Yes, Yes Yes, Yes.....

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Well, Outlander fans, we finally got there.  I mean they left us totally heartbroken by the end of last season to have to watch Jamie send Claire back through the stones and then we had to wait that LONG Droughlander.  Season 3 starts and everyone is like "When are they getting back together?"  and they make us wait for 5 episodes then a break of TWO weeks to see Jamie and Claire together again!  Sadists..... all of them over in Outlander world!  I am just writing about it now because it was such a great episode and there is a lot to think about!  Oh, and I had to wait for my tears to dry, the puffiness in my eyes to go down and my heart to start beating again!  

As we know from the last episode, we were looking from Claire's perspective when she enters the print shop and makes our leading man faint dead away.  However, they do not start where that episode left off.  They begin with Jamie getting his coat and hat on and heading out for the day (from a brothel....WTH?). I have to admit, Jamie looks rather dashing in his breeks (since the tartan was banned, so no kilt for a while people!) and other 18th-century attire including the staple tricorne hat.  He is walking through the streets of Edinburgh and for some reason, the Bee Gee's tune from Saturday Night Fever comes to mind.  He arrives at his print shop and wipes some dirt off his sign and heads in.  

Jamie hangs up his coat and puts his hat on the table and starts to head out across the upper area and pauses suddenly when he hears male voices below in the back.  He reaches for his knife and has it at the ready, but then recognizes the voices and puts it away.  It is two of his kinsmen who obviously do something that might be construed as illegal for Jamie as he reprimands them for being at the print shop. He goes to a hidden cupboard and grabs some illegal printed material which reads "Treason" in bold across the top.  Jamie instructs the gentlemen of where to deliver these and reminds them to be extra careful because if they get caught their necks will surely be stretched.  Jamie's apprentice, Geordie arrives for work and is disgusted at the two men that are there.  Jamie sends the men off and tells Geordie that they need more ash for the presses.  Geordie, always the "pleasant" fellow, remarks that it would be ever so more convenient if Jamie would inform him of errands that need to be done the next day before him coming to work in the morning.  Geordie heads out, and by this time we are like..... OKAY!!  When is IT happening?  

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Jamie puts on some spectacles (something of which Sam Heughan highly suggested for the character) and starts to read the press for printing.  Not much time passes, and we hear the bell above the ring.  Jamie makes a remark thinking it is Geordie, but we know better.  Jamie asks "Geordie" if he went all the way to Glasgow for the ash.  We hear Claire's voice say, "It isn't Geordie. It's me. Claire."  We get Jamie's view of looking up at Claire, and we see him faint all over again.

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Jamie to Claire YOURE REAL.gif

When he starts to come to, we are looking through Jamie's eyes, and he sees Claire's face.  Then we see his reaction, "You're real!"  he proclaims as she gently touches his face.  He goes to sit up and touches his pants in horror.  “I thought I’d lost hold altogether and pissed myself, but it’s all right,” he says and explains it was the ale pot as he picks it up.  He starts to take off his pants and then suddenly becomes self-conscience and looks at Claire who gently reminds him they are, after all, and technically married. 

Jamie I would very much like to kiss you.gif

After taking off his pants, he comes closer to Claire and says "I verra much want to kiss you. May I?" Claire smiles and breathes out a "Yes."  Jamie goes on to talk about how many times he saw her when he needed her the most, and she was always there.  I know in the books, there were a couple of steamy sexy dreams he had of her!  He repeats a line we heard him say in the cave, "I haven't done this in a verra long time." as his lips are only a fraction of an inch from hers.  

Jamie and Claire in printshop touch.jpeg
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Jamie and Claire kiss printshop.gif

They begin to kiss and we start to cry, but Geordie interrupts this touching moment from above saying that was it.  He quits and he is tired of working for an immoral Papist who likes to have orgies in the place of business.  HAHAHAHAA!


Jamie and Claire chuckle and Claire apologizes for causing any trouble. Jamie smiles and says Geordie just lives across the way and he will go and explain things later.  Jamie decides now is a good time to get another pair of pants which he has in a room in the back. 

Jamie come with me.gif

He starts to go, but pauses and asks if Claire will accompany him.  You can see on his face that he is afraid that this is still a dream or that Claire will leave and wants her with him.  She agrees, and as he is putting on a new pair of pants, they play an awkward game of catch-up.  Claire reaches into her pocket and says she brought these to show Jamie, their daughter.  Jamie's face goes through a range of emotions.  "Daughter?"  he asks. 

Jamie show me my daughter.gif

Claire hands Jamie photographs and explains to him that they come from a device called a camera that captures a person's image, like a portrait, but more realistic and colorful. 

Jamie sees picture.gif

Jamie looks down at the first photo which is NOT in color, but a black and white when Bree was a baby.  You can see part of Frank in the background.  Claire was smart NOT to include a picture of Bree with Frank (a man that looks exactly like Black Jack Randall who raped and sodomized Jamie in prison).

