#PrisonBreak S5 Ep 2 "Kaniel Outis" Recap & Review

Lincoln and C-Note Search for the Sheik of light: Michael and Whip attempt an escape from Ogygia and Sara investigation about Michael leads to an uneasy reunion with Paul Kellerman. Let us begin:

Episode Grade: 10

We start in Yamen Ogygia prison where Michael is currently imprisoned, Michael and Whip attempt their escape but was not able to and tunnel back into prison. Next, we see Lincoln and C-note discussing Michael’s new identity and what he is involved in, at the door was a young man who seem to have been but brought them a message in founded like the Swan Michael used since season one the note read” Find the Sheik of Light and I will be free.”

Lincoln immediately recognize the swan and Michael’s handwriting, and immediately was will to find who are what Sheik of light was, C-note suggested getting help from Sheba who thinks that they are working with a terrorist. Sheba refuse at first but quickly changed her mind when Lincoln offers her enough money to get out of the country.

Back in the USA Sara drops of Mike at school and watch the video that Lincoln sent as proof that Michael was alive. She watched the video and was pretty emotional seeing Michael alive saying that he does not know his brother, she immediately starts investigating which lead to an old acquaintance/ capturer/devil himself Paul Kellerman who is the head of the state department. Kellerman draws Sara interest by telling her that she married a man that does not exist and tells her that Michael’s new identity Kaniel Outis could together by a genius like Michael. 

At Ogygia prison Whip is concern that they won’t be able to escape on time but Michael/Kaniel reassure him that they will escape and through the roof as a plan because it was too late to change plans now. Sheba finds a code in the swan note that leads to a phone number which leads to a very bad part of town the suburb which is the center of the war. Sheba refuse to accompany them, but Lincoln tells her that she will not get paid until she takes him to Sheik.

In the USA Sara receive a call from Kellerman who tell her to check her email and show her a video from 4 years ago proving g that Michael killed the Deputy chief of the CIA Arlon Gaines, but Sara is not convinced since Lincoln was framed in a similar way. Kellerman tries to convince her telling her that there was blood evidence. Sara visits her now husband Jacob for advice on the Michael satiation.

Back Ogygia Prison Michael roommate is going through withdrawal and listening to Queen but explains to Whip the history of the roommate and queen and tells him why he called him Whip. 

Jacob psychoanalyzes Michael base on what little Sara had told him, he tells her “it is called the game theory,” meaning he's everyone’s friend until they are not, making someone love him so much that when they are up against it, they will act against their own best interest. Further explaining that the game theory was a cold, rational focus in winning even it was at everyone expense, using the fact that he made her open that door for him and that everyone he meets is a contingency, he keeps them percolating until he needs to use them to his advantage.  

Michael visits another inmate who is worried about dying because he got 20 years in prison because he was gay and Ramal won’t let him live 20 minutes once they are let out of solitary. He questions if Michael can get them out, but Michael tells him that they would already be out if the light went out. He said that he could find another way and Michael said he can start by giving him a stick of gum to start the process; He tells Michael, he can tell which is bigger his plans or his lies. Michael tells him that he took offense to him calling him a liar and like butterfly wings that gum will start a sequence of event that would finish on the other side of the world.

Michael heads back to his cell and start a fire with a battery and the file wrapper from the gum, and ask Whip for his shocks; he used it to elevate is body temperature to go to the infirmary (that rings a bell). Sheba gets them to the border and when they refuse to let them through telling them that no one that goes in come out alive. Lincoln place a bet $500 that they will make it out alive. The guard tells them that they have a death wish and let them in, one the way Sheba runs into an old acquaintance but had to let them through as something came up, and he tells her to get the hell of their territory.

Michael is taken to the infirmary but is being battered by one of the guards who is mad at him claiming that he helped destroy his country by issues guns to the terrorist, we learn that Michael tried to escape the first week he was there, he gave Michael two pills in the end but he was bleeding from the head, 

Lincoln, Sheba, and C-note note have arrived at their destination, but another obstacle arises as there are men watch the door, they head to the roof and runs into the man they are looking for, but the man refuses to leave without his daughter. However, that is the least of their problem right now as they are surrounded by the guards who know that they are on the premises.

Michaelis return to is cell and low and behold he did not swallow the pills and brought them back to use as a bargaining chip to get the addict in withdrawal for his cellphone and a credit card to order "Pizza". Meanwhile, Lincoln plays decoy and get Muhammad daughter and two other hostages out while Sheba, C-note, Mohammad drive to the border which is secure by the Military.  

After returning, Muhammad tells them that his son is in Ogygia prison and on his last visit he told him that he has a way out and that he should send a signal when he is ready to switch the light on and off twice which means that in 24 hours there will be a total blackout. 

Back in the USA, Sara goes to pick up Mike and could not find him and start to panic, running and searching for Mike who was around the corner. Mike tells her that he was looking for the man that gave him the rose " Pizza man," when Sara open the rose it read "hide everyone a storm is coming.," Sara immediately knew it was Michael. (That rose is her swan)

Whip and the inmates fear Abu Ramal who is a well-known terrorist and the other men that are in solitary they are considered the worst of the worst, to everyone surprise when he came through the door and walked toward Michael a hugged him, and they whisper about the plan to get out.

Overall, this was another amazing episode; I am not sure what to think at this moment, is Michael a good guy or bad guy? Sara sending Mike to school after all that happen just crazy to me; she knows once Michael is involved it can’t be simple, and the moment she left Kellerman she should have taken him out of school. I am not sure if Jacob knows enough to be talking about Michael like that, though I don’t think he is quite incorrect. Michael does use the people around him, and he usually stays loyal to them afterward, everyone who escaped with him that he planned to take with him was and is still with him. 

Kellerman is back, and he already convinces that Michael is a bad guy and knowing what he knows, he should at least give Michael the benefit of the doubt. I am pretty sure that one way or another Kellerman is behind everything, he still hates Michael and Lincoln very much and we all know their past. 

Last thing I will say is that how Jacob spoke about MIchael is like some he knows and have been studying for years, the detail was too spot on this is just more reason for me not to trust him. I have theory my about Jacob, he was planted and know more about Michaels death than he care to share. I smell fishy and Jacob is all over it, soon he will be meeting with Kellerman.