#PrisonBreak S5 Ep 6 “Phaecia” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 9

We start off in Yamen and Isil is still hunting for Michael, Lincoln, Ja and Whip, they are starting to get anxious as their way out seem to be getting harder and harder. Lincoln remembers Sheba talking about Omar and suggested that they pay him a visit. Lincoln made it clear that he can’t be trusted, but he was their last option.

In the US Poseidon people, A&W and Van made bail and immediately find out that Michael has escaped prison, but is unsure why he kills Ramal. (I am starting to think A&W and Van are fighting for what they believe is the right side but they don’t fully understand the whole thing). 

In Yamen, the guys have found Omar who tells them that killing Ramal was a stupid idea. Lincoln questions him about where he was going, and Omar tells him that he was going 300 miles across the desert to Phaecia where there is no Isil, and they can smuggle them out of the country. He gives them a key to finding his other car park in a garage, telling that if they deliver it to him, they can follow behind. 

Lincoln, Michael, and Ja go to get the Vehicle, while Whip stays back to keep an eye on him. The gang get the garage and finds the car, but Isil men quickly approach as Omar had already tipped them off. The gang manages to escape Isil and get to back to Omar location, Omar has already knocked Whip out and tie him up and was about to leave but the gang over power him leaving Omar with no choice but to comply.

They are on the move to the dessert Omar is driving with Whip who is itching to kill him if does anything else stupid and because he knocked him out earlier. Lincoln expresses to Michael that he thinks Whip believe that he has betrayed him somehow and Michael tells him that he has all right.

In the US, they have replaced Kellerman with an agent name Kishida, who have been assigned to investigate Kellerman’s death and figure out what he figured out about 21 Void that got him killed. Agent Kishida quickly states to his Boss that there was nothing there, but she insisted that Kellerman must have been on to something. Agent Kishida told her that the file needs a fresh eye and suggested that she reads it, as soon and she leaves the office it is revealed that Kishida is working for Poseidon after he called A&W. We also found out that A&W used to work for the NSA until Poseidon recruited her to help him stop the heinous crime she has watched over the years. 

A&W and Van visit and old girlfriend of A&W in the CIA, she calls in a favor to help them find Kaniel Outis, she was a bit hesitant at first but A&W persuaded her, and she agreed. 

In Yamen, the gang continues in the desert; Lincoln received a call from Sheba telling him that they have arrived safely in Jordon and will leave for the US in the night. She thanked him for all he had done, and Lincoln asks her out on a date when he gets back to the US. 

In the US, they have found the gang on surveillance with Lincoln phone, and they order a drone to keep watch on them in the desert.

In Yamen, the gang stops to buy gas unaware that they are being watched from above, Michael walks away to use the internet telling Lincoln that he has been under Poseidon thumbs for years and it was about time he came out.

In the US A&W and Van continues to watch the gang, Van walks away and calls the new leader of the Isil revolution and tells him where Michael and the gang are, he offers his condolence station that Ramal was a visionary.

In Yamen, Michael logs into Chatya but is unable to see the person on the next end, but he could see Michael. On the other side of Yamen, the Isil men finale came to remove Cyclops who was cuff to Sid (RIP SID). The receive a call over the radio about Michael and the gang location and leave Cyclops behind telling him it was no longer his fight. Cyclops ignores him and took a gun and takes someone car and follow to the location (he is one persistence person).

Meanwhile, Ja and Sid discusses being on the outside, and Ja appreciates that there is no wall, Omar approaches them and tells them that if they wanted to laugh Phaecia was the place. JA notice that Isil men are approaching and Lincoln yells out for Michael, who tells the person on the other end of the computer to take a screenshot of him.

On the outside Whip check the gun and realizes that there was only one bullet and Omar tell him that he only had bullet because he rather kills himself that get captured by Isil. Isil men start firing at them, and Omar is shot, Michael peeks out and runs over Omar. Whip tells them that the one bullet will work if he can make the one-shot count and fires at the gas truck part on the side disabling the Isil men but as they look out the see another vehicle approaching.

In Yamen, Michael and the gang head out the dessert but came to a stop and Michael tells them that their way out was dead along with the map in his head. Cyclops catches it up to them and start to fire at them, luckily, they could get in the car and drive away, but Cyclops is still in pursuit. 

In the US, A&W is figured out by her Ex Trisha who questions how Isil knew where they were and orders her team to shut down the whole thing and ask them to leave before she blows the whistle. After they leave the CIA, Von questions A&W if Trisha would blow the whistle and A&W warn him not to think about killing Trisha because she would kill him. A&W and Von agree that they are tired of always been a step behind Michael and questions what he was doing at the gas station while Isil is after him.

In yamen, the gang continues in the desert and come to a stop, and Cyclops continues to follow them using their tire track. Michael comes up with a plan to create two tracks; he takes most of the fuel from the truck that will be used a decoy. Michael holds four rock in his hand and tells the gang that the three was red and one was white and the person who get the white stone drive the decoy vehicle. 

Lincoln, Ja, and Whip get red rocks leaving Michael to drive the Decoy truck; it was revealed that Michael also had a red stone. The decoy plan worked, and Cyclops is following the vehicle Michael is driving, the other continues to drive in the opposite direction until Ja notices Gals is the sky and explain to them that Gals are only interested in water and they decide to follow the birds. 

Meanwhile, Michael comes up with a plan to distract Cyclops, Lincoln and the other arrive at Phaecia, and the see children all excited to see Omar, Lincoln is greeted by a man who he tells that Omar had to go somewhere safe, but he sent stuff for them. 

Cyclops get to the vehicle Michael was driving and takes his gun to kill Michael, but Michael tried to steal his car and escape it stalked, and Cyclops shoot it up. Michael gets out quickly and attacks him for and the two fights. Michael overpowers him and stabs him in the eye, but as he was walking away, Cyclops stabs him in the stomach. Michael takes Cyclops vehicle and drives off, but the vehicle quickly breaks down as it was damage from Cyclops shooting. 

In the US A&W and Von are in Maine following up a lead from the gas station in Yamen, they meet a man dress as an Elvis impersonator who welcomed them to Graceland.

In Yamen, Michael is bleeding badly, and he can’t find the tire track left by the Vehicle Lincoln was driving. After the Vehicle breakdown, Michael proceeds to walk across the desert still looking for Lincoln tracks. In Phaecia Lincoln is feeling guilty for leaving Michael behind and want to back out and find him but Ja suggests against it.
Out in the desert, Michael is slowing down from blood lost as night approaches and lays down and remembers his love one. At Phaecia they use fireworks to lead Michael to them, Lincoln yells for Michael to followed the fireworks to them, they run over to him but he has lost a lot of blood, and no doctor is available.

Overall another great episode, I know that they had mentioned that it was a limited series, but I was hoping that they would have a change to mind base on the rating and renew for a season 6. Michael is always using his brain, he can’t fight for shit, but he has a brilliant mind. I like the new characters Whip and Ja to be specific, but I think Ja might stay back, but I hope not.