jamie’s horse, which they “knew he wouldn’t mind” them using.  Jamie looks out the window and asks Claire how long it’s been since she was in Inverness.  Well…..

Jamie, along with Claire and his men pack up and head towards Inverness.  They stop and set up camp and all seems well. Claire is helping Ross get a metal splinter out of his finger and just finishes up when a bullet flies past and hits the lone guard standing nearby.  All hell breaks loose, as the men are ordered to scatter to the woods and Jamie grabs Claire and Fergus and he, Murtagh, Dougal and Rupert make a run for it on horseback.

Jamie and his small group run the horses hard and then slow a bit thinking they have lost the English.  However they realize after they cross over a crossroads, that they picked up a small band of soldiers who are now chasing them and shooting.  Bullets are flying by and they try to get ahead.  A bullet finds Rupert and gets him in the eye.  He passes out and starts to fall over.  Dougal tries to get to him and pull him back up, but to no avail. He gives up and leaps to Rupert’s horse and holds the man up as they keep running.

They manage to get enough of a gap between them and the English that they take refuge in a dense brush and watch as the English go rushing past.  Jamie leads them out of the thicket and they double back to a church nearby.

Murtagh confides to Jamie that it might not be prudent to stop, but Jamie tells him that Claire says that Rupert will die if they don’t.  Jamie tells everyone to stay put while he scopes out the church.  As he gets closer he sees that the church already has at least one occupant.  He opens the door and grabs the man there and holds a knife to his throat.  It is Ross and a few of this other men that have found their way there.  They have one man with the horses in the woods nearby.

At Jamie’s signal, everyone comes into the church and tries to settle in.  Claire has Rupert laid on a table and proceeds to get stuff together to take the ball out of his eye.  What happens next, let’s just say that my feelings would not have been hurt if we didn’t have to see or hear it.  She digs into his eye and Rupert screams in pain, but Claire manages to retrieve the ball.  Oh holy God, the sounds.  I think I managed to feel totally sick to my stomach on this one and wanted to scream along with Rupert.

Claire finishes up with Rupert, stitching him up and placing a torn piece of cloth over his eye. She tells him she will see to it that he gets a black eye patch like a proper pirate.  Rupert is confused, and asks Claire if pirate’s have black eye patches.  No pirate he’s ever seen has one.  She says that they do and peglegs and parrots.  This confuses him more and wonders what world she’s been living in to see pirates like that, and Claire just gives up.

Murtagh calls Jamie over to a window and they tell Fergus to blow out the candle.  There is a flame in the distance and then it multiplies into many.  They have been found by the British and are trapped.  The commanding officer tells them that they found their man and horses in the woods nearby and to come out and surrender.  It isn’t a good situation.  There is no back door and if they chose to stand and fight, the English are behind the small wall and tombstones outside.  Not easy shots.

Moments pass and Jamie comes up with a solution.  There is a price on his head, so he will surrender himself and bargain for the rest of them.  Dougal scoffs at the idea and tells his nephew to “stop being a hero” and that now it is a choice “between the hangman and the headsman” and it would be preferable to stand and fight.  Sorry, I am totally agreeing with crazy Dougal on this one.  The officer threatens to set fire to the thatched roof if they do not come out.

Jamie doesn’t change his mind though and tells them that they are still under his protection.  He starts to head toward the door, when Claire’s quick thinking comes to the rescue again.  She screams out “HELP! SAVE ME!  I’m a British subject!”  

The officers outside pause and look at each other not sure that they heard an Englishwoman’s voice.  Jamie comes up to Claire and scolds her and asks her if she is insane.  The commanding officer asks if they have an Englishwoman in the church.

Claire explains her simple plan.  They won’t set fire to the church if she is still inside.  They can bargain for their freedom with the British using her.  She adds that it worked the last time.  Jamie is not happy and hisses “With a LAD! No. Never.”  Dougal watches this with interest, but chimes in when an English officer yells to release the lady at once.  “Give up our hostage? Not likely! We’d rather—“he starts to say and is quieted by Jamie’s elbow to his nose.

