#PrisonBreak S5 Ep7 “Wine Dark Sea” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 9

We start off in the US were Sara is complementing Mike on is drawing, Mike explains to Sara that he was a superhero that can get hurt and die. It is almost like he can sense his father Michael is injured and in pain.

We are back in Phaecia and Whip is tending to Michael wounds, Whip tells Michael he was getting better, and he needed to hang on a little longer. Ja tells Lincoln and Whip about a smuggling ship heading to Greece, but Lincoln is against telling them that the whole knows him as Kaniel Otis and the moment he gets there he will be arrested. Whip does not agree as he believes they have to save Michael at any cost, questioning Lincoln of the kind of brother he was which sends Lincoln in a rage telling Whip he would kill him if ever questions his love for his brother again. Lincoln tells them that there might be a third option.

Back in the US Sara have forgiven Jacob and he is off her radar, she pours wine and ask him how his day was, and they continued to talk and laugh. As Jacob ask Sara to sit outside, her phone rings, and it was Lincoln telling her that Michael was alive but he was poison with antifreeze, and he had lost a lot of blood. Lincoln tells her that they were heading to Greece and asked if she knows if they could get some help from the books. Sara advises again it is telling Lincoln that Michael needs a blood transfusion but because he has a blood type with only 1 percent of the popular it is hard to find, and he will die unless she goes to him.   

Sara tells Jacob that Michael is alive but he was poison, and he needs her help, and she was flying to Greece to help him. Jacob tries to talk her out of going subtly, but Sara reminded him that Michael was the father of her child and she could not look at her son the and tell him that his father dies because she refuses to save him.

By in Phaecia Ja decides to stay while Michael, Whip, and Lincoln leave on a boat to Crete, Greece. Michael tells Lincoln that he should not have involved Sara, while on the ship Michael is coughing up blood tell Lincoln that he doesn’t think he has the 12 hours they need to get to Greece in him. 

Back in the US Sara gets ready to leave for Greece looking at her wedding band. While in Portland, Maine A&W, and Van Gogh are having a problem with their visit to NSA, Van Gogh tells her that they are asking questions about 21 Void but A&W tells him that he need not worry because of Poseidon with a clean house. Van Gogh tells A&W that there will be an agent waiting for them when they land.

Sara has arrived in Greece and is in a cab on her way to Michael and receive a text from Jacob “I love you and support you, hurry back.” Michael and the others are in a room, and as Lincoln goes to get food for them, he tells Whip to lift his spirits. Whip begs Michael not to die telling him that he is a brother to him and there is so much more questions he has to ask, like why he was his Whip hand. 

In the US Mike is playing with an electronic plane while Jacob is on his computer, and the plane goes into the bushes, and he goes to look for it.

Back in Greece Michael is awake and calls for Lincoln who comes in with Sara, who walks over to him and tell him that she missed him, they embrace each other a little, and Sara tells him that she will fix him and then they could talk. Sara tells them that maybe there is something to destiny and them he will live in a couple of hours and that he was strong. She tells Michael that she was there and he is strong.

Whip and Lincoln work out their differences from earlier and Lincoln tells him that he was family and they share a drink and try to figure out a way out of Greece. 

Back in the US A&W and Van Gogh arrived in Syracuse and is greeted by the agent who question their reason for wanting to kill Kaniel Otis after he killed Ramal doing the country a favor and who sanction their visit to the NSA. 

Back in Greece Michael is awake, Sara tells Michael that she never thought she would she his face again, and he tells her that she wasn’t supposed to, asking Sara for a picture of his son before he tells her everything.

In the US A&W and Van Gogh denied being visiting the NSA but the agent shows them proof that was sent to him.

In Greece, Sara shows Michael a picture of Mike on her phone telling him he was an amazing kid and he was just like him when Michael skips to the next picture he sees Sara and Jacob and the expression on his face lead Sara to ask him what was wrong.

In the US A&W shoots the agent in the head.

Back in Greece Michael tells Sara “it’s him your husband,” Sara “Jacob.”

In the US A&W and Van Gogh is approached by a man who is revealed to be Jacob.

Back in Greece Michael tells Sara that Jacob was Poseidon, and she tells him that she suspected him, but he played it off well. Michael tells Sara the story of how Jacob blackmailed him, recruited him and abandoned him out of nowhere but now he knows it was because he wanted her for himself. Michael tells her how he was framed by Poseidon for murdering of the CIA official, so that when he created a plan to get back to her and Mike. 

