#PrisonBreak S5 Ep5 “Contingency” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 9

We start with Sara making a call to Jacob to tell him that she would meet him at home after she hanged up T-bag break the news to her that she was sleeping with the enemy and she quickly runs to get young Mike.

Back in Yamen Michael and the other are hiding as Ramal men gather to mourn his death and riots announcing, “we will not rest, not sleep, until the murderers of the martyred Abu Ramal are dead, crushed beneath our feet.” The head guy tells the people “no safe harbor in Yamen! They will be destroyed! It is Allah’s promise to us.” The offer the people of Sana who turns over the westerner ten million rails! Michael finds a spot where they can make a new plan, but Lincoln refuse to move a foot until Michael explain how he was alive.

Michael tells him that Michael Scofield did not die and he had to fake his dead to let them all go free. Lincoln said that they were all free, but Michael explains that they were never free that he was approach by a man name Poseidon who told him that Kellerman did not have the authority or jurisdictions to exonerate them.

Ja tells the other that may they should stop running. Lincoln ask Michael who Poseidon was, and he tells him “he was a psychopath a frustrated policy wonk in the Cia who think he could do better that his superiors.”  He told Lincoln that he created a cell within the CIA called 21 Void to implement his policy and intelligence operation and Poseidon needed his help breaking people out of prison all over the world, and he would let him and Sara go free and expunge their record.  He was not to contact them under ever circumstances, Michael told Lincoln that he refused at first but within weeks Sara was arrested and beaten until she agreed to join Poseidon, their conversation was interrupted as the bombings moved closer, Lincoln wanted to go to the Airport, but Michael insisted on the train station. 

At the airport, C-Note, Sheba, her father and the children waited in line to get on the plane, Sheba wants to leave the airport, but C-note refused to leave without Michael and Lincoln. On the outside, the men gather at one of Michael’s hide out, and the One-eyed man comes up to them and tells them he knows the forger who helps them with their passport, but the guy dismissed him asking how he can help with only one eye.

Isil arrive at the airport, and C-note suggested that they follow the pilot, and they are now outside while Isil is inside searching for them, Outside the pilot is approached by Isil men and is saved by C-note and Sheba. Sheba said to “you kick a lot of ass for a Muslim man.” C-note replied, “you can take the man out of the street, but you can’t take the street of the man.”  C-note proposition the pilot into flying a spare plane.

Back in the USA Sara get to the lake house and get Mike but and she was about to leave Jacob pulls up. Sara shows Jacob of the photo with killers and drives away. He explains that he tracked them down for her but I am not buying it, and neither was Sara at the time.

Michael, Lincoln and the others are at the train station, and it is filled with Isil men. Lincoln suggested they get sane and got the Airport but Michael insisted that it was the way to go telling Lincoln that once they were on, they won’t check again because the train was for Cargo and not passengers.

The One-eyed man not deterred by the man insult about his eye continued to search for Michael and the cry and looked over the map which told him that they were on the train.

Back in the USA Sara is with them friend Heather telling her that her whole life with Jacob was a lie, but she encourages her telling her that Jacob is a good man and that she was just in a shock that the love of her life and the father of her baby Michael was alive. Jacob calls and Heather wanted him to answer how Sara stop her and Jacob left a message, so Heather tell her to let them find out the truth. (In the comments tell me if you trust Heather?).

Back in Yamen Lincoln, Michael and the other were stopped while going to the train cause Lincoln to punch one of the Isil men and they had to run. After being shot at a train approached and Michael tells everyone to get on the other side of the train, they made it and started to run but is caught on camera by the One-eyed man. 

The One-eyed man calls the Isil man that rejected his help tell him to come with his gun, and he was in charge now. On the other side, C-note the pilot and the others are on the plane and the pilot chest the fuel and tell them that it was enough to get them out of Yamen. Meanwhile, Michael comes up with another plan to go to another train station that was a few miles away. Lincoln pulls him aside and tells him that he was doubling down on a bad bet like he did seven years ago. However, Michael refuse to listen and tells them that his instinct has got them this far and he is going with or without him, and the other men follow Michael leaving Lincoln no choice but to go as well.

