#OUTLANDER S3 EP7 : "Creme de Menthe" or A Big Hole In the Head

What can I say about this episode?  Ugh.  It had a moment here or there, but they DID change a lot from the book, even the attitudes/personalities of Jamie and Claire.  I am not here to complain about the changes, but I did NOT like the attitudes of these two this week.  It was like we were watching an entirely different couple than the last episode.  Remember, unlike most of the first part of this season where we were just flying through the 20 years apart at high speed, episode 6 and this one is in a 24-hour window.  

So, if you remember the end of the last episode, Claire returns to her room to find a man rifling through Jamie's belongings looking for the ledgers and threatens her life and, of course, by raping her.  This episode picks right back up there.  Claire finds a knife and in true Claire fashion, fights him off and cuts him, making him stagger back.  He gets mad and decides he is just going to kill her now, to hell with the rape.  He advances and trips over something on the floor and falls back, hitting his head on the hearth of the fireplace.  Damn hearths.... always killing people!  Claire stands there stupefied and in shock.  Jamie walks in.  This is where we see a character personality change.  Jamie only asks Claire what happened and slowly comes up behind her and reaches and takes the knife away.  He doesn't, at any point, ask her if she is okay or takes her in his arms.  She explains that the man was looking for the ledgers and was trying to attack her.  She leaves out details of him thinking she is a whore and wanting to rape her.  

Claire it happened so quickly.gif

Claire goes over to the man and sees that he is still breathing and alive, but upon checking his head wound, she concludes he has pressure building upon his brain, and she vows to save him.  Jamie says just to let the man die and doesn't understand Claire being adamant about saving this guy.  He explains that if he lives, he could have her arrested as she is a woman alone with a man in a brothel and he could say SHE attacked him. 

Jamie stubborn as always.gif

She refuses to listen to reason and says she swore to save lives, no matter who.  Jamie and Fergus (who showed up with Madame Jeanne) are convinced that the man works for Sir Percival (the English ass trying to extort more money from Jamie for smuggling liquor).  Madame Jeanne is not pleased because that could bring Sir Percival around to search her place and the liquor is in the basement.  Jamie sends Fergus to get Young Ian, and the two of them sell off the liquor ASAP.  

Young Ian is quite the negotiator it turns out.  He would be quite the car salesman in the modern day!  They actually make a small profit for selling off the brandy and throwing in 3 casks of Creme de Menthe.

Claire dresses and heads to the apothecary shop.  She is allowed to go in front of a man asking questions about all types of herbal remedies when Claire claims she is in a hurry and will stop by and look at the man's sister..... free of charge..... if he would allow her to go ahead of him.  She asks for a trepanning tool (a drill basically) and some other assorted items.  She pays for the items and agrees to stop by the other customer's place later in the day.  Upon arriving back, Jamie and Mr. Willoughby are trying to hold down the man on the bed.  Jamie looks like he is trying to smother him, and Claire is horrified.  Jamie snaps that the idiot suddenly woke up and started to scream and carry on and that is NOT an option.  Claire hurries and gives him something to make him sleep and so she can operate.  Just then, Jamie is told that Sir Percival has arrived and he heads downstairs.

Claire prepping for surgery.gif
Mr Willoughby grossed out.gif

Of course, we must show and HEAR Claire drilling into the man's head ye ole tool.  Even Mr. Willoughby, who is instructed to watch over and help Claire, is visibly disturbed.  No more on this subject.

Jamie and Madame Jeanne stall Sir Percival and a creepy looking man with one blind eye.  When Sir Percival says that they are going to search the premises, Jamie says they are more than happy to.  Down in the basement, they find nothing but a puddle that they think is brandy at first but turns out to be just a small puddle of water.  “We have a leak,” Madame Jeanne explains. “That’s why we can’t store anything of value down here.”  They move on to search the rest of the brothel and of course, find nothing.

With Sir Percival quieted, at least for the moment, Jamie returns to his room to find that Claire's efforts have failed and the man is dead.  Jamie thinks it is for the best and that is not what Claire thinks.  Here again, we have a character personality change.  Claire is so over-zealous with her Real Doctor status that she comes across very much as a bitch.  She recovers somewhat and apologizes to Jamie for just dropping in on him and causing so much trouble. 

