#PrisonBreak S5 Ep 8 “Progeny” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 10

We pick up where we left off in episode 7, Michael and the group is now in the water, and luckily a fishing boat was passing and the hail it down and was picked up. Michael and the Group are the boats heading to Marseille, France. 

On the boat, Michael flashback to Six years earlier when he started to work with Jacob/Poseidon, Jacob tells Michael that he knows his every move and question his visit to the Zoo thirteen time in one month. Michael tells him that he goes to the Zoo to think (but if you can remember the creepy looking owl you know that is where he goes to watch Sara and Mike). Michael tells him that he was thinking of a way to get his next target out of prison and say Poseidon that he need to know more about his target in the future to ensure that he doesn’t make any mistake.

Jacob/Poseidon notices Michael new tattoos and asks him if he was coming up with a new plan and he tells him that he was just tired of seeing empty skin. Poseidon continues to tell Michael that it was his time in Fox River Prison that caught his eye and that when he heard of a man that wore his plan on his skin in plain sight. 

As they enter the facility where Poseidon is a professor, Poseidon tells Michael that “the key to real power was to disappear, yet the secret to real power is never to betray your intention and to wear nothing on your sleeve and never let anyone see your face.” Poseidon enters a room that requires facial recognition, and invites Michael in, Michael tells him that the next time he is in solitary, he would remember the room and him sitting in comfort and air condition.

Michael tells Poseidon that he has been watching someone and need him to assist him with the next target. Poseidon question if Michael was recruiting, and Michael tells him that the last thing that he wants to do him to bring someone else into the crazy, but he would make the process simpler and won’t ask too many questions, so that is how David Martin Whip joined Michael. Poseidon tells Michael that if he is planning anything he can tell by looking into his eye and Michael responded that it is what in the eye but what was behind the eyes that count “professor.”

We are back in the current time, and the team arrives at to Marseille, France, where Michael gets a text from Sara that she has arrived home, but things have become dangerous and but she loves him, and Mike Jr loves him too. Which immediately tip off Michael that something was wrong because of their agreement never to call him Jr. Lincoln tells Michael that it may be playing him and he told Lincoln that it worked.

In the US Jacob/Poseidon come in the house and Mike is drawing a treasure map for his friend and Jacob/Poseidon tells him that he dropped his mother off at work. Mike explains his drawing to Jacob/Poseidon who was impressed by his creativity and smart (yep, he is Michael’s child for sure, not that I was doubting). 

In Marseille, Michael is trying to find a way back in the US but have exhausted all his resources, until Lincoln tells him about what he has been up to while he was away. Michael with no other option decides to use Lincoln's conflict with Luca Abruzzi, John Abruzzi's son to get back to the US. Lincoln called Luca who told him to get to the location where he has a botched smuggling operation that he can sneak back on to the US.

Whip and Sucre are eating and notice that their faces are on the news and runs to tell Michael and Lincoln that they need to move, and Luca called with the meet location just in time.  

In the US Poseidon says to A&W and Van Gogh that he has confirmed that Michael have survived the crash and he was sure that he was head back to the States. Van Gogh is confused to why Michael would be coming back to the state knowing that he is a wanted man and Poseidon tells him that Michael was coming back for Sara and Mike. Poseidon explains that while Michael was away, he was watching over them and fell for them and now Michael want to kill for stealing his life, and ultimately Poseidon found a way to turn Michael into the bad guy. 

Poseidon brings in the analyst Theroux (the man who tell Sara about the cell phone at the school), and Theroux breaks down the picture that Michael had send when he stops at the gas station in Yamen. 

We then see Michael taking a plan from his tattoos while Poseidon also makes his plan to catch him. We see that T-Bag got an envelope, but all we know is that it said that he has to kill someone. In the airport Michael hand, out tickets to the group for the designated location. Whip has sent to Chicago, and Michael tells him that he needs to find out why he was his Whip hand. 

In the US Poseidon is predicting that Michael will slip up because he is in a rush and plans to use the cellphone he uses to contact Sara to find him when he lands in New York, and they will be waiting for him there, and there they will end the game for good.
A&W and Van Gogh are at the airport and get a notification that Michael’s phone was on and run on the plane to end it, but it was Sucre who they don’t know, and he left the plane smiling.  Van Gogh tells A&W that he guesses the game was still going. 

Michael and Lincoln arrive at Wilmott Municipal Airport in Upstate New York and is surrounded by Luca and his men. Michael and Lincoln enlist C-Note and Sheba's help in disposing of Luca and his gang by having C-note and Sheba dress as DEA agent and informant, which worked and Luca and his men escape as the vans pulled up and walk away not paying the money. 

After they got to a safe location, Michael then convinces C-Note and Sheba to leave the conflict, especially C-note because Poseidon knows his face and has been tracking him since he when to Yamen. Sheba tells them that Poseidon doesn’t know her face and it is the punch that you didn’t see coming knocks you out. C-notes tell Lincoln to take care of Sheba and tells Michael that when he needed him, he knows where to find him and leaves them behind.

At Poseidon house, he gives A&W and Van Gogh an order just saying we will transport her a 1600 hour and they will lay low until then. Van Gogh starts to question Poseidon real motives and tell A&W that he was leaving 21 voids after they kill Michael, she reminds him that there was no leaving 21 void and he tells her that they hired them because they are the best and if they want to disappear they can, and Poseidon overheard everything.