Back in the US Sara and Heather visit the hacker name Andrew who Jacob claimed he used, Andrew confirmed that Jacob was telling the truth and he calls and ask Sara to meet him at the police station.

In Yamen Michael and the other are on the road driving to the next train station, and Whip tries to find out more about the man he has been working with for years and why he chose him. Michael tells him to forget the past and the detail and that he has been protected him all these years and nothing have changed. Michael tells him that he was his Whip hand, but Whip tells him that this time that is not enough.

The car that Michael is driving gets hit by another vehicle, and they get out only to notice the One-eyed man and other Isil man pulling up and they run and hide in a building. The men separate in the building to find a way out.

Back in the US Sara goes to the police station and Jacob ask her to come with him, she meets a detective to asked her to identify the people that were in her house, and she recognizes the woman who shot Jacob and the man. 

Back in Yamen Lincoln and Michael are walking through a tunnel and Lincoln suggests they bunker up and prepare to fight but Michael refused to tell him that fighting was his default setting Meanwhile upstairs Ja, Whip and Sid can’t find a way out either. The Isil men quickly approach the building, while Ja sits down to listen to “we are the champion” and drink a bottle of rubbing alcohol, Sid tells him that he might go blind, but Ja tells him it was only 95 percent alcohol, so he is only going to go 95 percent blind.

Michael and Lincoln finds a spare chaff but can’t get it open, and Lincoln tell him that he was about fist not that Isil men are in the boiling. Ja continues to listen to his music, Whip build and knife with Sid looks out and tells Whip they are in the building. Sid opens up about his first male partner telling him that he was buried alive and brought his eyes to him in Iraq. Sid asks him to use the knife to kill him, but Whip refuse and tell him that he does care if he was gay or not he is not giving up and that they were in the wrong not him.

Ja comes over to them and take the extinguisher from them and they and walks away singing “I pay my dues time after time.” Down in the tunnel, Michael breaks down and apologizes to Lincoln for not coming to him telling that he was trying to make it better for everyone but instead made it worst and somewhere in there he became a ghost.

Michael flashes back to where he used to watch Sara and baby Michael and tells Lincoln that he made a lot of mistakes, but they were made for love. Lincoln encourages him and tells them that he was the smartest person he knew, but he needs to share the burden and that what family is about and hand his arm to Michael.

In the US Jacob continues to try to convince Sara that he was only trying to protect the family Sara seems to buy it but the look on her face was difficult to read.

In Yamen Lincoln and Michael prepare to fight their way out, as the men approached them they hear Ja singing as he created a booby trap for the people which they walked into and catches on fire allowing them to run away.  Lincoln calls C-note, and he speaks to Michael and tells him there local, Lincoln estimated that it would take them 20 minutes to get there. Before they could leave the One-eyed man shots Sid and shoots at the other telling them, he overheard their call and called the other, but before he could disclose their location, Sid takes him down getting injured more and cuff himself to the One-eyed man.

Sid dies, and Michael punches the One-eyed man in the other eye, but Ja pulls him away and tells him not to waste his strength on him. They rush to get to the airport but at the airport, Isil has locked on the C-note and the other on the plane leaving the pilot no other choice but to take off and although C-note refuse Lincoln tells him to get the kids out of there as they watch the plane goes up. Sheba attempts to tell Lincoln to find Omar but the connection was bad, and they had to run as Isil man were driving closer to them.

Overall, another fantastic episode the thrill continues. Jacob is as dirty as a storm drain I am still not buying what he is selling, and I hope Sara is not buying it either this it is too perfect. I am happy that Michael finally opens up to Lincoln and Sid story had me in tears, but Ja quickly change the sad with his crazy. 

Everyone around Sara is suspicious to me now, and I am thinking that even her friend Heather is working with Poseidon and that Andrew guy all of a sudden, she has a connection that would lead directly to the hacker Jacob used, I smell fishy on her too.  

Michael has finally given up control how long do you think that will last? I like the Ja character he is funny smart and a badass.