Jamie grateful no matter cost.gif

One of our only sweet moments in this episode is when Jamie says “Sassenach, you came thousands of miles and 200 years to find me,” Jamie says. “I’m grateful you are here, no matter the cost. I will give up everything I have for us to be together again.” I believe there is something about living in the shadows and the sun suddenly appeared when he saw her (from their wedding night).  

Claire and margaret campbell.jpeg

This is short-lived as Claire reveals she has another patient to attend to. Jamie is concerned, as she just arrived and wanted Fergus to go with her.  She outright refuses which is....again....the bitch coming out.  She really forgets what century she is in.  She heads out to meet Archie Campbell and his sister Margaret. Claire examines the woman and grabs her wrist to check her pulse.  Margaret,  as in the books, is downright nutso.  However, they changed them from missionaries and her condition from something that had to do with Culloden to them being "psychics" as Archie explains to Claire that his sister is a seer. Claire says she seems healthy and strong and really thinks it is a mental condition.  Archie isn't surprised and just wants to know of something to keep her sleepy and quiet as they are leaving to go to the West Indies.  Claire questions him, and he says his sister has a problem with just walking up to people and telling them something they don't want to hear.  Claire makes some suggestions and leaves.  Point to remember.....if they don't change much of what happens in the West Indies, we will see these two again!

Fergus and YIan at pub.jpg

Meanwhile, Fergus and Young Ian are at a pub celebrating the good luck of making a profit on the liquor.  Young Ian asks a question which leads to Fergus giving the finer points of seduction and the fact that tonight is the night in which Young Ian finally talks to the barmaid he has had his eye on.  Young Ian is horrified as he has never been with a lass. 

Fergus about menage a trois.gif

He asks Fergus what was it like for his first time (FYI...Young Ian is a virgin).  Fergus says it was a Menage a Trois and says it was two girls and one "Moi."  LOL!  Fergus motions for the girl, Brighid, to come over and when she does, he quickly leaves to allow Young Ian to make his move.  He makes an impression because she sits down and allows him to buy her a whiskey (like a good Scottish girl).

Young Ian bonniest lass.gif

Young Ian it turns out is about to get lucky (and then not so lucky).  He has taken Brighid to the print shop and is singing (not so well) to her atop a box.  They head to the back where the bed is, and she kisses him.  He is turned on and like a virgin.... and like Jamie on his wedding night....bends the girl over the bed and starts to hike up her skirts and undo his trousers.  She stops him, and he explains that he has heard/seen the ladies at the brothel do it in this way.  Well, Brighid says that tonight she is not a whore (does this mean she is other times?) and Young Ian asks what he should do.  She smiles and just tells him to lie down, and she would show him.

Back at the brothel, Claire returns and her and Jamie converse (NO.....this is NOT what we want right now!).  She suggests that maybe they could find a place of their own and Jamie is confused. He says they have everything they need right here (in a BROTHEL MAN!) and there is no rent to pay.  Claire suggests that maybe she can start healing again and get paid or maybe she could open up her own clinic (somehow I find that implausible as she is a woman and all in a difficult period....but okay).  They don't get to finish their conversation because there is a knock at the door announcing that a Sir Ian Murray has arrived to see Mr. Malcolm.  Claire is excited to see Ian Sr. 

Claire greets Ian.gif

Turns out Ian is very shocked, even sheds a tear, to see Claire again.  She, of course, gives him the same story.  She thought Jamie and everyone had died at or after Culloden, so she decided to sail to America and just recently learned that Jamie was alive.  I would have added something about not returning to Lallybroch to live because of being pregnant and not wanting to be a burden in a tough time....but that would be just me.  