 He asks some basic questions about how their daughter was as a baby and then what her name was.  "Brianna" Claire answers and Jamie says it but as Bree Han ah.  He thinks for a second and proclaims it is an awful name for a wee lassie.  Claire says she DID promise Jamie that she would name their child after his father Brian.  Jamie smiles at that.  ONE LINE I wish was there and wasn't.....BREE means a "great disturbance" in Gaelic....well Irish Gaelic.  

Jamie continues to go through the pictures and sees Brianna's hair so much like his own.  (Supposed to have his eyes too, but....you know....)  He notes that her hair was like her sister Faith's (there goes my heart again).  This was a nice touch that wasn't in the book.  It almost seemed sometimes in the book that Faith was all but forgotten, which no parent would ever do. 

Jamie shocked by bikini.gif

Jamie then gets to a picture of Brianna in a bikini with a boy sitting nearby.  Jamie is scandalized and Claire tries to assure him that it is modest for the time period and it is called a bikini, something women wear to go swimming in.  Jamie is barely holding on as he looks at the pictures and when he is finished, he hands them back to Claire and stands up.  

Jamie makes a confession (another change from the book).  He confesses he has a son.  You can see Claire is hurt at the thought initially, but listens and takes the little portrait of Willie when Jamie hands it to her.  Claire simply wants to know if he loved Willie's mother.  Jamie flat out says no, but he regrets being partially responsible for her death when Willie was born and should have stopped her.  Yeah, like Geneva would have let that happen! Jamie asks about Frank; testing to see if she was happy with him and in his own way, seeing if she left him to come back.  “I was happy raising Brianna with him. He was a very good father to her,” Claire answers and things start to get that awkward feeling again.  A bell tolls off in the distance and Jamie suddenly remembers he is supposed to meet someone at the tavern for business at 1 pm. 

Claire meets grown up Fergus.gif

Out in the street on their way to the tavern, Jamie sees someone and makes Claire look in that direction with a nod of his head.  Claire hears "Milady?"  and looks to see a very grown up Fergus!  She exclaims what a handsome young man he grew to be.  He agrees (LOL!) He asks where she has been, they all thought her dead.  Claire comes up with the excuse of how she thought they were all dead at Culloden and she headed to America and now she is back. 

Jamie and Fergus.jpg

Fergus pulls Jamie aside.  First, he asks “What about....?”, hinting at another secret (not to be revealed in this episode, so relax a little!).  Jamie interrupts him and says that he needs to consult Ned Gowan and "have him advise me on the law."  I am sorry, but I KNOW from the books what NEEDS to happen to get our lovers from Point A to Point B (aka Jamaica and America), but the writers screwed with the storyline and didn't listen to their consultant when she said NOT to go down that road.  There is NOTHING they can write that will convince me why this particular thing happens.  I will explain later when you all see WHO and WHAT I am talking about. (PS....DO NOT comment below on this if you know what I am talking about so not to ruin the surprise and disgust of others for the forthcoming episode)


Jamie and Claire enter the World's End Tavern and Jamie is delayed again by having to bail out his "associate" Mr. Willoughby who turns out to be Chinese and has licked a prostitute's elbow which costs extra and he hasn't paid for that. Jamie gives Mr. Willoughby a look and fishes out some coins from his pocket and pays the lass.  He introduces the man to his wife and instructs him to sit down, behave and watch over Claire.  Claire and him converse some, as she says she expects Willoughby is NOT his real name.  Yi Tien Cho is his real name and he was basically starving and homeless when Jamie found him at the docks and saved his life.  

Meanwhile, Jamie heads to the basement and has some business (looks to be of the illegal kind) with a real Sassenach named Sir Percival.  Who claims not to trust Jamie or his word and that it is going to cost even more next time as he takes a cut of the business.

Jamie returns to fetch Claire and they head to a brothel which Madame Jeanne who runs the place, is shocked and by the looks of it downright jealous that Mr. Malcolm actually has a wife.  Jamie and Claire head up to his room. 

Claire you live in a brothel.gif

Claire asks why does he have a room in a brothel.  "Is it because you are such a good customer?" she asks him and he denies it, but turns the tables and asks her why she came back.  Is it to be with him or to just bring word of their daughter? Claire reverses it a little and says that she knew that he may have developed other ties, during the 20 years apart, but she took a chance.  She is giving Jamie a way out if he is tied to anyone else.  “I have burned for you for so long. Do ye not know that?” he says in that low gravely sexy Jamie voice.

Jamie do you want me.gif
Claire I do want you.gif
Claire drinking wine.gif

Dinner arrives and in one of many parallels to their wedding night, they take their time eating and talking and then Claire reaches for another grape, and Jamie consumes a grape in the sexiest way (Holy Moley!)  he finally asks the question that is like a brick wall between them. “Will ye come to bed with me, then?”  he asks looking at Claire with a longing everyone on the other side of the damn TV can feel.  She agrees.  Let the undressing begin!

Jamie uses a zipper.gif

The undressing takes awhile, just like on their wedding night.  Tentatively, then teasingly and downright slowly.  After Jamie is confused about the zipper on Claire's corset, they are finally both one piece of clothing away from being naked.  Jamie undresses Claire and she stands before him naked and then in the awkward silence, she covers herself with her arms and asks him to "say something." 

