OUTLANDER S3 EP 4 "Of Lost Things" and...a hot steamy scene!

I admit it.  I was loathing the thought of watching Jamie with Geneva.  I hated it in the books and there has been that whole stupid "rape" argument over the years.  However, they did a wonderful job with that scene and........well.....just watching Sam Heughan in a sex scene is just hot anyway!

We only get snippets of Claire and Brianna, now at the manse with Roger and of course Fiona. Basically, we are right back where we left off with them in 1968 at the end of Season 2.   Most of this episode is about Jamie's life at Helwater Estate to the time he is set free.

Our handsome historian, Roger has set up a convenient timeline on some boards and they see that time in the future and past,  basically, give or take a couple of years, runs parallel with each other. So, their dilemma at the moment is finding Jamie after Culloden.  They scour over registries for the prisons, even the big ones in England, to see if they can find him.

Claire finds Jamies name.gif
Claire and gang find Jamie Ardsmuir.jpg

  Absentmindedly, Claire picks up a document and a looks down and a name pops out of the page.  There he is!  James Fraser of Broch Tuarach!  They see him in several years worth of registries for Ardsmuir prison.  That is the good news.  The bad news?  The prison closed in 1756.  Now what?  It is suggested that they search the national archives for ship manifests, as Jamie may have been sent somewhere else.

However, lucky for us, we know exactly where Jamie is.  He is now a groom at Helwater Estate, the home of the Dunsany family. The family comes home and is properly greeted by all the help.  Alex Mackenzie (get used to this for one more time at least....Jamie uses his names as aliases) gets called inside to meet with Lord Dunsany.  Hmmmmm.   Turns out that Lord John told Lord Dunsany that this person was one of his prisoners, but highly recommended him.  He also knows, that he was a Jacobite prisoner (just not the notorious Red Jamie).  He is pretty cordial towards Jamie, as he tells him he lost his only son in that war.  However, "You lost." he says and it is over and done with.  Jamie is to receive a stipend while he works his time off there.  However, he will tell Lady Dunsany that Jamie was employed by the Grey family and came highly recommended.

1968 again for a quick moment. Claire receives a phone call one evening from Joe Abernathy and they have a nice conversation and then Joe asks when is she coming home?  He mentions a particular patient that will have to have surgery and thought that since it was really Claire's patient, she would want to take charge.  She just tells him she doens't know the answer to when she is coming home just yet.

 Roger's car broke down alongside the road with him under the hood trying to fix the problem and Brianna making fun of him because Fiona put cream on his scone because he is too skinny.  LOL. 

Roger I don't have a girlfriend.gif

Bree asks Roger about a girlfriend.  He claims to have several girls that are merely friends, but no girlfriend.  Brianna tells Roger to let her have a look, reaches down and fixes the loose distributor cap.  Again...LOL!  Get used to it Roger, she is good at making and inventing things! Roger asks her jokingly what does he owe her, and she coyly replies "I will think of something." The romance is a brewing here, we just have to be patient and wait until next season until we see these two in bed. Sorry folks! 

Back to Helwater, and Jamie is called over to pick straws with the rest of the grooms.  He is confused, but finds out that the one with the short straw is the unlucky bastard to ride with Geneva Dunsany.  Self entitled, snobbish, used to getting her own way and demanding......yep, that is about right. She orders Jamie to get her horse and when he isn't fast enough calls him a "useless Scotchman".  When she rides away with one of the unhappy grooms, Jamie mutters, "A boot on the hindquarters is what that one needs," to another groom. 

Swift Kick.jpg

They hear a voice ask "Are you speaking of the horse or my sister?" It is Isobel, Geneva's little sister and total polar opposite of the latter.  Jamie and the other groom are horrified of course and Isobel just laughs and says "I doubt it would do her any good."  She talks to Jamie about the magnificent horses and how she just like to come down to the stables to watch them.  She hates how her "father confines such splendid creatures".  Jamie says he has seen many stables and Helwaters is by far the finest, but Isobel looks at him and say "A cage is still a cage."  She is the nice one and it almost seems she feels sorry for Jamie and his situation.  She goes on to inquire about John Grey.  She has know him for some time and it is obvious to Jamie the girl has feelings for him.  He tries to discourage her advances in that direction by telling her, "Military and marriage are no easy bedfellows. The major's passion lies in soldiering."  Afterall, Jamie knows the man doesn't prefer women.  However, Isobel won't bow so easily and claims that "His dedication to king and country are one of the things I admire most about him."  Well, good try my man.....

