#TheFosters Season 4 Episode 4 "Now For Then" Recap & Review

#TheFosters recap  "now for then"

This episode Callie started her new senior project of taking pictures of the 7 foster homes she grew up in. The first house was the one she grew up with another older boy named Liam who ended up taking advantage of Callie and now he's in prison. His mother came home right as Callie was done taking pictures and invited her and A.J. in. She then told Callie that she ruined her family and felt angry that she had even brought Callie into her home, before leaving she took pictures of her old bedroom. She then took pictures of a home she was in with a lovely couple and had another boy living with them, she told us that the other boy that had some development issues so that's why she had to not adopt Callie and Jude.
 We then learn that this boy had been arrested for a crime his mom doesn't think he did. In this episode we see Brandon having a small get together at his house, we see the mama's out to dinner enjoying their first anniversary of their wedding day, then we see them driving past Brandon's house stopping and spying a little bit. 

This episode we also see the problem with Gabe (twins father) and Lena, the repercussion from Gabe working on the set of the school play. Lena and Stef decided to help Gabe by hiring and attorney to help dismiss and remove his name from the sex offender list  and by the end of the episode he is off the sex offenders registry and it's not an issue with Lena's job anymore. Mariana goes to see Nick in jail but she was not able to go through with telling Nick that it was over between them and that he should not wait for her, and that's where the episode ends.  
This episode was a fun one to watch, I'm glad that Gabe issue is no longer an issue and that Callie is continuing to grow as an individual. Jude wasn't in this episode but seems to reappear in the next one.

I wanna apologize for how short I've been writing my reviews. I am still kinda new to writing reviews and I never know what you want more or less of. Comments would certainly help!