#PrisonBreak S5 Season Finale Ep 9 "Behind the Eyes" Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 10

The episode begins to explain by explaining the blood on the glass part of the door. It was 6 minutes before Michael enter the house, we see that the women inside the room is A&W holding a gun and Sara is tied up in the basement by her husband Jacob/Poseidon. 

Jacob confesses to Sara that sent Michael away so he could have her, and he sent Michael to Yamen to die. Sara Rebukes Jacob for using Mike as bate, telling him that he never loved them because his ego was too big. Sara tells Jacob that he was mad because he taught he was the smartest person in the room until he met Michael and saw that he was smarter.

Van Gogh report to Jacob that the plan was in place, Sara tell Van Gogh that he was working for a mad man and that he was the one who killed Gaines' and framed Michael for it. Van Gogh have become skeptical of Michael's involvement in Gaines' murder and try to stop A&W from killing Michael and she shot him instead telling him “there is no leaving 21 void.” While Sara tries to escape in the basement, with A&W attention on Van Gogh Michael took Michael and ran into a room and close the door and tell Mike to run to his uncle Lincoln at the end of the drive way.

Mike runs but was picked up by Jacob who convince him to get in the car, Sara knock A&W out from behind, but by the time she and Michael got outside, Jacob already took Mike. 

Sara is panicking and Michael tries to calm her down telling it was far from over, they run to look for Lincoln and found him shot in a car. We see Lincoln in the hospital telling Michael that he let him down because he should have taken care of Luca when he had the chance. Michael tells Lincoln that he could not have known and that he was the one who got him back to his life. Sara tell Michael that they need to leave and they exited the hospital together. 

Next, we see Whip and T-Bag driving and Whip asks T-Bag for some fatherly advice on how to deal with a father that was him. T-Bag unable to answer the question, start by mention the blood on the dashboard, he continued by telling Whip that Michael told him that if he got the blood to him they would be deliver.

T-Bag give Whip the paper he receives from Michael telling Whip that when they deliver the blood he would understand the phrase at the bottom of the sheet. Whip reads “by your hand you shall know the glories of your progeny and our world will be made right forevermore.” T-Bag explains that at first, he thought it was a religious quote but no he knows it was all about him Whip being his son and it was a glorious thing indeed. (I must say that this news has brought out the human side of T-Bag).  

Michael and Sara talks and he tell Sara that he has been planning to take Jacob down since he took them away them him but the plan was delay and he had to wait until the time aligned. T-Bag and Whip drives up and Michael tell Sara that the time was now.

Elsewhere, we see Mike sitting at a table looking out at Jacob talking to the Theroux who tells him that they the tattoos on Michael’s hand is eluding him, but he is putting a lot of processing power on it so it should give them something soon. Jacob tells Mike that Theroux is was a detective and he told him that his mother was dead (this guy is a psychopath,” and that he will take him somewhere that so he can be safe from the people trying to hurt Mike because he loves him.

Michael explain why he sent T-Bag the letter, telling him that Jacob was monitoring all his communication with people that he thought Michael could use as Allies but not with someone he despised. T-Bag “give it to me straight tell me how you really feel about me.” Michael continues to explain that he thought if he shows some who never receive grace in a life some he would do something for all of them. Michael tells T-Bag indirectly that he needs to kill Jacob so that they all can live a normal life. 

Jacob brings Mike to hison campus hide out and tells him that he was a secret agent, telling him that it was his fort just like the one he had in the back of their house. A&W walks in and show Mike her badge and tell him that she was CIA and apologies for what happening at the house. Jacob explain to Mike that she was there to protect him from the man who told him that he was his father. 

Prison Break  509 18.gif

Jacob shows Mike a wanted picture of Michael and told him that he was an enemy who wants him dead and that his father Michael was dead. He tried to brainwash Mike by letting him listen in on a call that Michael made to him. After hearing what sound like a threat Mike not understand what is going on tell Michael to stay away from his dad.