It is time to draw straws once again and somehow Jamie manages to not pick the short straw.  However, when Geneva arrives and sees that it is not Jamie, she demands that he be the one to ride with her.  Oh yea. 

Geneva and Jamie riding.jpg

They ride through the woods and stop.  Jamie recommends they turn around and head back before dark. She laughs and says that he has to do HER bidding and rides off.  Jamie lags behind a little and then he hears her make a noise of distress and finds her lying on the ground seemingly unconscious.  Nope. 

Jamie dumps Geneva.gif
Geneva laughing in mud.gif

Once he picks her up in his arms, and heads to his horse, she starts to laugh and said she knew he would do that.  He unceremoniously dumps her in a big mud puddle.   She laughs out loud and shouts to him as he rides away that she looks forward to their next ride.  

Good to his word, Lord John has returned and is playing a game of chess with Jamie on a stump.  They discuss a few things, but then are interrupted by none other Lord Melton, John's brother with Geneva and Isobel on his arm.  The girls introduce Alex Mackenzie and ask how the Grey family could get along without him as their groom as he is a good one.  Jamie is standing with his head down and stern look on his face.  Lord Melton sees Red Jamie, the man he saved and sent home back at Culloden.  He is good though and snidely remarks that they manage.  Geneva is paying close attention to body language here and can tell something is amiss.  They excuse themselves and go play a game of cribbage.

Geneva it turns out is being married off to a man (Ellesmere) who is old enough to be her grandfather.  Can we say ewww?  She is not pleased with him and Jamie is present working on one of the horses for the asshat's carriage.  Ellesmere remarks that "If a child of mine had that hair color I'd drown it before it drew a second breath" basically insulting Jamie.  

Geneva checks out Jamie.jpg

Geneva lags behind when the man leaves and everyone is headed back inside.  She watches as Jamie walks away.  I mean, with an ass like that, who can resist? *grin* You can see on her face she is hatching a plan. 

Jamie at stables sees Geneva.jpeg

Later, while Jamie and another groom are pushing carts of horse dung, Geneva shows up.  The other groom bows out and leaves Jamie with Geneva who actually asks what he is doing "Shoveling shit my lady."  right to her face.  *me laughing again* She informs Jamie her wedding is in three days and asks if he has ever been married.  He says yes.

Geneva calls Jamie to her room.gif

"Good, then you will know what to do." and she tells him to come to her bedroom that night.  Jamie is confused and asks what she means.  She informs him that she is to be wed to that old man Ellesmere and by damned if she is going to give her "maidenhead" to him.  She wants to do it with Jamie. 

Jamie telling Geneva is crazy.gif

Jamie is in disbelief and becoming furious and he refuses.  Then the wee bitch comes out with the blackmail.  She informs Jamie that Lord Melton had quite a bit of drink and was quite the chatterbox.  She learned quite a bit about him.  Jamie still refuses and Geneva tells Jamie that she will inform her mother who he really is and she will surely put Jamie's ass back in jail.  On top of that, she mentions Lallybroch to Jamie's horror and his sister Jenny.  She tells Jamie that troops will probably be taken there and bad things might happen to the family.  So, basically, Jamie has no choice but to give in to save his family......again.  

That night, Jamie sneaks into the house and up to Geneva's room.  She is standing there in a dressing gown and calls him by the name Jamie.   "Having brought me to your bed by means of threat against my family, I'll not have you call me by the name they gave me." He tells her to call him Alex, as that is his name also.  She orders him to undress.  As he starts, she is watching, but then turns away.  Sensing her hesitation and nervousness, he kindly tells her he can watch him if she likes. She watches as he takes off his pants then finally his shirt and she gasps seeing his back.  He says it doesn't hurt anymore and turns around. 