Sara tells him that Jacob was with their son now and he might be in danger. Lincoln calls Sucre to get a lift back to the States by Sucre tells Lincoln that it was not his ship and the caption charges 50 thousand a leg and Lincoln explains that he does have that type of money and they just want to go home. Sara offers her Grandmothers’ ring that is worth a good penny. 

Michael tells Sara that Jacob won’t hurt Mike unless he is provoking but as soon as she gets a chance to get away with Mike she should disappear and he would find her when he gets to the states. Sara agrees to wear the mask, but tell Michael that if he hurt their son, she will kill him. Sara kisses Michael and asks him to please come back with them. 

In the US Jacob makes a plan to kill Michael before he makes it back in the country. Mike walks in, and he tells him that he was talking to Sara and she would be home soon. 

Michael reunites with Sucre on board the Ship he is working on, he introduces them to the Captain, and they exchange the ring for a ride. 

In the US Sara returns home and is embraced by and kissed by Jacob, she asks for Mike, and he tells her he was asleep when she goes upstairs to check on him he was not there and Jacob tells Sara the Mike was at a sleep over. Jacob is smart and senses the tension in Sara, way to keep a mask on her anger was all over her face. Jacob notice Sara Grandmother ring was gone and question her but did not by her response. 

The captain learns that his new cargos was a wanted man and alerts the authorities. Navy SEALs are dispatched to kill Michael. Sucre formulates a plan to force the SEALs away.

In the US Sara is in her bathroom with the pipe running calling her friend Heather to pick up Mike and take him to her house, she tells her that she will be there as soon as possible and everything was not ok.

Meanwhile, on the ship, the SEAL are aboard, and they find Secure tied up on a chair screaming that they went through the window. He tells them that he is a part of the crew and he was verified and take the captain bridge.

We see that Michael and the others are hiding in the same room while the Seal searches the ship. They find them, and they are stuck in a room, and the Seal is trying to smoke them out.

The Captain tells Sucre that he was no good, and Sucre taunts him about the guns in cargo 17 and tells him that’s where Michael and the team were heading. The Seal watching him alert the team but due to the bad connection he has to go in person, and the Secure plan worked he was able to knock out the captain. Sucre changes the direction of the Ship so it would leave US territory and meet up with Michael, Lincoln, and Whip who manage to escape the room filled with tear gas. 

In the US Sara is sneaking to around the house and goes to take down a picture but Jacob walks around the corner. Jacob asks her about their honeymoon and how she opened up about wishing she never met Michael and that he loved her and Mike and asked why it was not good enough for her and walked away. Sara received a call from Heather who tells her that Mike was safe and she took out her gun from behind the picture. 

On the ship, the navigation has been damage, and they don’t have time to fix it, and they were quickly approaching Nigerian waters and call for new orders.

In the US A&W calls Jacob to tell him that the Seal has failed to kill Michael and the SEALS are order to return, he told her that its time for them to move forward they plan, and he should have never brought a knife to a gun fight. A frustrated Jacob calls in a favor to have a missile fired at the ship, which explodes just after Michael's, and the other jumps overboard.

In the US Sara holds a gun on Jacob and tell him to tell her everything and that Mike was safe and it was over. Jacob tells her that Mike was never in danger because he was his family and he raised him but it was far from over. Sara asks Jacob what he has done, and he tells her that it was what she had done and that all of it could have been avoided.

Heather is home with Mike, and she opens her door and finds Van Gogh inside, at the same time Jacob tells Sara that Michael was dead and her trip to him was what lead him to Michael. Jacob tells him that her plan with Heather did not work, and he has Mike, and he does want to use him again her, but that is contingent of if she was willing to put her gun down.

Overall, what an episode and an amazing reunion, I was so happy to see Sara and Michael back together even under such horrible circumstances. As for Jacob, evil self if you have followed my blog all season you know I called it from the start when a killer comes in and only shoots him in the leg. After all, Sara has been through I could not believe that she bought his stupid lies after T-Bag caught him red handed. I am happy Sucre back his crazy Puerto Rican self, he has not changed and still consider Michael as his best friend. I must say that I was wrong I thought Heather was on Jacob’s payroll I guess not. I am looking forward to seeing Michael and Jacob going head to head in the next two episodes.