Jacob kiss Mike on the forehead and tells him “good boy,” Michael feels hurt by Mike calling Jacob father, but Sara tells Michael that Jacob has brainwashed Mike.  T-Bag overhearing the conversation tells them that a man like Jacob deserves to die and ask for his location, but his son Whip steps in to tell him that he will end up back in prison if he does it. Michael explains that no one was going to go to prison because there is a particular order to the plan. Michael sends Sara to ensure Lincoln was safe, while Whip and T-Bag get the wild card Jacob will never see come and he was going to go back to where it all started where blood would be spilled in its right place.

Jacob calls Theroux to track Michael’s location using the call he just made to him, Theroux sends him a map and Jacob notice that it was close to the zoo Michael frequently visited when he was working with him. Jacob “you and your damn zoo Scofield,” Jacob plan to find out what Michael have been planning and killed him, Job is at the zoo and flashed back to a conversation he had with Michael about his regular visit to the zoo. 

Theroux continues to work on decoding Michael tattoos, he calls Jacob and tells him that it was a quote from Napoleon “never interrupt you enemy when he’s making a mistake.” Jacob stares at the owl in the face but them the owl turns around revealing his through the face and Jacob remember Michael telling him “it’s what behind the eyes that counts.”

We see Michael at Jacob campus fort, and he put his hands together which reveal Jacob’s face on the back of his hand and Michael uses it to enter the fort. 

Michael call Jacob and tells him that he was standing in his fort, and he had all his hard drive, and Michael suggested that they made a trade for his son, they plan to meet at an old shipyard. 

Sara goes to check on Lincoln in the hospital and find out that he checks himself out, but the doctor asks about the relation to another victim that came in from the same area, and she told him that Lincoln was alone and it was a coincidence. Sara listens as the doctor tells the nurse that Van Gogh was on life support on another floor, but he doesn’t think he would make it.

Next, we see Lincoln stand outside the Wearhouse they met Luca original, he goes in and tells Luca that he doesn’t owe him anything that it was blood money. Lincoln knocks Luca around and tells him to say he was clear, Luca hears the sirens and thought it was a setup but it was real, and FBI arrests him.

Sara visit Van Gogh is the hospital and tells him that she needed his help, he points to pen and paper and she gives it to him and Van Gogh wrote “let me die.” Sara tells him that Jacob was an evil man and he had her son and that he had to know something, someone or somewhere she could find her son. Van Gogh give Sara and address on a piece of paper and she thanked him, he tried to say something else to her but did not have the energy. 

T-Bag and Whip goes to get the wild card and T-Bag tell Whip that killing was wrong and Whip tells him he knows because he read the bible or browse through it once. T-Bag tries to explain to Whip why he must kill because he doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea about him, (it is funny how so much alike they are the apple did not fall far from the tree). Whip and T-Bag meets Blue Hawaii an artist Michael break out of prison in south America and took pity on him maybe because of his skills and told him that one day he may need his skills and they day had come. ne

Michael tells Sara that they were going to get there son back, and Whip and T-Bag arrives. Whip thank Michael for giving him family and Lincoln came walking up. 

Theroux is babysitting Mike and tells him not to touch his equipment; Mike goes to the window; meanwhile, Michael meet with Jacob and ask him for his son. Jacob reminds Michael that he is wanted by every agency in the US, and Michal tells him that if he gets an arrest, the servers will be delivered it all the same agency. Jacob tells Michael that he would find them before that happen and that he was holding all the cards. 

Jacob walks toward Michael and Michael pulls out a gun and points it at him, he was a bit shock and tells Michael that it was beneath him. A&W walks out and takes Michael’s gun, and he told Jacob that he was expecting it.  Whip come out pointing his gun and A&W shoot it out his hand, and T-Bag runs toward Whip screaming no, A&W warns T-Bag not to get close to Whip, or she would shoot him. Sirens approaches and Jacob tell Michael that he called the FBI.

At the University, Mike looks through the window and see his Mom, Sara put her on her lips signaling for him to be quiet about seeing her. 

At the Warehouse, Jacob demand that Michael turns over the hard drive thinks started to get heated as Whip starts going crazy telling Jacob to turn over Mike. Michael shouts out don’t do it, and Whip tells them to listen to Michael because he was a smart man, and Michael tell Whip that he was telling him not to do it. Michael tells him that it was not worth his life and that it was his fight. Whip tells Michael that it was their fight repeating what his father has said earlier “some son of bitches just got to go.” 