Before a full out brawl starts inside and the English decide to say to hell with negotiating anymore, Murtagh intercedes.  He calmly tells Jamie that Claire’s plan is a good one.  She is right.  The English will take her and release her and Jamie should not be concerned about her being hurt.  Jamie, looking at Claire says “I will not let you go.”

“Yes, you will, you stubborn Scot!” Claire snaps back at Jamie.  “I. Will. Not.” Jamie growls at her, standing his ground.  Claire loses all patience at this point and yells at him in one last attempt.  “AM I NOT LADY BROCH TUARACH?  Are these men not my responsibility too?”   Jamie clenches his jaw shut, but doesn’t say a word.  Moments later, Dougal steps outside to begin negotiations.

It isn’t Dougal who sets the terms of the agreement.  The commanding British officer tells him that the Scots will surrender the Englishwoman, horses and weapons.  Dougal asks for the officer’s word of honor that they will leave with the lady only.  The officer agrees and asks for the woman’s name.  Dougal pauses for a moment, then says her name is Mistress Beauchamp, a widow they encountered along the way and “took under their protection”.  The officer is not impressed with the last part as he claims to know the Highlander way of protection and he tells Dougal that if the lady is harmed in any way, the deal is off.  Dougal smirks at the idea.

Meanwhile, inside, Jamie takes one look at Claire and tells her she is a terrible liar and if she goes outside with that look of guilt on her face, the English will know something is amiss.  She asks how she is supposed to look, but it is Fergus who comes up with the idea for her to feign a faint so that they cannot question her right away.

Dougal returns and says that it is agreed upon and that they will most likely take her to Hazelmere, the closest location of a garrison.  Jamie speaks up, “We’ll make our way there and fetch you back”.  He picks her up to head outside, but Dougal stops him.  He strongly suggests that Jamie stays hidden.  If they should recognize him as “Red Jamie” then all bets are off and they are back to square one.  Claire agrees with Dougal and tells Jamie that they will find each other like they always do, so “trust in that”.  She kisses Jamie and he resists at first of letting her go, but reluctantly hands her over to Dougal.  She quickly goes limp as Dougal heads out the door.

Dougal hands over Claire to the Lieutenant who carries her to a nearby tree and sits her up against it.  She pretends to come to and acts confused.  She asks where she is and the Lieutenant assures her that she is okay and asks if she was harmed.  She says no and he offers her a drink of water.  She watches as Dougal and the men (minus Jamie of course) surrender their weapons.  Jamie helplessly watches the proceedings from inside the church.

The commanding officer prepares to leave and tells the Highlanders to return to their homes and to live out their lives “as peaceful loyal subjects of the Crown”.  Of course Dougal who has to have the last word, chimes in that he will be glad to “as soon as the true king is wearing that crown”.  Hey, Dougal, silence is golden!

The British soldiers mount up and put Claire on one of the confiscated horses and ride away.  As soon as they are away, Jamie goes into some serious wife withdrawal and does the “I am the only one to save her” attitude.  He orders Murtagh and Dougal to take the men and see them safely home.  He is going to find a horse and go and rescue Claire.  Murtagh tells Jamie that he is coming with and when Jamie tells him no, Murtagh informs him that he may be able to order his uncle and the others around, but not him.  He is coming with.  Dougal agrees and says that if he can’t come with, then Murtagh will be the next best thing. In my opinion, Murtagh is THE first choice.

On the road, alone with the English troops, Claire realizes how quickly and easily it was to lose her sense of direction and reflects how she regrets not being able to leave any breadcrumbs for Jamie to follow her.  She is told by a soldier that they need to stop for the night and they roll into town.  They stop to dismount and Claire is recognized by an old friend who quietly watches her be taken into an inn.  Hugh Monroe, Jamie’s beggar friend, is there.

Inside, Claire is seated with a blanket around her in a chair by the fire.  She sips on a hot beverage when she is sexually harassed by a scrawny pathetic looking English soldier who thinks she needs to be warmed up.  Ugh.  Claire sinks down into the chair and eventually falls asleep.

