#PrisonBreak S5 Ep 1 "Ogygia" Recap & Review

“Freedom have a price.”  

Episode Grade: 8

The brothers are back and as we suspected all along Michael Scofield is still alive, and Lincoln Burrows can’t stay out of trouble for long. The episode started with Michael narrating that about dying and leaving behind his wife, son, and brother behind.

Then we see Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell admiring himself in a mirror still conceited as always, get out of prison and the telling him that he must have friend is high places because after all he had done he is being let out early, but we know nothing come for free and I grantee before the season is over he will pay the price. T-Bag collects his item that he brought in with him and received a piece of mail which have a picture of Michael. 

Now we see Lincoln who is running from I will assume are loan shark collectors and hides until they were gone. When he gets home, he is met by T-Bag who he was not happy to see, and he tells him to get off his deck he would crack his skull. He hands him the envelope with Michaels picture, and Lincoln tells him that if he was playing him, he would kill Jim, but T-Bag tells him that he doesn’t have that kind if skills. Lincoln is in disbelieve, and they both questioned why it was sent to T-Bag of all person and kicks T-Bag out of his apartment. 

Lincoln flies to New York to visit Sara and shows her the picture of Michael, but she is in total disbelief. We meet young Mike Scofield and Sara’s new husband, Jacob Anton Ness. Sara tells Lincoln that Mike idolizes both him and his father, Sara expresses to Lincoln that Michael was sick and he died, and she refuse to believe that the picture was of Michael especially because it came from T-Bag.  

Now back to T-Bag who is hold up in a hotel room checking is email, and reminder pops up stating “Appointment Tomorrow Dr. Whitcombe, Director of Prosthetic research, Delane University BLGD 101 9:30 PM.”  Lincoln visit Michael’s grave and tells him that Sara was right that he missed him and is desperate to see his face. While at grave he looks down on Michael picture and notices that the first letter of each word was highlighted spelling "Ogygia." He googles the word, and the first thing that pops up was Ogygia Prison, Sana’s, Yemen. He said there was only one way to find out and digs up Michaels grave, elsewhere, T-Bag follows up with the appointment reminder, the Doctor made it clear that he knew he was and does not want to be associate himself with him, so he made it at night. He tells T-Bag that he receives an anonymous donation with the stipulation that he was the first one to receive his surgery, after a little consideration T-Bag agreed to the surgery. 

Lincoln opens the casket and finds an empty suit with nobody, he heads to tell Sara about the body, but while he was at the stop light a suspicious red car pull up next to him and took over his car sending of a cliff, thankfully he submerges from the car before the impact. Lincoln calls Sara to update her that Michael body was not in his grave and that some just tried to kill him, he explains that it started from the airport the day he came to visit her and that they all were being watched

Sara looks through her window and sees the van Lincoln was explaining and a woman coming toward her house with a gun. She yells out to Jacob to find her gun telling him that someone was coming for them, she runs to get Mike and the woman kick off the from door and enter and shoot Jacob in the leg. Sara puts Mike in the bath turn and gave him instruction not to move and grab the towel rack.  As the woman approaches the door she heard police alarms, and she left, Sara runs downstairs to tend to her husband who was shot and sent Mike to get all the towel he could find. 

Prison Break 501 2.gif

Lincoln visits Sara at the hospital, and tell her that they need to fight back, but she tells him that they don’t know who to fight and he ask her to go to Yamen with him, but she refuses saying to him that she have and son and a husband in the hospital. Lincoln tells her that he would go to Yamen and verify the information, she tells him that he doesn’t know anything about Yamen and he said he would get help. Lincoln visit and old friend Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin who has converted to Islam and ask him for help, C-Note tells him that it would take some heavy hitters to set up a scam like that, they search Michael’s name on the computer and finds that all the information of Michaela was wiped clear erasing him from history. 

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C-Note, advises Lincoln against going to Sana'a, as he doubts that Michaelis does not involve because he doesn’t think Michael would be easily tricked. Lincoln is not giving up on Michael and heads to Sana'a, Lincoln had Michael suits dry clean, and while he was in his hotel room, he gets a visit from Fernando Sucre who offers to accompany him. At the airport, Lincoln and Sucre is met by C-Note who also offer to accompany Lincoln telling him that he has contact with a contact in Yamen and he speaks Arabic. Lincoln tells Sucre that he will need him but not on this mission.

The mysterious mercenaries who have been following Lincoln send Lincoln and C-Note's pictures to their contacts in Sana'a when they got to the airport, they are met but the mercenaries man and taken to a mechanic shop where the duo overpowers the attackers and meets a contact who say them leave with the wrong taxi. Lincoln trades their visit to Ogygia for his United States passport.

Lincoln, C-Note, and Sheba visits Ogygia and ask for Michael Scofield but was told no one was there by that name but when they showed the guard the picture he told them that the man in the picture was Kaniel Outis, after hearing that name Sheba got angry and explain to Lincoln and C-Note that Michael's fake identity is Kaniel Outis, a dangerous terrorist affiliated with ISIL. When Lincoln finally gets to see Michael, he ignores Lincoln, claiming not to know him, but C-Note took a video as proof.

Finally, T-bag surgery was successful, and he inquires and to who paid for his surgery and T-Bag learns that the was an anonymous person known only as Outis (Greek for "Nobody"). Mike ask Sara what his father was like and he tells her that he was like a storm, and he asked if storms could come back and she said yes but the questions is will it be the same storm. 

Overall, it was a good start to the season, the first episode left me a with a lot of questions, which is always a good thing because that mean there is still more to come. Was T-Bag surgery paid for by Michael? is new last is the same as the person who paid for the surgery. I don't trust Sara new husband at all but loved him in Royal Pains as Doctor Hank Lawson. IF you are a fan of Legend of tomorrow it must have been exciting to get that back to back from Wentworth Miller and Wentworth Miller. 

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•    Do you trust Sara new husband? I am suspicious of him because a killer came into the house and only shoots him in the leg. Do you find it suspicious?