#OUTLANDER S3 Ep8 : "First Wife" or.....The Bitch Is Back

Okay, so I will admit it.  I didn't hate this episode as much as I thought.  It was actually a pretty good episode, so I give kudos to the new writer who wrote this one.

So, just as we found out at the end of the episode, Jamie and Claire are taking Young Ian back to Lallybroch. We are spared the tedious long journey across the country from Edinburgh and we see them come through the archway.  Claire admits that she never thought to see that place again.  However, the greeting she receives is not as welcoming as she thought.  Jenny makes a few snide comments towards Claire. "So that's why your home, tail dragging and with a stray who's dropped back into our lives after 20 years as though nothing's changed." 

Everyone heads inside and of course Young Ian has to chime in that Auntie Claire killed a man only a day after she arrived.  "Killed him good!" he boasts.  Claire sees the dirty looks and adds that yes, it wasn't her fault, the man attacked her and most importantly it wasn't in front of Young Ian.  Young Ian is ordered from the room and to make sure he is easy to find when it is time for an ass whooping.  

The conversation turns on Jamie and keeping the secret of their son's whereabouts.  Jamie says he thinks of Young Ian as a son himself and would do anything to keep him safe.  Well, Ian speaks up and hands Jamie his belt.  If he thinks of Young Ian so much like a son, then he has to discipline him as such.  In a change from the book (I mean God forbid we see a spanking on screen....especially being in the 1700's!), Jamie suggests that there is another way to punish the boy. Jenny adds a snide remark to her brother, “Listen to you telling me what I should do. You must ken it’s a mortal sin to take another wife while the first still walks the Earth!” Jamie replies that he would have never done such a thing if he had known that Claire was still alive.

Young Ian mucking stuff.gif

A little while later we see that Young Ian is made to work in the muck and straw which he complains to his sister, hanging out laundry, that it is little kids work.  He's miserable. LOL! Meanwhile, Claire sees that the Fraser/Murray family breeds like freaking rabbits.  She meets a few of Young Jamie and his sister, Margaret's kids running around.  Both Young Jamie and Margaret were just babies themselves when Claire left.

Jamie and Jenny have a moment to themselves, and Jenny asks where the hell Claire has been all these years.  Jamie just gives her the half-truths as to everyone else.  He got Claire to safety, and he went back to Culloden prepared to die.  She, thinking he was dead, boarded a ship and sailed to America and she has been living in Boston until now.

Jenny Claire never stop search.gif

Jenny is not stupid by any means and can smell a lie a mile away.  She tells Jamie, "The Claire I kenned would never have stopped looking for you."  Well, Jenny, it is expensive and dangerous to cross the ocean on those boats, and there is no easy way to do research from over there.....so......

In their room later that evening, Claire asks Jamie why they can't just tell Jenny the truth about her time traveling abilities. After all, it worked with Murtagh.  Jamie's answer?  That Murtagh was a worldly man, meaning he has been around and traveled and more open-minded. Jenny has never been off the estate, and she just wouldn't see it the same way and be as open to it.  In my opinion, that is the DUMBEST answer ever.  Basically calling Jenny a simpleton.  Not cool dude.

Jamie suggests they could build a nice cottage for them both on the outskirts of the estate.  Claire isn't so sure, as Jenny can't even stand the sight of her.  Jamie remembers back to when he thought she might have come back and told her how he escaped Ardsmuir prison after hearing the ranting of Duncan Kerr about a white witch that guards the treasure.

Wet Jamie.jpg

Here we get to see the part missing from that episode when Jamie swam to Silkie Island to search for Claire.  The swimming of that sea must have been cold, and in reality, you have to think he might have gotten hypothermia or something. However, a wet, distraught, and desperate Jamie climbs up to the old ruins on the island and starts screaming for Claire.  Jamie's voice over is telling Claire that of course, he didn't find her, but he turned and looked in just the right direction and saw the McKenzie clan crest etched into stone.  He removed it and found a box that held ancient coins, some jewelry, and some precious stones.  He knew he couldn't take it with him, so he just grabbed one sapphire, which we know is the one he gave to Lord John.

