#PrisonBreak S5 Ep 4 “The Prisoner's Dilemma” Recap & Review

Episode Grade:9

We begin in Yamen; Lincoln is sitting next to Sheba in the hospital, Sheba tells her that she is thinking about a way to still get them the passport. C-Note pulls Lincoln aside to tell him aside that they need to leave Yamen before the Airports are closed. Sheba father Jamil thanks Lincoln for saving her and offer his help to get Michael out of prison.

In prison, Whip is freaking as the bombs are getting closer, the guard is starting to get scared, but one remains calm and tells them other that the government will protect them. Michael tells them that he had a contingency plan, and after spending four years in the lock. He asks Ja and Whip to check their cell for an S, but unfortunately, it was not in any of their cells but Ramel’s cell.

In the USA, T-Bag is following Kellerman and call Sara to tell her that their friend Poseidon have resurfaced,

Back to Yamen, Jamil brings Lincoln to a lawyer that provide Lincoln with a document granting Michael full pardon for his crimes in Yamen.

In prison, Ramal tells Michael to beg for his help and become his slave, but Michael tells him that he has been a slave for seven years and he no longer wishes to live like that anymore.

In the USA Kellerman is see talking to his ex-wife about seeing his daughter, T-Bag breaks into Kellerman house and confronts him about not giving him pardon year ago and knock him across the face. T-Bag insists that Kellerman tells him all that he know about the Michael situation. We then see a man in an office of and a woman telling him that he has two visitors. 

In Yamen, the guards are making a run for it, and Lincoln tells Jamil to take if family and C-Note and head to the airport for the last plan and to leave two seats and runs into the prison to rescue Michael.

In Yamen, the guard Mustafa locks the prisons in along with one of the guards, and Lincoln passes him on the way in not realizing that he had the key and went after him. The prisoners are in an uproar lead by the man who wants Michael dead the most for killing or causing his brother’s death because he would be giving him a hand.

In the USA, Kellerman tries to convince T-Bag that he is not Poseidon, telling him that he is an aperitive that is invisible and that is how he got his name, T-Bag is conflicted on if he should believe him or not.

Michael walks Ramal through the step by step process of breaking out, telling him that it was a 2-cell job, he gets the string and the spoon behind the S in on the walk. Meanwhile outside they are trying to use Sid to make Michael surrender, but he tells Whip that the only way to save Sid is to get out of there and let them follow him and get the attention away from him. The guards stop the prisoner from beating up Sid and lose his life in the process and take his gun to shoot open the door.

The prisoner is at the door, and they are close to getting in but Ramal was able to set Michael free, and he free them just in time, and the door opens. On the outside, Lincoln work with messenger boy to distract the Isle men so he can get the key off the dead security guard. Michael, Whip, Ja, and Ramal are in the med bay, and Michael tells him that he needs to make a call to have a vehicle filled with gas to take them to the border.

In the USA Kellerman continues to insist he is not Poseidon and tells him that he was a for CIA agent, he tells him that Poseidon does what he want when the White House acts too slow. Kellerman is shot, and T-Bag gets shot but is save by a stock of money. T-Bag calls the police for help, and he hides in the basement to get away from the shooter leaving Kellerman behind.

Michael and the other on the run but seem to keep running into dead ends, they hide in a cell under beds and the guy with a gun is going after them, he tells the prison that anyone that comes between him a Ramal is dead. Michael tells Whip his birth name and gives him a message for to tell his son that he loves him. Michael goes over the wall, and Lincoln freed all the other prisoner, but Michael was already out, and he sees him jumping the wall.

In the USA, the Male bounty kills Kellerman as the female shooter search for T-Bag, but he was already out, and they leave after hearing the police siren, and T-Bag follows them. 

Michael and the others are on the run and JA stops to get fruit as a part of Michael plan so he could get to the location before Ramal’s men and get the guns he had hidden. Ramal force saw Michael betrayal coming a mile away and had his men stop Ja and surround Michael and the others. 

Ramal has a knife at Michaels' throat and tells his people to get the video ready for him to send a message, but things did not go as plan. Lincoln knock the guy out and took over the truck with the machine gun and told the men to put their gun down, and they did, Ramal and Lincoln face off, and Whip distracted Ramal and was able to stab and kill him. 

Ramal is dead, but the Isle man is gathering and Michael and Lincoln and the other runs to another one of Michael safe house. Lincoln and Michael shares a hug, and he tells him that he will tell him everything later and the other watches the TV and learn that they are the most wanted men in Yamen.

In the USA T-Bag continues to follow the Bounty hunters and we finally see who Poseidon is, and if you have been following my blog them, you already know that I called in since episode one, that I was suspicious of Jacob.

Overall it was another fantastic episode, Michael is finally out of prison, but his running is far from over, now that he and the other are the most wanted men in Yamen after killing their master Ramal. Kellerman is finally dead; I am not so sure he is dead I did not see him get the bullet to his head myself and come on people this is Prison Break.