T-Bag scream for him to calm down and A&W tells him to try her, Whip wrestle with A&W and she shoots him, T-Bag scream no and Michael run over to him. Michael tells Whip that it was not the plan, Jacob ask for the hard drive and T-Bag tries to calm Whip down.

T-Bag Snap A&W next as the FBI agent surround them, and Whip used his last breath to tell his father “I'm gladI got to see your face.” T-Bag is arrested by the FBI.

At the university Sara searches for the room Mike was in, she is caught by Theroux who point a gun at her and Lincoln comes from behind and knocks him out. Mike opens the door and run to Sara and they hugged.

At the ware house, Michael is leading Jacob to the hard drive as he holds the gun he took from Michael on him. Michael phones ring it Jacob pick up only to hear Sara telling him that she had their boy, which Jacob responded that Michael had what he wanted which mean he won’t give him what he wants. 

As the FBI agents approaches, Michael use the opportunity to run away from Jacob, as he was running we see him change jackets and Jacob caught up to him and shoots him in the back. After shooting him Jacob looks around and notices that is surrounding is a replica of Gaines crimes scene. 

Jacob put all the pieces together and figure out that Michael recreating the crime he framed him for, Jacob tells Michael that he was smarter than he had thought. Jacob tells Michael that no will ever believe him and Michael quotes him “the truth is whatever you tell people it is,” Jacob tells Michael that he would get away with it because the FBI are almost there in 2 minutes. 

Michael tells him that the truck is there and neither will he and him and Jacob start fighting but Michael manages to overpower him and punches him in the face telling him that it was for the last seven years. 

The FBI surrounds them, and Jacob tells them that Michael was Kaniel Outis and they arrested him, while Jacob was outside thanking them for showing up when they did. Jacob tells the FBI agents that it was a long day and he wants to go home and clean up. As he was walking away, he is approached by two other agents that arrested him for participation in Gaines murder. 

Jacob thought that it was from the scene Michael had recreated, but the agent tells him that they found blood evident in his office that only him had access to, we then see a flashback to Michael planning the blood quoting “and blood will finally be spilled in its rightful place.” 

Michael is with the CIA agent and shows him frames of the Gaines murder telling him that those are the parts Poseidon had edited out. Michael admit that he was there because he was force and the blood evidence was on him because he tasks him to dispose of the body so he could frame him. The CIA agent tell Michael that he was the head of the CIA and tries to tell Michael that the evidence could be circumstance. Michael tells him that its only that way depending on how motivated he was to look. 

Michael starts to get angry and the director tells him to calm down showing him a picture of Poseidon accomplish Theroux who told them everything about 21 Voids plots. Michael is exonerated and his identity as Michael Scofield is restored. He refuses an offer to join the CIA but as them for one favor.

Michael returns to a normal life with Sara and Mike, he his seeing sitting down with Lincoln as they look on to Sara, Sheba and Mike siting together. Michael tell Lincoln it weird being free, and he tell Michael that it was even weirder that think was walking out, and the bother exchange an I love you. Michael looks on to his family as they look happy and laughing. 

Meanwhile, we figure out what favor Michael asked the Director for when we see Jacob is sent to Fox River State Penitentiary, where he ends up with T-Bag as his cellmate, as requested by Michael. The other inmates cheer T-Bag on as he beats Jacob and all we hear his him screaming, I hope he is dead. 

Writer thoughts:
I enjoy the series, and I would love if there were a season 6, but if there is not one I feel relief that they have finally closed an unfinished storyline. I am sad Whip dead but love the fact that he had Michael’s back to the end. A&W dead was epic loved it, that was the best way to kill her. The final scene I wish Michael had with Mike because they have not seen each other in a while, but I still love that he looks on happy as his family is free. I am not sure how many of you notice the grass shaped like an owl, but it was very symbolic because his plan came from the owl with two faces. I think the entire cast did a great job, bad guys were bad, good guys good, overall grade 10 for the season.