#PrisonBreak S5 Ep 3 "The Liar" Recap & Review

Episode Grade 9

We start in Yamen Ogygia Prison with Michael preparing to send a message, outside is the kid that delivered the message last week to Lincoln “Look, Bubble Gum Man is sending us something again.” The Kid picks up the message ate his bubblegum and ran to deliver the message. 

The child gives the message and tries to put it under the mat, but he caught by Lincoln, Sheba questions him, and Lincoln (Tic-tac Man) give him a pack of Tic-tac to continue bringing Michael messages. Sheba translates the message for Lincoln and C-Note puts together that it was a place on the map. They figured it was the location that Michael wants them to meet him after his Prison Break. Sheba tells them that she is leaving to get her family on a plane before everything started. Lincoln ask Sheba to get them three tickets as well, but Sheba refuses to say that if she were going to get anyone out of the country, it would be the kids. Lincoln tells her that if she got them the ticket, he would personally pay for each one of the child’s ticket, she agrees and tells him that it was what he wanted to do anyway. “Be careful; you are accusing me of having a heart” =Lincoln

Back in prison Whip is panicking that things are not going according to plan. Michael encourages him by telling him that they only have 8 hours before they get out and that he has someone who he trusts in the world as much as he trusts him on the outside to help. On the outside Lincoln and C-Note find Michael hide out which has his plan to escape prison, passport photos, and disguises. C-Note quickly notices that he had plans to take others with him, amongst those men are the most wanted terrorist Abu Ramal. C-not tells Lincoln that Abu Ramal is the enemy of everything that is civilized, which make him question who they were getting out Michael Scofield or Kaniel Outis. 

Abu Ramal gathers the prisoners and tell them “separate the homosexuals that stain out lands and seize them. Whip come to find out what is happening and Ja said to him that Ramal was instituting Sharul law, Sid suggested that they kept their head down until the escape but was gather but the other prisoners.

Ramal asks if Sid was the deviant and tries to hang him but was stopped by Michael and the guard who fired off a warning shot and tell them that no one will die today.

Back in the USA a man and woman are looking at surveillance of the Sara receiving a message from Michael. She questions why she was stopped from killing Sara and was told that she would understand Poseidon game soon. Telling her, it was Chess, and it was a performance and Outis to reach out to her telling her that Sara would be the one that leads them to Michael/Kaniel. 

Sara is still at the hospital with Jacob who tells her that he was being discharged the next day, Sara suggested to Jacob that they go to his family lake house. Jacob admires Sara; they shared a kiss while Sara’s phone is getting hacked. T-Bag visits Sara at the hospital and tells her that he knows about Kaniel Outis and that he was the one who paid for his new prostatic hand. T-Bag asks Sara if Michael have gotten them into something and she walks away and tells him not to come near her or her family.

In Ogygia prison the guards say that no matter what is happen on the outside the Law of the land is still in place in prison. Another prisoner tries to convince Whip to turn on Michael and tell him about Michaels plan to escape, telling him that Michael was an opportunist and he made the same proposal to him, and he refused, 

In Yamen Lincoln secure a passport for himself and Michael from Sheba’s contact that initially took Lincoln’s passport. C-Note suggested that they spilled up and he goes with Mohammad El-Tunis to the power plant while he and Sheba get the passport.

Back in the USA Sara drives and listen to the news from Yamen and ISIL, and visit a Cellphone store and ask the guy if he could help her find out who hacked her phone.

In Ogygia prison the guard tells the prisoner that the yard was not safe and gave them 10 minutes to eat telling them that if they are going to eat, eat now. Whip, questions Michael loyalty to him and saying what the guy said, we learn that Michael and Whip were put in prison to get Ramal out by Poseidon. 

Michael and Whip get into a fight that seems very real, and Michael steals the guard's watch and whispers some in Ramal’s ears after he tells Michael that after tomorrow he would not have to worry about Whip. Meanwhile, Lincoln and Sheba visit Forgers District in Sana’a and she tell him to keep is head down and not to make eye contact, and as soon as they get their passport, they need to leave. They get ambushed but the forger's men and Sheba are taken, and Lincoln is knocked out.

In Ogygia Michael apologizes for hitting Whip and tells Sid that he would not have let Ramal kill him, and say to Ja that his government wants Ramal out of prison for some colluded reason that he doesn’t understand and that is why he and Whip were sent. However, he can’t figure out why he was betrayed by his government which is why they are all getting out of there without Ramal, and they were all crucial to the plan.  Ja wants to find out what Michael went with him a druggy, and he tells him that he was a Korean genius and that getting over the wall is just the first step. Whip want an explanation on why he hit him, and he tells him that he had to prove that he was on his side and not Ramal. The Guard turned Michael cell upside down looking for his watch but did not find it, and the prison is put on lock down until the watch is found.

Back to Lincoln he is enclosed in a room while Sheba is being interrogated about the men she has been working with, and we found what Sheba’s relationship with the one eye was, they grow up together, and he tried to rape her. 

Back in the USA, Poseidon girl and guy pay a visit to the cell phone store Sara visited earlier, asking the man about Sara who is across the street and now see who is after her, she is made. They go after where, and she escapes running across roof and hides until they were gone. 

At Ogygia prison the guard continues the search for the watch and Whip inquires what Ja and Sid will be doing when they get out of prison. 

Meanwhile, in the USA Sara and Jacob visit his parent, and Sara receive a call from the Cellphone store guy that tells her that she was the one who hacked her own because her phone is fingerprint activated, which made her immediately think of Kellerman. (That son of a gun, Kellerman is still the same dirty bastard he always was from the beginning.

Sara tells Jacob about the hack and the people that are following her, and he asks her if she was going to bury her head in the sand and do nothing. Sara calls T-bag and tells him what she has learned about who is behind this and say to him that she is going to work with him that he need to be willing to go the distance because she needs him to have a conversation with Kellerman and gather all the information he knows. 

In Yamen Ogygia prison Michael is still patiently waiting and tell Whip 15 minutes as Whip expresses his gratitude to Michael. Whip questions Michael different persona since solitary, meanwhile, Ramal prepares for the escape with his men, but the guard comes to search his cell and find the watch. Outside C-Note and Mohammad takes out the lights. 

The light is out and Michael start his escape but he is about to have unwanted company and outside Lincoln breaks out of his room and rescue Sheba who was about to be raped by the one-eyed man. Lincoln call C-Note to tell him to meet at the rendezvous point and that they need to hurry because Sheba was severely beaten,

In prison Michael, and is others are waiting for the guards to clear the roof so that they could escape, but they have a problem on both sides of the fence, the brother is trying to escape with them, and the guards are moving close to them. Sid fell and is left behind, and Michael and the others are caught on the roof and are taken back to Solitary. Ramal promises to kill Michael for betraying him and Michael leave a message telling Sar that if he dies, he loves her and all of this was for her and not to let them put Kaniel Outis on his headstone but the man he has always been Michael Scofield.

Another fantastic episode and we learn a lot including that Michael is not a terrorist but was sent by Poseidon along with Whip to break Ramal out of prison. Now I have a question for you (Do you think Jacob is Poseidon?). My favorite scene was Michael leaving a message to Sara, that had me in tear, it was such an emotional scene, great acting from Wentworth Miller. The entire cast did an amazing job, I am actually shipping Sheba and Lincoln bit with his luch she will just end up dying.