#TheGifted S1 Ep 3 Recap & Review

I have to condition this recap and review with the background that as a lawyer an episode with multiple lawyers betraying the characters is a tough pill to digest. That being said The Gifted continues to deliver an exciting spin on the X-Men world.

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The main story centers on the Strucker family and Kate wanting to reunite the family and find Reed. The Mutant base is focused on continuing their operations while Marcos/Eclipse intends to rescue Lorna/Polaris from the Sentinel prison. The third story involves Reed and his still believing in a legal system to a point where he works out a deal to reunite his family but sells out the mutants.

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Kate attempts to talk Johnny and Marcos into allowing her to contact an attorney with political connections but they refuse.(WARNING LAWYER POLITICAL CONNECTIONS ALWAYS A BAD IDEA TO CONTACT IN SYFY SHOWS) When they refuse to back her plan, she and the kids leave at night to go to the lawyer and as it turns out brother. They make it to the brother's house, but he might be one of the worst TV brothers ever. He says he can not help but offers to let them spend the night.

Meanwhile, Reed is working out his deal where he will expose all the people that helped save his children. He actually believes an agency that doesn't abide by any law will follow an agreement but yet he is also a lawyer. He agrees to go undercover at the bar where he met Marcos and attempt to contact the mutant underworld. The plan appears to be working until the ramifications of his deal are brought out through a meeting with a young mutant child and her mother. Eventually, he breaks the agreement when he jumps out of a moving van while wearing a wire.

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Johnny and Marcos tracked Kate and the children to her brother's house with little time to spare. Kids being kids the cousin leaked information to a friend that Lauren and Andy were at the house. This leads to a property owner's vigilante group armed with AR-15s to surround the porch. Once again the show delivers a lot of action in which Blink and Sage's help save the day.

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The story continues to gain momentum. I find the family Kate played by Amy Aker (Person of Interest)  as well as Lauren and And compelling to follow. Although I thought the premise of the show was to focus on lesser mutants, the core seems to possess powers to rival the X-Men.

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That being said these are cool mutants and I like the story so far. We also go background info on a past romance with Sage and Johnny while at the same time a connection between Blink and Johnny saved the day. That would be too much of a spoiler for a recap. Unfortunately, on a final note, Lorna is still trapped with little progress towards a release.

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I thought it was a compelling episode which will draw viewers closer to the characters they just met. I will give it an 8.