#Powerless S1, Ep.1 "Wayne or Lose" Series Premiere Recap/Review

It's a great concept: "It's a superhero world, and we live in it."

Powerless, the first comedy from DC Comics, dives into the world where ordinary non-superpower people who live with superheroes battling villains every day and suffers from it. That's where we meet a team that tries to help those in everyday crisis. 

Emily Locke, who moves from a small town to a major city, Charm City, becomes the Director of Research and Development at Wayne Security to help inspire her team to come up with something new; instead of making some kind of knock off from Lexcrop or just changing a color to something that has already been made. 

But when Bruce Wayne calls and tells his cousin, Van Wayne, that he's fired everyone. Emily tries her best to get inspirational with her team, but they don't seem to want to get creative now that they're fired. After a moment alone with Jackie, Van's personal assistant, talking, the idea pops that got the ball rolling from an invention that tracts someone's whereabouts before they get there. 

I've really enjoyed "Wayne or Lose." The writing is amazingly strong with such interesting characters. It's fresh and it's just a different fun perspective of the normal people in a superhero world. Vanessa Hudgens really shines! Even though this is her first time at comedy, it's like she has been doing comedy for a couple of years. Plus the way her character is presented, she's gotten me motivated to do something too. The ensemble cast is amazing and brings a lot to the show. Adam West using his voice for introducing Wayne Security was brilliant!! Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Powerless Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.