#OUTLANDER S3 Ep10 "Heaven and Earth" Recap & Review

The moral of this episode is don't trust everyone and whether it is wise to move Heaven and Earth for the one you love.  It isn't always the smartest move or the safest.

As we know from the end of the last episode, Claire was "kidnapped" by the Brits for use as a surgeon for the Typhoid Fever outbreak killing off most of the men on board.  However, we find out another reason for the quick getaway later in the episode.

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Now, Jamie, just reunited with his wife and finally making some headway in the relationship repair department, sees the ship sailing away and basically panics.  He yells to the crew to follow the ship, but he is not the captain of the Artemis.  The actual captain shows up and tells Jamie that a message has been relayed that they have promised to deliver Claire safely upon arrival in Jamaica.  That just angers Jamie more than the captain agreed to this and he grabs the captain's arm and forcibly turns him around. 

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This engages a standoff between Jamie's men with blades drawn and the actual crew of the Artemis.  When the dust settles, Jamie tells his men to stand down and the ass of a captain has Jamie held and taken below where he is locked up.  Oh, yea.

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Meanwhile on the Porpoise Claire is doing everything she can to get this to stop spreading and save some lives.  However, despite the washing of hands in alcohol (they get someone to distill rum for pure alcohol),

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Boiling water and having the men get fresh air and liquids, the illness just keeps spreading.  Claire discusses the problem with the captain who allows her to look at the last surgeon's log book.  It looks like it started from one area, the carpenter's mess, and there is only one still alive, and he happens to be working with the cook in the kitchen.  Claire is convinced that he is the original source of the disease and even though he is fine can still carry it and spread it by touching the food.  They have him arrested and put in the brig, which angers the cook even more.  

Back at the Artemis, Jamie is seasick once again since he is locked up and Mr. Willoughby can't treat him with the needles. Fergus has come to visit, and Jamie asks if he has the keys.  Fergus is confused at first.  Jamie chuckles and asks if he has forgotten how to be a pickpocket and wanted Jamie to break him out and they will take the ship.  It is a stupid and desperate move, and Fergus sees it.  After all, they are on their way to Jamaica as well.  However, Jamie is concerned for Claire's safety as there are a couple of hundred MEN on board that other ship.  Fergus refuses to get the keys. 

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Jamie says then Fergus knows nothing of real true love because he would move "heaven and earth" to get and save the one he loves.  Fergus says he would do the same for Marsali and Jamie promises to give them his blessing if ...... IF.... the plan works.

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Fergus is back in his cabin and Marsali is lovingly washing his stump where his hand used to be.  Fergus has told her about the plan and Marsali doesn't like it.  After she is done and puts his wooden hand back on, she gives him a kiss and then tries for more by kissing his neck and chest.  Fergus tries to stop her and she says that both Jamie and Claire are not there to witness or watch over them, so this might be their only chance.  After a few more hot moments, Fergus stops her and says they must not, that he has promised Jamie.  Marsali almost rolls her eyes and says that he is just like Jamie.....stubborn and once they give a promise they keep it.

Fergus heads to the captain's quarters hoping to snatch the keys.  He hears more than one voice in the room as he stands outside and peeks in.  They are discussing something about when they get to Jamaica and Jamie.  However, it is when he hears about what some of them would like to do to Marsali that scares off Fergus from even trying.  He gets away while he can.

Fergus returns to visit Jamie and tells him that he did not get the keys and he will not try.  He will not risk all of them dying or him dying and leaving Marsali to fend for herself.  Jamie is not happy.

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Back on the Porpoise, Claire has made a friend with Elias Pound, a 14-year-old assigned to help her.  Basically, this ship is now run by children since most of the senior officers have died.  Claire has shown him about every time he touches a patient to dip his hands in the alcohol and scolds him when he takes a taste of the food and soiled his hands again. He helps her tend to the sick and sees that she gets whatever she needs.

Claire is trying to administer to the sick when she gets notified that a new patient has fallen ill. It is Mr. Johansen, the husband of the woman who is in charge of the goats.  When Claire gets to him he is cold as ice and barely breathing.  She tells them it is not the same disease and then spots an almost empty jar of the pure alcohol.  Claire does a little cursing and informs Mistress Johansen that her husband has alcohol poisoning. She tells Elias to stay there and puts Mr. Johansen on his side. She tells Elias to make sure the man doesn't drown on his own vomit.  She goes to leave and sees a Portuguese flag lying in the corner.  She inquires about it and verifies it is a Portuguese flag, but they are unsure of the name of the ship that they took it from.  

Claire goes to the captain's quarters and calls for him, but he is not there.  She sees his log book on the table and turns to the date of which they encountered the other ship.  Good news is that it was not the Bruja....the one that took Young Ian. 

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The bad news is that she flips ahead and sees her husband's name.  A Mr. Harry Tompkins has recognized James Fraser as the one wanted for treason and sedition and that upon arrival in Jamaica, he will be arrested.  Not good news.