Jamie tells Claire he would have given everything to be with her again.  He tells Claire,  “There’s something I’ve meant to tell you, Sassenach…” We know he is about to admit to Claire about remarrying, but the door bursts open and two girls, one with red hair, are there, and one yells "Daddy!" 

Leghair and daughters.jpg

Before Claire can react to that, the girl's mother appears.....none other than the bitch Laoghaire!  Told you, people, you wouldn't like it!  She looks at Jamie and then sees Claire and yells about him being THAT WITCH and some other choice words I am not allowed to repeat here. 

Leghair my husband now.gif

She sees Claire's confused reaction and takes advantage and gloats “He didn’t tell you?” Laoghaire asks. “He’s my husband now.”  Claire is stunned and Jamie rushes Laoghaire out of the room. 

Claire in a shocked stupor, but anger rising by the minute, starts to gather her things to leave.  Jamie re-enters the room and tries to stop her from going.  Claire turns to him saying, “It’s Laoghaire,!“She tried to have me killed!” Jamie answers “You’re the one who told me to be kind to the lass." Claire scoffs and says, “I told you to thank her, not marry her!”

Claire I told you to thank her.gif

Claire asks the ultimate question we have all been wondering, why did he feel it okay to tell her about Willie, but NOT about his other wife, Laoghaire?  Jamie admits that he was scared that she would be upset and leave and he didn't want to lose her again. 

Jamie pissed off.gif

The fight escalates and Jamie throws over a washstand and contents.  Then the true feelings are revealed.  Jamie feels abandoned by Claire leaving which she scoffs at since HE is the one that sent her away.  Claire says that she feels betrayed that Jamie was able to move on with his life without her. Jamie replies that he resents the idea of Frank raising his child and screwing his wife.  He asks Claire if she knows what it is like to live without a heart for so long.  Duh!  Claire answers that she does, she and Frank did not have a great marriage but he was a great dad to Bree.  After some more, Claire tries to leave again, Jamie grabs her arm, she demands he get his hands off of her and let her go, he refuses and they end up overcome with passion.  This would have been an awesome fight sex scene. They both end up trying to rip each other's clothes off and are on the floor grunting when none other than Jenny bursts in and throws a bucket of water over them.  She tells them to stop rutting like two wild animals and that the entire household could hear them.  Well, can't tell them to "get a room"....they already were there. Claire walks out leaving Jamie breathless and in shock on the floor.

Downstairs Claire is staring into the fire and is asked if she wants a whiskey.  It is Jenny's other daughter Janet.  She hands Claire the whiskey and asks for her apologies.  She was the one who went to summon Laoghaire.  Claire asks why and Janet admits it was because her mother told her to do it.  

Claire and Jenny on steps.jpg

Claire goes to confront Jenny and asks her why she did it.  Jenny said she had to watch her brother suffer all those years and then admits to seeing Claire's ghost (in the book it is her "fetch") in between Laoghaire and Jamie at the wedding.  Jenny asks why Claire, in 20 years never bothered to write.  Not once.  Claire tries the excuse that she thought Jamie was dead, but it is evident that Jenny isn't buying it.  Jenny makes a remark and Claire admits to having another husband in Boston as a matter of survival.  That makes Jenny stop.  Jenny admits to seeing Claire as a sister and it hurt that it seemed she wanted nothing to do with the family by not writing.  Jenny says that it is apparent that there is more to the story, but maybe Claire will tell her the rest someday.   It is a good moment between the two.

Claire is walking past the outbuildings heading out.  Jamie yells  her and she ignores him.  He pleads with her not to go, but she says she made a HUGE mistake in coming back here.  She reminds Jamie that he said that he promised not to lie and had her say it too.  He LIED this time. 