Morning comes and Claire wakes to find that most of the soldiers are gone and the Lieutenant informs her that the Captain received orders to head to Keswick and that she is to be taken to Belmont instead of Hazelmere.  When asked why they were not going to the garrison, the Lieutenant tells her that it is “the fortunes of war” and that it is on the way to Keswick and there is a house there owned “by a rich Englishman” who is sure to offer her refuge.

On their way outside the inn, Claire is rushed by Hugh Monroe.  He is promptly knocked down by the Lieutenant who threatens him for assaulting the lady.  Claire reprimands the Lieutenant for his “lack of Christian charity” and bends down to help Hugh up to his feet.  As she is doing so she murmurs to Hugh that Jamie is looking for her at Hazelmere.  She turns to the Lieutenant and exclaims that she still does not understand why they are not going to the garrison at Hazelmere, but instead to Belmont.  The Lieutenant ignores her, but Hugh Monroe got the message loud and clear.

Claire arrives at Belmont House, a large manor home.  As she looks around the room where she was led too, a door opens and in walks the man of the house – The Duke of Sandringham.  Claire and he are obviously both shocked to see each other, but the Duke recovers quickly and he offers “Mrs. Beauchamp” refuge in his house.  The Lieutenant leaves and the Duke glares at Claire and says he definitely needs a drink.  After a little small talk, Claire needs a drink too.

Claire should know better than to trust anything this man has to say.  He tells a tale of how his social and financial life is in shambles due to him being suspected of being a Jacobite sympathizer.  This is the reason for the house being surrounded by soldiers. They are keeping an eye on him.  He goes on to say that he could have revealed her real name, but he chose not to since he wishes to go with her when Jamie comes to rescue her.  When Claire shows signs of disbelief, he assures her that he has a messenger that can get a message from her to Jamie safely and will give him advance warning of the soldiers.  Claire reluctantly agrees and quickly writes a letter in Gaelic for Jamie.  However, she says that the messenger will deliver it to a beggarman by the name of Munroe who is to be found on the road between Creich and Hazelmere.  The Duke takes the message and agrees.

The messenger finds Hugh Monroe, but not before the beggar finds him and beats him up a little.  He takes the message and runs off into the woods to finds Jamie.

Back at Belmont, Claire is surprised to find Mary Hawkins there too.  When Mary takes her to the kitchen to talk, she finds that Sandringham is her godfather and that he has arranged a marriage with a Mr. Grainger, a rich loyalist who wants into the family.  Claire assures Mary that her godfather has made a decision that might fix that problem.  She says she will try to talk to the Duke about the marriage.

A little while later, Claire is waiting to speak to Sandringham about Mary when he walks in with a cloak on and his valet, Danton.  It seems he ventured outside and had a chat with the commanding officer who has agreed to withdraw his soldiers, but it is not known for how long. As Sandringham gives his cloak to his valet, Claire notices that Danton has a wine colored birthmark on his hand.  Exactly like the one of the man that was attacking her in Paris and tried to rape her.

Claire demands to know from the Duke how long Danton has been in his employ.  The Duke admits that he had him under his employ in Paris.  When Claire continues to berate the Duke with questions, Danton casually goes over and closes the doors.  “She recognizes you!” Sandringham hisses at Danton, thus admitting his involvement.

The Duke’s demeanor changes now.  He goes on about the elaborate plan and relishes in the details like some deranged lunatic.  The man is definitely a different kind of evil.  When Claire says that Mary was there, Sandringham says that it was most unfortunate.  He admits that the whole plan was due to him owing the Comte Saint Germain a great deal of money.  He had no means of which to repay his debt and didn’t wish to kill her like Saint Germain wanted so he convinced him that rape would be the better option.  I am absolutely speechless at how casually he says this, like it is some simple dinner conversation.

The Duke’s demeanor changes now.  He goes on about the elaborate plan and relishes in the details like some deranged lunatic.  The man is definitely a different kind of evil.  When Claire says that Mary was there, Sandringham says that it was most unfortunate.  He admits that the whole plan was due to him owing the Comte Saint Germain a great deal of money.  He had no means of which to repay his debt and didn’t wish to kill her like Saint Germain wanted so he convinced him that rape would be the better option.  I am absolutely speechless at how casually he says this, like it is some simple dinner conversation.