Jamie getting naked for Geneva.jpg

Geneva checks out Jamie's naked body and he gently asks if he can touch her to which she agrees. She gasps and tells him as he touches her and exposes her more that she doesn't know what to do.  Jamie's face starts to tell you that he remembers his own wedding night and the same feeling. 

Jamie and Geneva touch chest.jpeg

So, he takes Geneva's hands and lays them on his chest.  Jamie I think sort of feels some sympathy for her.  He reminds her that they don't have to do this.  I'm doing this for myself. I want my first time to be with someone like you." she tells him.  She feels some of Jamie's chest and arm and asks if it will hurt much.  He tells her not if he takes his time.  Of course, I believe that that was just to try to calm her as he probably has no idea or ever bedded a virgin. 

Jamie and Geneva kissing.jpg

They kiss and Jamie undresses her and picks her up and takes her to the bed.  There is licking and kissing and some moaning and she asks if she can touch him.....meaning...you know. 


He says yes and well, taking his time went out the window. "Move with me." he tells her.   It is actually kind of a tender love making moment and you can't help but feel a little sorry for Geneva who gets no say in who she marries and is a victim of her circumstances like Jamie is a victim with her blackmailing him.

Jamie discusses what love is.gif

Afterwards, Jamie asks if he hurt her and she replies that it hurt at first and then she liked it.  She professes love for Jamie and he stops her right there and tells her "It's not love, my lady, it’s just the feelings I've roused in your body. Strong, but it's not the same thing as love."   She asks what the difference is.  He sits up on the end of the bed and hands her the dressing gown.  "What you feel for me now, you could have with any other man. It's not particular. Love is when you give your heart and soul to another, and they give theirs in return." Geneva realizes she will never know that and Jamie remembers his wedding night and Claire.

Pregnant Geneva.gif

Months later the Ellesmeres come to visit.  After saying her hellos to her family and they start to go inside, a very pregnant Geneva slightly turns, hand on stomach and gives Jamie a look.  He knows the child is his.  Damn woman!  Well....there is such a thing as pulling out Jamie.....

Back in 1968, Fiona hands Claire a bag and says that it belongs to Claire.  Inside, are the pearls, that belonged to Jamie's mother originally and Jamie gave to Claire on their wedding night.  "I thought I would never see these again." Claire exclaims as she holds them in her hand.  Claire had given them to Mrs. Graham as a way to try to forget the past (Yeah....that worked brilliantly).  Fiona explains that when her Gran had passed them on to her, but Fiona felt that her Gran (and herself) would want Claire to have them back.  Claire thanks Fiona and as Fiona leaves the room, Claire's look is distant. Obviously remembering the wedding night when Jamie gave them to her.  There is a bit of apprehension at the fact of not only finding his name, but to hold onto concrete evidence of her soulmate.  Brianna sees this in her mother's face.

Bree and Roger afraid of losing her.gif

A little later that night, Bree and Roger are sitting side by side in front of the fire.  Brianna is just starting to rebuild her relationship with her mother.  Is it fair to not fair to keep her in present time, or to let her go back to the man she has always loved?  What if she can never return? 

Roger and Bree kiss.jpg

Roger calms her worries and Bree suddenly kisses him.  There is an awkward moment and then smiles.  I don't like this.  Roger and Bree have this banter back and forth in the book before EVER kissing.  It just feels forced.  Hopefully this will improve.

