#Scorpion season 3 episode 3 "It Isn't the Fall That Kills You" Recap and Review

In the garage Walter, sly and Toby meditates to get their minds off their problems. In his office, Walter deals with his Paige and Tim situation while Toby deals with Happy's husband using his triple an (active avoidance algorithm) method. Richard Elia has a new job for the team he used Walters rocket model and upscaled it for his company, but he ran into some trouble taking out his earbud and switching off the rockets comm Walter doesn't realize that a storm is coming his way until it's too late.

Choosing to stay in the rocket and launch Walter reboots the onboard computer and pressures the cabin. Stealing a news van happy can communicate with Walter who starts hallucinating that Paige is in the cabin with him. The team uses a Norwegian companies satellite to give Walter air. Paige convinces him to open a hatch to get air in, but he passes out before that happens.

Tim eject Walter from the cabin so that Cabe can jump after him. Cabe misses, so a Navy sub launches a missile under Walter to save him. After five days Paige tries to see if he remembers telling her that he loves her before he was ejected

Do you think Paige will tell him that she knows about his feeling for her?

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