The Duke gets closer to Claire and tells her that she should be grateful.  She could easily be dead.  Danton has to add his two cents in here and tells her that she very well still could be.  Really, dude?  Who asked you?!  Claire remarks to Sandringham that he will regret sending the soldiers away, but the Duke chuckles.  Oh, wait; there is more to his evil plan!  Seems that was all him.  It is to set a trap to capture “Red Jamie”.  If he was to hand over “Red Jamie” and his “traitorous English wife” then that would prove his loyalty to the Crown.  Then Jamie and Claire can be hung side by side.  “How romantic” Sandringham purrs into Claire’s ear.  Claire just glares at him and the Duke smiles and tells Danton to take her to her room and lock her in.

Meanwhile, Hugh Munroe waits alongside the road and sees Jamie and Murtagh coming on horseback.  He jumps out in front of them and gets them to stop and hands the note to Jamie after they greet each other.  Jamie and Murtagh take a few moments to try to decipher Claire’s idea of Gaelic.  Jamie tells Murtagh that he will give her proper lessons later.  They manage to get that she is with Sandringham at Belmont House and that the house is surrounded by English soldiers.  Hugh Monroe knows where Belmont House is and agrees to take Jamie and Murtagh there.  As Jamie heads back to the horses, Murtagh, still looking at the note, says “She’s even misspelled HELP!”   FYI:  Help is cuidich in Scottish Gaelic.

Back at the house, Claire looks out her bedroom window and sees Hugh Monroe crossing the lawn to the house.  She gets worried that he will be captured and he is also her only link to get a message to Jamie that the whole thing is a trap.  Her door opens and she turns to see Mary there who can’t understand why Claire is locked inside.  Claire tells her that Jamie is coming to rescue her.  Mary begs Claire to take her with her.  Claire agrees, but that a beggar by the name of Hugh Monroe is outside and they need to get a message for Jamie to him.  She instructs Mary to go down the main stairs and go out the front door.  Claire, herself, will go down the back stairs to the kitchen.  Whoever finds Hugh first will give him the warning to give to Jamie that it is a trap. Mary is appalled at the thought she would have to talk to a filthy beggar and Claire rolls her eyes, and walks out and heads down to the kitchen.

Claire, not so subtle, makes her way down to the stairs to the kitchen.  She manages to get in one door and goes to another and begins to open it when she hears a voice behind her.  It is Sandringham who apologizes for his appearance, but he was not expecting company.  He asks her to join him in eating and Claire reluctantly agrees. 

The Duke tries to get Claire to spill the beans on what really went down at Versailles with the Comte’s death.  He wants to know how she managed to kill the man.  Claire assures him it was only an accident and the Duke disagrees.  He rattles on about the unsavory personality of the man and the different rumors he has heard regarding his death.  Claire spots a knife of a counter behind the Duke in some meat and decides she is actually hungry after all.  She rises, but the Duke rises too, and rushes to the knife before she can get to it.  I guess it does pay to not trust anyone when you are the Duke of Sandringham.

The door bursts open and in walks Mary who is just as surprised to see her godfather there.  When asked what the hell she is doing there, she replies that she simply wanted something to eat.  Sandringham sighs with impatience and slaps some food on a plate and informs Mary to get to bed now.  He and Claire were having the most amusing conversation.  I have a feeling it will get even better real soon.

Mary leaves the kitchen, but heads to the front door as Claire had originally instructed.  She opens the door and comes face to face with an English soldier standing guard.  Before anyone can say anything he is hit over the head with a rock by Hugh Monroe.  Mary is stunned for a moment, but then quickly tells Hugh that it is a trap, to tell Jamie and that Claire is in the kitchen.  She turns to go and hears Danton ask where she is headed and she tries to run, but he grabs her and she fights and says she will tell her godfather that he has manhandled her.  Danton glances back at the door and sees nothing.  Hugh Monroe has dragged the soldier’s body away.  He closes the door and drags Mary off towards the kitchen.

Outside, Hugh informs Jamie and Murtagh of the message and takes them around to the kitchen side of the house.  Jamie renders another guard unconscious and quickly runs across the lawn.