Claire reacts to Leghair and gun.gif

Before they can argue anymore, Laoghaire appears and has a gun which she points at Claire.  "He's mine." comes up (I am getting images of an episode of Bones here....mental lady obsessed with a man).  She is about to shoot and Jamie steps in front of Claire.  Laoghaire accidentally shoots the gun and buckshot gets Jamie's arm.  Laoghaire tries to come to Jamie's side, but Claire turns vehemently on her and actually scares her away.  LOL!! 

Claire wont let you die.gif

Doctor Claire comes out and they get Jamie on a table. Jamie makes a comment and Claire says that she is tempted but will not let him die. Ian is sent for hot water and Claire gets her tools and is assisted by Young Ian.  It is not easy, since it is buckshot and there is one piece lodged near an artery.  However, Claire is successful and gets him bandaged up. 

Claire sewing up Jamie.gif

He is resting with Claire nearby and when he stirs, Claire asks why he married that woman.  He claimed that upon returning from Helwater, he had been away from Lallybroch too long. 

Jamie I was a ghost.gif

He was like a ghost and not needed.  He felt empty and possibly a little lonely especially at Hogaminy (Christmas  / New Years) when Lallybroch was alive like it was when his parents were alive. Two girls come up to him and ask him to dance and he decides to do so.  Afterward, he discovers that their mother is Laoghaire.  She had been married a couple of times, and now was alone trying to raise her girls by herself.  Jamie continues that it was okay at first, but there were days she wouldn't talk to him and she would recoil at his touch.  He tried to be gentle, but it was never enough.  She must have been sexually abused in her past marriages.  He eventually left and ended up in Edinburgh and would send money home.  Jamie starts to doze and Claire looks at him and feels his forehead.  He has a high fever.  She gets out the penicillin and the needle.  Jamie tries to protest and asks if it will hurt and Claire jabs him in the ass.  Yep.

The next day, Ned Gowan comes to visit and Claire is surprised to see that he is still alive and almost looks exactly the same.  He is there to counsel Jamie on his most unfortunate circumstance named Laoghaire.  Well, the good news is that since Jamie's first wife, Claire has returned, they are still married and the one with the other woman is not.  However, the bitch wants something in restitution.  20 pounds plus 10 pounds a year until the girls are wed.  Jamie and the family discuss the extortion of this woman and Jamie says it is his to bear, not Jenny and Ian's.  He remembers the treasure on the island, but because of his arm, he can't swim across to get it.  Young Ian offers himself, and Jamie admits the boy is a "brawny swimmer".  From there, they will head to France to meet up with cousin Jared who will be able to exchange the goods for sterling which he will send home to get to Laoghaire. Jenny of course, hates this idea, but eventually gives in to allowing her youngest son to be a man and gain experience and adventure (don't worry....lots of that coming up in the future!)

Jamie and Claire on cliff.jpg

Claire and Jamie stand on a cliff watching Young Ian swim out to the island.    Claire starts to wonder if she and Jamie are still meant to be together.  Jamie tells Claire about a type of bird that when hunting it and you kill one, you must wait until morning for its mate to arrive and then kill it too or it would mourn itself to death. 

Jamie we are mated for life.gif

He says that Claire and he are mated for life.  He would not live without her (again).  Before they can get any deeper into their conversation, Claire notices something and has Jamie turn around.  It is a ship!  Jamie looks for Ian and sees him coming down from the ruins with the box.  However, the ship has dispatched a boat of men, who come upon the island. 

Jamie and Claire closing scene.gif

Jamie and Claire run down to the shoreline and are yelling to Ian when the men grab him and throw him in the boat.  Great.....Jenny is going to LOVE THIS ONE!  

So that is where it ends this week.  Finally, we will be on the open sea next week for more adventure.  

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!  Overall I would say a B+ for this episode!