Back at the airport, Luca and his men discover that it was all a scam and plans to go after Lincoln and kill him using the transponder from the fake DEA van they were driving.

Whip gets to Chicago and get in a cab and give the ordinances to the drive which tells him that the location was in the middle of Lake Michigan. 

Michael, Lincoln, and Sheba arrive at Sara’s house, and all the lights were off, Lincoln tells Sheba to prepare to drive off as fast as possible, and Sheba hands him a gun and tells him just in case. As they were walking toward the house, Michael notices his swans in the drain and release that Poseidon was throwing them away and Sara have not been receiving his notes. A flashback shows Poseidon throwing away the swans.

Michael and Lincoln are in the house but no one was there, and Michael stop a second to admire Mike’s drawing as looks at Poseidon posing with his family as if they were his. Michael is drawn to the basement door and open it but doesn’t go down (I was screaming go down on my TV, but he didn’t listen). 

Michael decides to text Sara’s phone with a meeting location that only she would know to verify if she was alive. Lincoln questions if Michael was going to show up and show his face and he told him “yes because it Poseidon have to show his face too and the endgame begins.”

We are in Syracuse New York, and both Michael and Poseidon have a plan to catch each other and Michael plan seemed to have worked, and he located the car Poseidon was driving after A&W falls into the trap.

Sheba follows the car with Lincoln laying flat next to her and Michael left the roof he was watching from and follow in his vehicle. Sheba drives up next the car Poseidon was driving, and he points a gun at her, and she is raising her hand innocently, and he speeds away. Lincoln rise his seat Sheba asks if that was the face of the monster destroying her country and goes after him.  

Lincoln and Sheba find the car in an Alley with the trunk open, and it has blood that Michael assumes belong to Sara. Michael also finds a drawing that he thinks is from Mike, but Lincoln is suspicious of it, but Michael believe he knows about it because his mother told him the plan. (Remember the drawing for Mike friends Poseidon edits it and add a map of the Lakehouse).

Michael decipher the drawing using a map and tells Lincoln and Sheba that Mike was telling him where he was taken.

Meanwhile Lincoln tells Sheba that it was time for her to go back to her family because it was about to get too dangerous after seeing one of Luca man found them. Lincoln tells Sheba that he could not forgive himself if something ever happens to her and they shared a kiss and Lincoln tells her that it was goodbye. 

In Chicago, Illinois shores of Lake Michigan, Whip rent a boat to get the ordinance that Michael gave him, and we see T-Bag pulls up in a car nearby Whip Location (I was so nervous I thought he went there to kill Whip). T-bag makes a recording on his phone saying that whatever he was about to do he was doing it for love.

In the miss of the lake, Whip finds a bottle filled with blood and head back to shore.

AT Poseidon lake house, Mike is sitting worried and tells Poseidon that he was sick of the lake house, and he tells him that everything would be all right and would be back to normal soon enough. Mike asks him if his mother was ok after he sees her sitting in a room away from him, and Poseidon tells him that she was ok and that she was feeling under the weather. 

Michael and Lincoln get to the Poseidon family lake house and see him leaving, and Lincoln tell Michael to get them he was waiting.

In Chicago, Illinois shores of Lake Michigan, T-bag walk up to Whip and ask him “what kind of Honorific is Whip? Whip immediately get suspicious and defensive telling him that only one person calls him that and it wasn’t him. T-Bag mentions both names Michael is using to indicate that he knows Michael. 

T-bag explains that they all have handles and he tells Whip his real name which brings them to a face off neck and neck in hands. T-bag tells him a story about how he was conceived and how Michael comb prisons looking a partner and found that he was just like him (long story short, two T-bag is walking around), “have mercy.”

In New, York Michael look through the window of the house and see Mike and calls Lincoln to him how happy he was to see his son. 

Lincoln sees a car looking like Jacob and tells him to hold on a bit, but Michael tells him that he was going in, Lincoln get back into his vehicle. The car drives past and Lincoln confirm it was not Jacob but it Luca who reverse the car and shoot it up.

Michael goes into the house and see Mike and walks toward him., “Hi Mike, do you know who I am” Michael said, and Mike walks over to him. Michael tells Mike that he got his map and he tells him that he did not draw a map and it is revealed that it was a trap set by Jacob who added to Mike’s original drawing.

Michael tells Mike he was going to get him and Sara out safe and ask who was inside the room with his mother and Mike tells him that they need to run, but before he could move A&W get up and walks over with a gun and points it at them. Michael pulls Mike close to him, and all we see was blood splatter on the door glass.

What an episode, so much happen, I feel like it was a bit rush but as we know there is no news, or it doesn’t seem like Fox is planning to bring back Prison break for a season 6 which is very disappointing. It was nice to see Michael back in his element, and how similar Mike was to him. I don’t want to start talking about Jacob/Poseidon I have never seen someone with so many nerves; he wants to Michael to take his family. I keep laughing because he thinks if he kills Michael that Sara who go back to him, he is crazier than we thought and think he is a sociopath. I feel bad for A&W and Van because they believe that they are protecting the country, but as we see Poseidon is excellent with words.