Back in the kitchen, Claire is eating out of sheer boredom of the conversation.  The Duke is still going on about the rumors surrounding the Comte’s death.  Danton bursts in with Mary in tow and tells the Duke that he found her out front.  Mary immediately stammers that she simply cannot marry Mr. Grainger and that she tried to run away, but got too scared of the dark open space.  The Duke is totally losing patience with her and tells her to just go to bed NOW.   Danton turns to drag Mary off to bed when Jamie bursts through the door.

I don’t like bad guys with quick reflexes.  Danton is one of these.  He manages to push Mary away, grab Claire and a knife and put the knife against Claire’s throat before Jamie can do anything.  Jamie yells out to Claire, but after a moment, sees that Danton means business and slowly drops his dirk to the floor.  Just at this point, Murtagh decides to make his entrance which causes just enough of a distraction that Claire manages to elbow Danton and escape.  This leaves an opening for Jamie to lunge at the man, throw him against a wall and pummel him to the ground.  As Jamie does this, Claire yells to Jamie, “This is the man who attacked us in Paris!”  Mary’s eyes widen with shock.

Danton tries to make himself look better by pushing all blame on Sandringham.  Claire says that it is true, and explains the plan as Sandringham told her.  Jamie renders Danton unconscious with a big punch to the head and advances menacingly towards Sandringham. 

For once we see this son of a bitch show real true fear.  If the man knows anything about Scots, particularly Highlanders, he will know how fiercely protective they are of those they love and what they are capable of doing.  I am sure he has “shant” his pants too with the look in Jamie’s eyes.  Of course, the Duke tries to make himself look all innocent.  He tells Jamie that it was actually all Saint Germain’s idea and that he really didn’t know what the man wanted.  They only meant to scare them and says that Jamie knows him, he would never agree to anything as vulgar as rape.  Claire yells that it is a lie, that rape was all Sandringham’s idea.

Quick as lightning, Jamie grabs the Duke by the throat and agrees, that yes, he does know him, and he knows that he would say “whatever to whoever” to save his sorry hide.  The Duke blabbers on about some other excuse, still trying to obtain sympathy and prove innocence.  Jamie, about to strangle the man, meets Murtagh’s eye who is standing behind.  It is obvious that Murtagh wants a crack at the man and has the look of a certified Grimm Reaper on his face. 

Meanwhile, no one seems to notice a quiet little mouse of a girl sneak across the room, grab a knife and come up behind a now awake and semi-standing Danton.  She thinks for a split second on whether to actually do it or not, then makes the decision and quickly takes a few steps and stabs the man.  He makes a sound that makes everyone stop for a second. Claire calls out her name and comes running to her side, as she can’t believe that Mary was capable of such an act.

Murtagh is the only one who doesn’t seem to notice or care.  He has his eyes on Sandringham who is thinking of making an escape.  Sandringham turns to make an escape and comes face to face with Murtagh and an axe.  After a few blood splattering wacks, the Duke is officially headless.  Mary and Claire manage to somehow watch the whole ordeal.  Murtagh picks up the Duke’s head by the hair, and walks over to Mary and Claire.  He kneels at their feet and lays the head there also.  He looks up and says, “I kept my word. I lay my vengeance at your feet.”

After a very tense moment of awkward silence (I mean, what exactly do you say after someone gives you a bloody head?), Mary speaks up and says ever so calmly, “I think we’d better go”.  Jamie nods in agreement and ushers the girls out of the room with Murtagh behind.  Giving the headless body of the Duke of Sandringham one last glance, Jamie leaves the room too.

So, what was changed?  Well, the thing that stood out the most is the whole interaction with the Duke.  Claire didn’t have that much interaction and if I remember correctly, she was still trapped in her room when Jamie came to get her.  Murtagh did in fact kill Sandringham, but on the stairs I believe and he put the head in a burlap bag and they took it with them.  Why?  Because Hugh Monroe got caught on the property by the English and was hung for his part in trying to help with Claire’s rescue.  Murtagh laid the head of the Duke of Sandringham at Hugh Monroe’s wife. 

Hugh Monroe got to live, which is perfectly fine by me and SandringASS still got his head chopped off by Murtagh.  All is good.  Now, if someone could just save Murtagh………