Claire needs to find this Harry Tompkins, but quietly.  She makes up a lie to Elias, saying that she doesn't want to alarm anyone else, but Mr. Tompkins may be another source of the disease so quietly spread the word and find him, please.  It isn't long before he is found and brought to Claire.  He is worse for wear and has been handcuffed.  When he turns up his face, Claire is stunned like we are, it is the man from the print shop that stole the pamphlets.  

 “Now, you’re going to tell me exactly what you know about my husband,” she warns him as she turns and chooses a medical instrument that can cause harm.  However, the man doesn't need encouragement.  He is happy to die and asks Claire to please put him out of his misery.  He found those treasonous pamphlets at the print shop and took them to Sir Percival. He had been severely burned and disfigured at the print shop because of Young Ian.   They had found the liquor that Young Ian and Fergus had sold off as well, and when busting open some Creme de Menthe, they found the body of the missing exciseman.  So not only is there a warrant for Jamie already up and running for Treason and Sedition, but there is also one for murder. That they are using Claire as bait to get Jamie to Kingston in Jamaica where there will be officers waiting.  It seems the young captain follows the law and might get a ship of his own for turning over a wanted criminal.

Claire realizes she needs to warn Jamie somehowFirst, though, she has Mr. Tompkins taken to the brig, right across from the other man and says that Mr. Tompkins is the second source.  She tells him that he might now want to be too close to the man, as that other man IS the actual source of the disease.  Tompkins shrinks back into the shadows of his cell.

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On the Artemis, Jamie is looking at the pictures of Brianna (I was wondering what happened to those!!).  He hears someone at the door and quickly puts them away.  It is Captain Raines and Marsali.  It seems Marsali has convinced the captain that Jamie will can be set free ONLY if Jamie gives his word not to rebel.  She knows that Jamie and Fergus share a similarity..... once they give their word, they don't go back on it.  She comes closer to the cell and tells Jamie to give his word and that he should be grateful for what Fergus has done for him.  Jamie reluctantly gives his word, and he is set free.  Just outside the door, the captain gives them all a few moments and then Jamie is to report for duty.  Jamie gives his blessing for Fergus and Marsali to be married in Jamaica, and they couldn't be happier.

Claire needs someone to talk to and tells her woes to Mistress Johansen, after inquiring about her husband, who is now doing much better.  Mistress Johansen does not speak English well, but she understands more.  When Claire tells her, she needs to find a way to warn Jamie, and the woman merely repeats "My goats need grass."  Claire doesn't understand and heads back to work.

The next morning, all is quiet in the quarantine area.  The men are doing well and getting better.  It seems they have stopped the disease from spreading.  Claire goes on deck, and the men are in great spirits, singing and drinking.  However, she looks across the way and sees Elias on a hammock.  Almost dead.  Well.... that was inevitable, right?  However, as a mother of a 15-year-old, I had to shed a tear.  Way too young to die.  Claire goes to him, and he only mutters one word, "Mother?"  Claire pretends to be his late mother and tells him it is time to come home now.  Elias takes his last breath.  

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They prepare him for burial at sea and as we saw earlier, but I failed to mention, is that they get wrapped in a sheet, which gets stitched up and Elias has told Claire that the last stitch goes through the nose (yum) to make sure they are dead and it is always done by a friend

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(which he did in front of Claire for a friend of his that had died).  The man preparing Elias hands Claire the needle and tells her that it should be done by a friend.

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She reluctantly kneels down and winces and cries as she puts the needle through with the thread.  Then poor Elias is put into the ocean.  

Claire learns shortly when they arrive on the opposite side of the Grand Turks, what Mistress Johansen meant by her goats needing grass.  She is allowed to accompany the woman onto land and help with herding the goats to get them fed.  Mistress Johansen tells Claire to run now.  The port town is just on the other side.  Claire is on her way but is intercepted by young Captain Leonard.  Who is inquiring as to why she is away from the beach.  MY EXCUSE?  I had to pee and was looking for privacy.  But no....Claire says she is looking for herbs.  Leonard doesn't believe her and tells her that he will not allow her to warn her husband. However, he is forever grateful for what she has done for his men and ship...blah blah blah.  Bullshit is what I am hearing.   He has the two marines with him escort her back to the beach and the ship.

However later at night, Mistress Johansen comes to Claire and tells her to jump.  Claire looks over the edge and is shocked at the thought of jumping that far into the ocean.  The woman assures Claire that the current will take her right where she needs to be and shows Claire two barrels tied together that she can use as a raft of sorts.  She gives Claire some money for passage on another ship and finally convinces Claire to undress most of the way and ties up her belongings all neat and tidy like a hobo for her.  Claire stands on the edge and still thinks it is crazy, but finally takes the plunge.  

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That my friends is the end of this week's episode.  Only three more to go and basically we are only HALFWAY through the damn book.  Told you in the beginning that there is no way to do Voyager true justice in 13 episodes.  They have wasted so much time, especially with most of this episode on stuff that could have been skipped because SO much crap happens in Jamaica, but what the hell do I know, right?

Feel free to leave comments below on your thought of the episode!  Overall, I give this one an 8.