Ian is there asking Jamie if he has seen Young Ian as the daft boy ran off again.  Claire watches as Jamie outright lies to Ian's face.  He says he hasn't and Ian asks if he does see Ian he should send him right home.  Jamie agrees and Ian says his goodbye to Claire and Jamie walks him out to the door.  Ian mentions something about a certain situation and Jamie says he knows and he is going to have Ned Gowan (holy cow....how OLD is this man now?) look into things.  Ian leaves and back in the room, Claire is not happy and asks why Jamie felt the need to lie to his family which is something he would never have done before.  Jamie tries to explain that this isn't the first time that Ian has ran away and came to him.  Better with an uncle than on the streets elsewhere.  Claire asks why isn't Young Ian at home then. Jamie explains that he has tried several times to send the boy away but to no avail.  It is obvious Claire is still not happy.

Claire disbelief.gif

Back at the print shop, Young Ian and Brighid are having a nice time (not the hot steamy Claire and Jamie sex, but this is all we get this week).  There is a noise and then a louder one.  He gets up and looks and sees the "one-eyed" man looking through the print shop.  He orders Brighid out the back of the print shop and turns and advances towards the man.  He tells the man to get out.  The man demands to know where the casks are.  Young Ian tells him there are no casks in this shop, but the man doesn't believe him. 

Henchman finds pamphlets.gif

They begin to fight and a struggle happens that makes them slam into a wall that happens to be the wall that Jamie hides the treasonous pamphlets.  The man is more than happy to find those and pockets a few.  He and Young Ian struggle some more and a fire starts and Young Ian manages to get the man in the eye with some very hot liquid.  The man escapes (wait....what?  I say as I am seeing this....Young Ian KILLS this man in the print shop in the book) and Young Ian is left hopelessly trying to put out the fire.

Back at the brothel, Jamie and Claire are actually arguing now about the lying to Ian.  This is leading to bad parenting choices and Claire saying that Jamie is NOT Young Ian's father. Jamie turns things around to him not having a choice on parenting Brianna and some crappy comment about the bikini is mentioned.  Jamie's jealous side about Frank raising his daughter comes out, but before any more bad and shitty comments come out, Jamie is alerted there is a fire down on Carfax Close and Jamie immediately thinks of the print shop there.

Claire watching fire.jpeg

The fire is much worse now and Young Ian is trapped inside and Jamie knows it.  He grabs Claire's cloak, which seems to miraculously fire retardant, and rushes up the steps and into the print shop.  He goes in at the top and is crossing the walkway area and sees Young Ian down below. 

Jamie jumping from above.gif

Like Superman, he jumps over the banister to the floor below and lands on his feet.  He looks around and sees his options are very limited to get back out.  He has to carry Young Ian and move his gigantic printing press over to a window and climb up it to get out.  Outside, tensions are high as the fire is quickly eating and destroying the building.  When Jamie and the boy are spotted, Claire rushes over to them to check on them and makes sure she makes a stab about Young Ian being "safe" here with his uncle.

Jamie decides that it is time to skip town, as now there is a man out there with those pamphlets that could get him strung up.  He decides it is time to take Young Ian home to Lallybroch.  While Claire is busy with Young Ian, Jamie pulls Mr. Willoughby aside and hands him some money.  He orders him to pay the men (the smugglers) what is owed.  Next, he tells Fergus to see if he can find that henchman with the pamphlets and to take care of the problem.  Then to contact Ned Gowan about the other issue and have him meet them at Lallybroch.

Fergus about other wife.gif

Fergus is surprised to find out that Claire still doesn't know about the "other wife."  Absolutely no comment from me on this one.  Not looking forward to the next episode really.

So the episode ends with this revelation.  Why they thought it necessary to tell the secret of Jamie being married again.  I liked how it was in the book.  Still, remember my reaction when that bitch showed up.  Of course, I am sure I will have quite a bit to say next week! Just be prepared to hate Jenny Fraser....it is partially her fault.

So there are my thoughts.  I would give this episode a 4 out of 10.  Slightly disappointing as I didn't like the feel of the episode.  Jamie and Claire just got done with an incredible night of lovemaking and seemed at ease with one another, but in this one, they were at odds, and it is going to get worse before it gets better.

What did you think?  If you haven't read the books or seen spoilers, who do you think it is he is married to? Leave comments below!  Thanks for reading!