Back at Helwater, Isobel comes running down to the stables at night and knocks on the door for Jamie to come quickly.  Her sister is giving birth and there are complications.  They all rush to the Ellesmere estate.  The family runs upstairs to Geneva and Jamie is left behind to wait.  A little later, Jamie sees one of the female maids / servants and asks about the baby.  He is told that it is a fine and healthy boy.  A slight look of happiness and pride come over him.  He walks into a hallway and hears Isobel sobbing.  He inquires to what is wrong and Isobel tells him Geneva died.  She seemed fine at first, but then she started to bleed again and the docotors did all they could.  Jamie tries to comfort her, but she stands and smacks him across the face.  She informs Jamie that Geneva had told her everything, that the two had slept together, that the marriage with Ellesmere was never consummated and that Geneva said she was in love with Jamie.  Before the conversation can continue, they hear a commotion and screaming.  A servant comes and tells Jamie to come quickly that his master is asking for him and that there is trouble.

When Jamie gets to the hall that the commotion is, he sees Lord Ellesmere holding his newborn son (who amazingly is fast asleep) and a knife.  "You promised me a virgin!" he yells and calls the baby a bastard.  He threatens to kill it.  The Dunsany's are pleading with him to be reasonable and to let them take the baby.  Lord Dunsany has a gun pointed at Ellesmere and threatens to shoot.  Jamie says for them both to drop their weapons. 

Jamie in the middle.gif

He steps between them both and quietly convinces Lord Dunsany to give him the gun.  Ellesmere is still furious and threatening to kill the baby with the Dunsany's still trying to give them the child to raise instead.  Ellesmere has had enough and makes a wrong move to harm the baby which makes Jamie shoot the gun and kill him.  He rushes over to his son who is unharmed and picks him up and hands him to the Dunsanys.  

A few weeks later, Jamie meets Isobel on the road on the estate. She is pushing a carriage with the baby.  Jamie looks down at his sleeping son and Isobel says that they named him William after her father, but she calls him Willie.  No irony there, as Jamie's brother's name was Willie.  Jamie says it is a good name.  Isobel goes on to apologize for slapping him and her anger.  The moment was raw and fresh for her with her sister dying.  "My sister was a difficult woman, and you were kind to her."  She leaves the carriage and meets up with her mother. 

Braw laddie willie.gif

In that short moment, Jamie looks down upon his son and remarks at how wee he is.  He adds "Dinna fash yerself. I am here."

Lady Dunsany comes over to Jamie and the carriage.  She tells Jamie that the verdict was in and that basically Jamie won't be charged with Lord Ellesmere's death.  Unfortunate accident.  She goes on to say that she has always known he was a Jacobite prisoner, but she is very grateful for saving her grandson's life.  She offers to use her husband's influence to release Jamie from indenture servitude.  Jamie only pauses for a moment and then asks politely if he can remain just a little while longer, as it is very tough in the Highlands and he has been able to send some money to his sister and would like to do so a little more.  Obviously, it is because he wants to spend time with Willie.  She agrees and says that he only need to ask and he can go home.  

Back to 1968 and Claire, Brianna and Roger hit a dead end at the National Archives looking for Jamie in ship manifests.  He is nowhere to be found and there is no more manifests.  A dead end. 

Brianna we will find him.gif

Later the three are sitting at a bar in a pub.  Claire is drowning her disappointment with some whiskey.  Brianna wonders why the men around them are glaring.  Roger explains that women are not supposed to sit at the bar.  Claire remarks that it is 1968 and they should be allowed to sit where ever they please. They listen to a woman.....at the bar because she is entertainment....reciting a Robert Burns' poem with the line,  "Freedom and whisky gang thegither!" Claire smiles slightly and says she used to say that to Jamie often.  Brianna tries to comfort her mother by saying that they are not giving up and will find him.  Claire decides that it is time to go home and you can hear Roger's heart break at the thought of being without Brianna around.

Back at Helwater, Jamie has had several years to spend with his son and watching him grow up and hopefully be somewhat of an influence on the boy.  He is leading Willie on his favorite pony around in circles near the house, as Lady Dunsany and a friend look on.  Lady Dunsany says that they joke that Willie spends so much time with the groom that he is starting to look like him.  Her friend studies the two for a moment and agrees and laughs.  Jamie overhears this conversation. 