You are the most beautiful.gif

She is thinking that her body might not be as sexy and appealing to him after 20 years.  "You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen" he exclaims breathless already.  She says words used on their wedding night, "I want to see you" and he removes his shirt.  Claire reminds Jamie of something he said and did on their wedding night as they were both scared and nervous then too.  That they could just start with touching.  That is when it finally happens.  That is all the ammo they need to get the hot and heavy going on.  Of course, you have to throw the awkward in there and Jamie accidentally hits his hard head on Claire's nose and she thinks at first it is broken, but Jamie tells her no, that it would be gushing blood and make an awful noise.  They try again, and this time she hits her head on the bed frame.  Then, after that is out of the way, they get it on.   I am not going to say much except it was HOT HOT HOT and the words “Do it now, and don’t be gentle” is ordered and heeded.  

Jamie and Claire in bed.jpg

The rest of the night and part of the morning is more of the sex.  I mean, after all, they DO have 20 years to make up for right?  Parts of that are broken up with conversation.  Sam Heughan gets to show off his awesome behind and muscles as he gets up and heads to the table and sits down to have a snack.  Claire tries to guess what it is that he actually does.  It takes a few tries and some sex in between but she finally gets it out of him that sure he is a printer and has been questioned and accused many times, but the courts haven't found any evidence so far. Jamie finally says that printing is not a very profitable business, but alcohol smuggling is and explains this is where the brothel and Madame Jeanne come in.  Claire goes to remark about how Jamie gets his share, but Jamie stops her and says that the alcohol is simply stored in the basement and Madame Jeanne takes her share of that. Claire asks about his large scar on his thigh and Jamie merely answers with one word "Culloden".  Then....more sex....of course.

It has always been forever.gif
Jamie never love anyone but you.gif

Then onto the talking of love, and Claire asks Jamie “Did you ever fall in love with anyone else after I left?” and he says, “No, Sassenach. I never loved anyone but you.”  While exploring hands, Claire asks Jamie if he remembers asking her what it was between them and Jamie replies yes, but Claire didn't know.  Claire tells Jamie that it is still there and she still doesn't know what it is.  It is called a SOULMATE connection Claire. Then they start to make love again and there is a knock on the door and they are asked about having breakfast brought up.  So, yeah....they have been at it ALL NIGHT.  Jamie says no and Claire asks him jokingly "Don't you want to eat?"  Jamie smiles coyly and heads south.  

Claire wakes up to find Jamie fully dressed and strapping up his boots.  He apologizes that he has some business to attend to and for her to stay there in the room. Yeah, that worked so well in the past man!  Jamie heads out and eventually, Claire gets out of bed and starts to pick at what is left over from last night's dinner. 

Young Ian.gif

There is a knock on the door and since the door never was re-locked, a young teen walks in and is immediately surprised to see a woman standing there.  Turns out to be young Ian.... you know.... that baby that backwoods Jamie held and hid in the closet within the beginning of the season. Time sure does fly by on this show!  Claire introduces herself and Young Ian is as surprised as Fergus was.  There is also that look of concern that Fergus had also.  

After that very brief conversation and Young Ian leaves, Claire, never really heeding Jamie's advice, leaves the room wrapped in a blanket and heads in search of more food.  She is greeted by some of the working girls having breakfast at the table at the bottom of the stairs.  They assume she is a new girl and are ready to give advice of all sorts.  Claire just sits, eats some food and listens with interest.  One fascinating subject is birth control.  Claire suggests mug wort, but one of the girls talks about a bit of sponge drenched with vinegar works in a pinch!  Another girl pipes up about where to stick a finger or two to get a customer off and then of course bathing practices.  It is pretty much the whole conversation as it is in the book and that is what I love.  A customer is seen out front and a girl tells Claire she hates it when they come during the day and it is the new girls, like Claire that usually have to tend to them.

Claire nice to meet you all.gif

The conversation is cut short by Madame Jeanne coming in and being totally shocked as to why "Madame Fraser" is there.  Well, it turns out that breakfast was not brought up and Madame is not happy.  Once again, we get the feeling that perhaps the Madame has feelings for Jamie or something.  She tells Claire to go back upstairs.

Claire approaches the room and sees the door is cracked and upon opening it there are papers and stuff all over the floor.  She looks up and sees a dangerous looking man rooting through Jamie's stuff. 

Claire you need to leave.gif

She demands he cease what he is doing and leave.  The scoffs and calls her a "just a whore" and demands to know where Jamie's ledgers are.  Claire tells him she doesn't know and he offers to rape (though that is not the exact word he used) her to "jog her memory".  He advances on Claire and grabs her throat.  

This is where the episode ends and I wasn't happy with that.  One, after such a lovely, love-filled episode it ended on such a violent note.  Two, at least in the preview of the next episode, it makes it look like Claire kills the man.  Mr. Willoughby kills the man in the book and there is Creme de Menthe involved.

Overall, I loved the episode.  This season has been pretty strong, though still feel rushed because they are only doing 13 episodes for a book that probably could have been 18 if not 20 easy.  I am just super happy that Jamie and Claire are back together, now let the adventure begin!