Jamie himself in Willie.gif

Later, he lifts Willie up into a carriage and gives him the job of cleaning the windows.  He closes the door and looks up at the boy and then sees his own reflection in the glass.  He realizes it is time to go home.  Jamie tells Willie of his decision, but the boy is extremely upset and yells and kicks at Jamie telling him that he has to stay. "You have to do what I tell you! I'm your master!" he cries.  He lashes out to which Jamie scolds him and accidentally calls him a wee bastard.  Willie demands he take it back (he has heard others call him that).  Jamie immediately apologizes and takes it back and they hug.

Lord John Grey returns for a visit.  He agrees that Jamie made the right decision to leave.  “We all have our secrets. Yours is walking around. Anyone with half an eye can see it... It won't be long before young Willie sees it himself.” he remarks.  They take a small walk and Jamie stops and asks if John could do him a favor.  To watch over and take care of Willie for him.  In return he will do anything John wants, like give him his body. 

Lord John refusing Jamies deal.gif

The look on Lord John's face is priceless!  He is floored.  He outright refuses the proposal and Jamie asks why.  "I should probably want you 'til the day I die, but tempted as I am, did you really think I would accept? he tells Jamie and that without knowing the true feeling behind it, his honor would be insulted.  He goes on to tell Jamie his own news.  He and Isobel are to be married therefore, he can watch over and take care of Willie and fulfill Jamie's wish.  Jamie is touched says "I'm grateful to you. You shall always have my friendship."  They tenderly shake hands as friends.

Jamie and Willie lighting candle.jpg

Later that night, Willie comes to visit Jamie at the stable.  Jamie has set out a statue and a candle.  Willie asks why.  Jamie explains that the wee statue is of the Patron Saint of Lost Things and that he lights the candle to remember those he has lost, like his brother with the same name....Willie, Murtagh, his sister and his wife.  Willie remarks that Jamie has no wife.  Jamie smiles and says that someday he will want one and there is a perfect one out there for him and he will find her, or she actually may find you.  You have to think that Jamie remembers the day Claire first appeared at the cabin and fixed his shoulder.  Willie says his grandmother says that only "stinking papists" light candles and pray to things and asks Jamie if he is one.  Jamie smiles and tells him in fact he is.  Willie demands to be a "stinking papist" because he want to be like him.  Jamie tenderly, with some water on his thumb christens the boy William James.  "James is your special papist name." Jamie tells him and tells Willie to keep it a secret along with the fact that he is now a papist. 

Jamie gives Willie snake.jpg

He gets up and gets a small box and opens it, revealing a present he made for the boy.  A carved snake, just like his own brother made him many years ago. 

Willie with carved snake.gif

This one has the name "Willie" carved into the bottom."Keep it to remember me by." he tells Willie.  This is officially Jamie's goodbye to his only son.

Claire and Bree head home plane.gif
Roger alone.gif

The final montage is of Claire and Bree leaving the manse and on a plane back home, both deep in thought.  Roger sitting alone with a toy airplane thinking of what to do next and missing Bree's company.  

Jamie riding away Helwater.jpg

The most heartbreaking though, is of Isobel and Lord John standing with Willie in front of them.  Jamie is getting ready to leave.  Isobel hugs him and whispers that they will take good care of his son.  Jamie pats Willie on the head and John and him exchange a look of gratitude and goodbye.  Jamie mounts his horse and starts to head off when Willie starts to cry out "Mac!!"  and chases after Jamie.  Jamie, knowing he can't turn around and see this cries as he rides on and Lord John captures Willie and holds him as they watch Jamie ride off.  

What can I say about this episode?  There were quite of bit of changes and things left out.  Some, like the scene between Jamie and Geneva in bed was probably a good thing, because that "rape" argument is STILL going strong.  I would have liked to see more of Bree and Roger interaction before any kissing. Sure it is an adaptation (tired of hearing that personally), but why do they have to ONE:  do a book a season and TWO: rush through everything?

However, I give this episode a definite A, especially for Sam Heughan's acting performance which I swear is getting better every time.

What is your take on this episode?  Likes or dislikes? Questions?  Let me know in the comments below! And to keep up to date, don't forget to subscribe!